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  1. how to flash? siemens m65
  2. s55 v 91 farsi
  3. S55 : Keylocked an switching on light ?
  4. I want Call times limit. Help me
  5. All Siemens Flash Files With Free Flasher By M.Asif Iqbal
  6. I need A52 V5 or 5 full flash
  7. A65 Call Barred
  8. Please need help
  9. Need patch flightmode v56 on sl45
  10. I need SL55 v16 imei patch
  11. all siemens crack by khawajagsm
  12. Help v56 Rightsoft and Leftsoft
  13. SLIK: Entry point for profiles?
  14. SL45i /S-ME45i Present by Qqqingren
  15. BenQ3G ASK Reader free
  16. siemens some flash file
  17. sx1 phone is blocked
  18. Please Help! Trying to upgrade A55 to C55.
  19. plz help a60 siemens have problem
  20. a 70 blinking
  21. joker
  22. Siemens V35 prototype
  23. joker all in one
  24. fasch siemens c45
  25. [REQ] press & hold # to release
  26. help me!patch for sl45
  27. lock for siemens
  28. Are any people who write patches yet?
  29. Patch can make my SL45 run faster !
  30. c55 light blinks only
  31. m55 and backup with v-klay
  32. S45 Keystoke
  33. Need Siemens Pinout
  34. MC55 gsm module imei change ?
  35. S55 : Something like a keep awake trigger via AT-command, if missing -> turn off
  36. I need repair flash c55
  37. how to flash siemens sets using joker
  38. SL45i. Error Insert telephone code. Locked
  39. Need V_Klay Patch Unlock for Siemens
  40. S55: How to clone SIM ? Exist a patch ?
  41. S55 patch: only light on for filtered numbers if filter is active ?
  42. Mp3Player for x55/x65
  43. A31 modifications...
  44. Debug?
  45. Patch auto play mp3 when incoming call???
  46. Switch profiles with [+] key - change to [-] ?
  47. a31 ClearFlashSeg at
  48. SX1 Flashing
  49. Help, who can account for ME45 European version patch to the flight model
  50. C45 Flash
  51. A long time have passed since I was last posting here
  52. [?] APP. Application Menu v3 - SLIKv56 patch?
  53. Help
  54. flash m50 sst neeeed plzzz...
  55. Need fullflash with bootcore for a52
  56. cf62_patch
  57. :::New Files Added:::
  58. How to turn off pictures of events?
  59. Can SL45 access two partition in one MMC card?
  60. Sl45 - Assign Different Playlists to shortcuts
  61. Need S55 Mastercode
  62. X possition of standard battery indicator
  63. Source Code of kvSIM ver 0.9 for SL45i v55lg8
  64. Modifying the APP Menu.
  65. I cannot use JSTV
  66. Broken Side Keys SL45 - Suggested solutions
  67. How active netmonitor on S55 by IRDA
  68. I need to change "mp3 start button" %~& * SL45i*
  69. how can i succeed patching to m55?
  70. Book to S/ME45i Email-Client
  71. a70 imei change very diffucult %1000000
  72. need driver data cable usb for sl45
  73. XTask 0.2 Java and power consumption
  74. i need S55 v20
  75. Patch mySL45 - 4the1time
  76. Disable check IMEI number in OTP for CF62
  77. SLIK: miniGPS and block 5169
  78. patching s55 is possible?
  79. LogReader and numbers of people
  80. GFX Shortcut Menu for S/Me45i
  81. how can use patch file
  82. Some Patch ideas for S/Me45i
  83. Mp3
  84. Problem with patching
  85. Are there any people?
  86. SL45 charger pin2 meaning
  87. how can i make my own animation when shutdown SCLK v5508
  88. help me?? flash s57
  89. A trick to keep forwarded SMS in Inbox
  90. S45 > S45i Modded Flash (Ayrton Senna Edition)
  91. Java Navigator?
  92. Something wrong with FAM 3.31?
  93. about: Modify the picture of the softkey having no function
  94. [SLIKv56] Question about "Daemons" Patch
  95. Another media type SL45 can play: .wmv
  96. s55-bluetooth-timeouts
  97. SL45 Prototype with GPRS -> Here is the FubU
  98. Stealth Dictaphone Screen SL45
  99. I need fubu or flx for Me45 CE20
  100. i need imei patch.... ?????
  101. SL45 'JAVA ACTIVATOR' Can Someone Help ?
  102. What Patching Is All About
  103. All vkp put into a bin file
  104. Need Arabic flash for S45i
  105. Reading VbattDSP from SLIK - need small help
  106. Patch Extraction
  107. URGENT old news hope someone can help..s45 eeprom corrupt..
  108. need siemens m50 flash file
  109. Editing of functions of Side keys (+/-) in SMS editor
  110. Patch for 2GB MMC ?
  111. siemens c55
  112. Need a little help finding Smelter
  113. [SLIKv56]: Thread for UNI2
  114. need full flash A51 freia or sst
  115. Disable PIN check?
  116. AAC player for sl45i it is possible?
  117. MPP. Mp3 Playlist Patch v1.0 release relocation... Could you do this?
  118. Auto OC and Invert Display when keylocked
  119. SL45, 45i, 42 MP3 Car audio Project (and MP3 while charging)
  120. FAM 3.3 and EBIN
  121. SL45 patch for activate hearing aid function
  122. *** Increase/ decrease MP3īs volume levels *** and MVE. Mp3 Volume Ext
  123. Are any differences?
  124. Mamaich mp3 playlist patch pro
  125. New patches from greenteas - questions
  126. String changing help
  127. bugs on MVE56. Mp3 Volume Ext56 v0.1..?
  128. trustkill master pls come in:)
  129. C55 + Data Exchange + original cable. Please help - urgent!!
  130. sl45i..mp3 display
  131. Chineese v55 FF
  132. S45i crashes with GPRS connection
  133. M55 + DevMenu - T9 = Phone close (BUZZ)
  134. Is possible to change an address for a patch?
  135. Volume in mp3 on 2 and 5
  136. How to solve this problem with MSP
  137. How to modify this patch for not vibra when connect.
  138. About ZAD.bin
  139. SL45i: Recieve file via IRDA but without SIM
  140. a little imgindex creat software
  141. Mini GPS 1.4 where is x and y ?
  142. [SLIKv56] Increase the volume when listening to .vmo
  143. "No groups" in the black list ?
  144. E-point for profile
  145. LRT for FAM3
  146. [SLIKv56] Easteregg maybe usefull for patch
  147. Bug in DCCv3
  148. One way to make an auto-calling
  149. How to change AppMenu v1 is AppMenu v3b without undo many patch in SL45.
  150. Please help me recalibrate batery
  151. Can you modify patch Toggling between SIM and Adress book to only SIM-Location?
  152. Could someone tell me how to search the address ?
  153. Patch for Siemens A65
  154. @Sc0ty: Question about Playlist Converter v1.0
  155. ME45i synchronization issues (Quicksync, XTND,.. )
  156. How can I turn off it?
  157. ANM - why doesn`t it record?
  158. could someone give me the Screensave patch for C55?
  159. I need a blk file for M55 v11 Li-Po 850mA
  160. How to apply this both patch in SL45.It's possible?
  161. SMS Animated Indicator-Is it possible to correct it?
  162. How use sensors tool ?
  163. [ask for help] could someone tell me where are the C55 Flash Patches?
  164. SLIKv56: ssaver_analogclock.bin GFX
  165. A1P - How to use pictures
  166. I need e-point... Has anybody know it?
  167. Please help me modify this patch
  168. DSM: Problem Discussion
  169. Modifying the "Ball.bin" for screensaver
  170. Could someone relocate these patches?
  171. Please help me modify this patch
  172. @sc0ty: MP3 Indi.v2 with TOM & more TO
  173. SLIKv56: Changing font in MP3
  174. Bug in sending sms... but where...
  175. patch me45 - is it possible?
  176. FAM v3 i ICD v2.2
  177. Can modify this patch?
  178. SLIKv56: List of used and free space in flash
  179. Siemens-Benq Flash Patching free
  180. Some e-points. Do You know them?
  181. BFA 2.2 colission with Bitmap File Preview
  182. BFA collades...
  183. SLIKv56: What is PMM1 ?
  184. Send Message - entrypoint / function?
  185. BIN screensaver - continuation
  186. Request
  187. How To Make A Menu Ithem Of Sl45i To Scroll?
  188. Request for "BFA for FAM3"?
  189. BIN screensaver
  190. My screen mp3
  191. Charge Monitor EntryPoint
  192. How to change the SSSN patch??
  193. Can somebody help please? SOL3 Correction!
  194. Java dictionary
  195. New "CatClocks"
  196. BSI - I have a problem
  197. How to limit outgoing call in 5 second?
  198. A midlet to auto-send SMS regularly
  199. Developer Menu - Entrypoint?
  200. Please help Keypad Lock Password and APP