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  1. How to use e71 blank pmm.fpsx with phoenix to fix e71 phone that won't boot up
  2. I need to unlock my nokia n95 8gb
  3. which box is the best in nokia mobilesd?????
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  6. help
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  13. great dm3 service in india,,,,,,,
  14. Dejan bb5 nokia dk2010 all unlock and İmeİ box
  15. plz hellp
  16. Ufs hwk update err
  17. 5800 Locked, but no superdongle
  18. What happened to Dejan
  19. jaf support link not open
  20. Is server is down
  21. Db Error Jaf DKBB5
  22. 5800 Bad phone PM 308,1
  23. unlock 5800 error!! need help!
  24. unlock 5800 error!
  25. Server Maintenance?? help
  26. Unlocking RM-437 (E63-1),help!
  27. Nokia 6120c problem with unlock
  28. 5130c_2
  29. plz help thank all Friends
  30. n97 unlock
  31. unlock 6303
  32. need credits
  33. just purchased BB5 BOX,, help install
  34. Is Nokia 5320 Xpress Music impossible to unlock with the DKBB5 TRK Unlocker?
  35. Can't unlock E71 - trk built in
  36. Nokia 5530 unlock...possible?
  37. DKBB5 TRK Unlocker Problem smart card not found
  38. N85 unlock
  39. n95 8g
  40. Gpg original cable available here
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  42. E75 unlock
  43. Does server keeps user IP after unlock ???
  44. URGENT Need to unlock E61-1 RM-89
  45. E71 unlocking help!
  46. need help in unlock n95
  47. P-Key server maintenance SINCE YESTERDAY
  48. i need help unlocking an E71 with TRK credits
  49. Key Server down???
  50. RAPS_V3.03 unlock is out, when we get updates?
  51. TRK server offline?
  52. Cant log in
  53. E71 Unlocking trouble-shooting
  54. Raskal back in gsmmarket i hope good news for dk user
  55. n97 when can be unlocked?
  56. p-key server maintenance!
  57. Unlocking E71
  58. Server Maintenance - Section: Pkey Server
  59. n958gb shorted
  60. server down with TDK unlocking?
  61. Nokia N79 unable install s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_9
  62. Now n81 free unlock ?
  63. Problem to Unlock Nokia 5800
  64. .::::::.5800d successfully unlocked with DKBB5.::::::.
  65. N6220c unlock done via Dejan TRK unlocker
  66. Any news from DK or Raskal after this
  67. Nokia NTT DoCoMo NM705i - CAN DK do it ?
  68. 5800d unlock USB?
  69. How to repair NK 5800 killed by Zulea
  70. 5800d unlock UFS?
  71. Jaf box without pkey
  72. is support RM-324 6650d from USA att
  73. Problem Unlocking N78 with Jaf Interface
  74. E51 unlocked by Dejan TRK (not supported by zulea unlocker)
  75. N95 8GB - unlock problem
  76. will raskel give money back as promise
  77. Our TRK username and password must valid morthen 14 days now
  78. Future of TRK Credits....
  79. Now what ll happen with our payed logs
  80. new method for easy test mode for n95 8g etc...
  81. credit lost
  82. server down
  83. Nokia N79 unlock
  84. @boban !!!
  85. UB x Dejan Solution
  86. is 6121c supported???
  87. IMPORTANT !!! Server Updates finished, server is up and running
  88. **warning** don't try to unlock bb5 phones from telcel mexico
  89. 6120c password incorrect !!!
  90. Canīt unlock 6120 Navigator
  91. dejan can you please support nokia 7510a-b
  92. SHADY & NOKIA 6210s
  93. can i unlock 5310 58.58 with trk?
  94. Writing error - phone is locked but log is missing - is the refound possible?
  95. lost password
  96. N85 Error
  97. unlock 5800
  98. Can I unlock E66 via USB!?
  99. 5800 unlock Problem Bad ACK from TRK application
  100. jaf server client wanted all links are not working
  101. how to unlock 3600 SLIDE ??
  102. bb5 unlock price~~~
  103. N96 unlock suceessfuly but insert sim
  104. .:::::succsessfully unlock nokia 6120c:::::.
  105. .:::::succsessfully unlock nokia 6210s navigater:::::.
  106. A proposed to Dejan Solution Nokia SL3 Freee
  107. can i unlock with jaf trk a n95 8gb with done all trys of counter? (code unlock)
  108. Ms dk__help__e71 unlock eroorrrrr server clos
  109. 6220c contact the retailer
  110. Is jaf trk server closed
  111. 5800 not unlock
  112. Regarding credits prices..
  113. i have 1 question for DK team
  114. N96 Unlock Error with BB5_JAF_unlocker101.exe
  115. cant unlock 6120 plz chek this info
  116. 6210s-1 unlocked succefly witk DKBB5 TRK Unlocker with cable usb
  117. Not possible to unlock N95 8GB any help?
  118. What is going on!!
  119. unable to unlock this phone.Password is not correct
  120. is 6600s unlock supported?
  121. DKBB5 Login Error,HELP PLS!!!!
  122. more about List of phone supported by Dejan BB5
  123. Nokia 6220c Successfully Unlocked !!
  124. again succsesfully unlock nokia n95 8gb
  125. unable to run code 1
  126. please help
  127. Time u gave us other bb+ models
  128. need help...fail to unlock e63
  129. 5800d unlocked by fbus
  130. n95 configration key 0000000
  131. Credit lost
  132. n95 8g unlock error
  133. It's possible unlock E51 with USB ONLY?
  134. invaild usernaim and pass
  135. why I always got this error message for using BB5 TRK?
  136. Unlock N96 with Jungle Cable Possible??
  137. lost password
  138. is it possible to unlock 5800 with usb ?
  139. 5 credit stolen
  140. new updates
  141. N78 Movistar
  142. Server Maintenance - Section Pkey ?
  143. "DB ERROR" on rapido
  144. Haw to Put safe the Phone in Local Mode with Fbus.
  145. plz send me Modal List..............
  146. N96 AT&T Unlocked by BB5Jaf Unlocker
  147. 5800d pinout for jaf
  148. N95 8gb not unlock and phone startup failed now
  149. Plz help me n96 cable pinouts
  150. Away to unlock with jaff trk via usb
  151. Support F.A.Q. please read before you post
  152. i forget pass for DK acount
  153. supported phones jaf trk
  154. n95 8gb sim card registation failed after unlock
  155. N96 error
  156. 5800d unlocked!!!!
  157. Dejan BB5+ unlocker with HWK
  158. Dejan JAF unlocker with HWK
  159. again succsesfully unlock nokia 6120c
  160. What does this error means
  161. Someone online to sell me 2 credits ?
  162. Solution For N95 8-gb and N96 unlock with DKBB5 JAF Unlocker
  163. is this suported nm705i(rm-309)
  164. N96 jaf trk unlock
  165. can i have username and password please
  166. Raskal need 1 credit to unlock 5800d RM-356
  167. Can 7310 supernova be unlocked?
  168. again succsesfully unlock nokia n95 8gb
  169. your currnet location is baned
  171. dead n82 after trying to unlock it?
  172. Cant Unlock N81 on MtBox Logs here..
  173. quetions about credits~~~
  174. chinese n95 8g and n96 supported by RAPIDO SP2 Unlocker ?????
  175. Unable to run 2nd loader with jaf and trk
  176. plz help me with unlock 6500c
  177. help for N95 8 gb
  178. Credit gone but still phone lock.
  179. Is server Down?
  180. Nokia N88 Supported ?
  181. what is theproblem?
  182. N95 8gb phone startup
  183. trk credit
  184. successfully unlock 6120c with sl2 jaf
  185. Vodaphone Japan N82 unlock problem
  186. Softbank N82 supported or not?
  187. Problem with Dk log in/jaf sn/id/serial number
  188. Create a user???
  189. N95 8gb successfully unlocked with in few second thanks to dk
  190. Unlocking N82
  191. Final Solition N95 8GB can't get local mode
  192. Your current Location is banned
  193. how to unlock nokia e62
  194. New Download Links for DK Server client sofware
  195. when 5310.5220,6500c. support
  196. can`t install App TRK
  197. Nokia E63 Successfully Unlocked !!
  198. Is 6267 BB5+ phone ?
  199. How can we know our trk dk expire date?
  200. it work on thomas p-key??