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  1. help. Soft and updated drive PadFinder box
  2. padfinder is dead ???
  3. Where i can download BOX SW now?
  4. spread pinout not searching
  5. padfinder no install
  6. JNC MX6 SPD chip failed user code
  7. this is very bad product used gpgdragon 4 chines pinfind and format flashing
  8. Spreadtrum tool!
  9. Updates required as you advertised
  10. the downloaded software does not work speadtrum tool
  11. plz link pad finder support area
  12. No update padfinder box
  13. please update like masters toolbox
  14. can I unlock Mitsubishi M341i ?
  15. Connecting to update server...Error!
  16. waiting for new update????
  17. FOR: who have problem with pin detection in PF
  18. padfinder chinesse no read correctly
  19. padfinder problem
  20. to padfinder team pls help
  21. what happen my padfinder box?
  22. padfinder box update problem..
  23. hello cat spd pls add support reset code
  24. cable pad028?
  25. Possibly detect USB data lines by PADfinder?
  26. PADfinder. Not work free tools! Needed update fw of box?
  27. pad pro
  28. I still can't make China Cocktail to work
  29. I can't use my Chenese Cocktail, why?
  30. China Cocktail problem :(
  31. value Resistor on padfinder
  32. Spreastrum has a virus?
  33. PADfinder more power for box! JTAG & Multi I/O functions.
  34. Chinese_cocktail_pf_2.5
  35. does padfinder support this cpu spreadtrum?
  36. how to resert china LC MODEL C5 PHONE LOCK
  37. SIR gsmtricks your promise im still waiting
  38. anyone can upload padfinder full software
  39. Support dan ANYKA CPU
  40. how my box update ?
  41. how my box update ?
  42. please give me starting exe + drivers
  43. How to activate Chinese cocktail
  44. Padfinder cable 004 not working
  45. how upadte padfinder box ?
  46. 03.12.2009 New Chinese cocktail v.2.5 repair IMEI in INDIA
  47. Still my Padfinder can't power the phone
  48. Cant Use PAD FINDER
  49. new updates
  50. BIG PROBLEM Processing, please wait...Failed!
  51. Padfinder set up files
  52. Padfinder gives wrong code
  53. Help on my padfinder box...
  54. how find pinout of infenion e gold cpu using PAD
  55. Chinenese cooktail not working
  56. Unable to register padfinder
  57. How to use padfinder full version
  58. Can you add a new cables to the soft?????
  59. NEC N343i find pinout successful
  60. how to find led1 led2
  61. when back server online ??
  62. Complete Set of cables not supported by the las update of Padfinder
  63. 15-07-2009 New flash files update again
  64. does padfinder support CECT C1000-SPD?
  65. alcatel OT s210 what type of cpu
  66. Where to pay for padfinder activation and access to multibox saver
  67. 08-07-2009 New flash files added. New models support.
  68. pls give us update on padfinder
  69. I cant use my padfinder box....plese help me .......
  70. padfinder with fffff serial
  71. Padfinder cant connect with phone
  72. How to activate Chinese cocktail
  73. Can i use padfinder alone for unlock
  74. Help!!Q380 IMEI error!!!
  75. can i use PAD for LG KP100?
  76. New tecno cant unlock
  77. Flash Crypt or not?
  78. which cpu select for FLY V60?
  79. having problem with drivers
  80. ca-101 cable for 5310 china phone pls pad finder support this
  81. where is everyone here?
  82. firmware update error
  83. BirdST_PadFinder_v1.1 not activated
  84. what happen with my padfinder
  85. hi i have a problem with my box
  86. For suppoter please I need reply,
  87. how to active Chinese_Cocktail_PadFinder ??
  88. padfinder Box ERROR: 01 03
  89. padfinder pin ok but
  90. supporter please pay attention...
  91. why not put other update tool for SPD phone in pad finder & multibox lite
  92. supporter please answer
  93. Padfinder can't power phone through clip wire
  94. How to log in to support area for files of chinese cocktail?
  95. PAD support K-Touch A615????
  96. supporter what is this error?
  97. help maltibox user pad fainder cabel
  98. how to update my box
  99. big problem Toshiba TV0057A002CAGD
  100. Help on touchscreen Calibration
  101. padfinder not save regester
  102. Infenion ... Why...???
  103. i want to activate my padfinder
  104. what cpu of sagemmy411x
  105. 5310 pinout at back of sticker
  106. Daewoo d600 successful
  107. help me please mster
  108. plz hhhhheeeeeeeeeelllllllpppppppp
  109. moderator dont be angry JUST answer.
  110. Problem rectified in Pad Finder
  111. GSMtricks
  112. Padfinder installation problem?
  113. how to update my box
  114. help me
  115. Box cant detect phone pin-out?
  116. Dear GSMTricks My Pad FInder Cant FInd Pinouts Always Gives Diffrent Pinouts
  117. To all spamers read it first
  118. I want buy PadFinder box can give me access support area ???
  119. q380 16mb flash file need
  120. activation to full version
  121. Need Firmware 待机王N99+
  122. == Padfinder Working on Windows 7 ==
  123. Server error
  124. padfinder register error
  125. help me
  126. chipnuts 6625 new cpu types? s500
  127. How to register and update PadFinder?
  128. Wake up pad team!!!
  129. error Updating Box Firmware...
  130. pls support????
  131. padfinder prob installation
  132. please check this out!!!
  133. needbck up files k808 china spreadtrum
  134. padfinder doing problems again. help
  135. sir help what happen to my activation
  136. CAN U HELP ME Spreadtrum Y NOT UNLOCK
  137. spreadtrum prob help
  138. 12-01-2009 New flash files added to support area!
  139. to product supporter...
  140. help with y padfinder use as unibox mode
  141. vodafone 125 pinouts
  142. is support server down
  143. please make new cable
  144. newbies with padfinder..
  145. Is the server down?
  146. how to use padfinder with SE j132
  147. My padfinder cant update!!!
  148. maximas ax80 how to unlock
  149. padfinder doing problems. help
  150. pad finder error at infinity sotfware
  151. q380 dead after complete flash still dead
  152. need help..multibox team..!!!
  153. chinese cocktail padfiner 2.3
  154. cant connect to support site
  155. pad finder box ok in search pinout but always error connect
  156. version2.4 chinese cocktail post trouble and solution here
  157. new box not registering
  158. norflash 257 not yet supported by padfinder
  159. c1000 spreadtrum..
  160. 05-12-2008 New flash files added to support area!
  161. padfinder problem installing driver
  162. PadFinder dic?
  163. PadFinder Box canīt detected
  164. you said padfinder is compatible to infinity
  165. Registration/ update problem
  166. Pad024 cable
  167. PADfinder Always give wrong pin
  168. Padfinder new Update is BUG!
  169. problems with the registration
  170. my connect option hide!!!!
  171. 12-11-2008 WORLD FIRST update. Added support for MTK phones with new security!
  172. n95 8g need firmware
  173. PAD007 Problem
  174. padfinder maybe no supporter
  175. Box communication timeout!
  176. n81 dual sim flashfile help
  177. Is padfinder server down?
  178. No Cable Selection For Padfinder Pad0024
  179. beyond B555 can find pin out ??
  180. i need to know about ztc c2000
  181. please help for my spreadtrum ztc zt999 dead after format with pad finder
  182. pad finder
  183. padfinder sleeping in update still now no update
  184. Can not activate update PadFinder
  185. need good flashfile q380 spreadtrum..........
  186. when is the release of new update of chinese cocktail for finder
  187. 10-10-2008 New flash files added to support area!
  188. Pad new user-some doubts-help me
  189. Padfinder can't fin pinout
  190. Can't Connect and Find Pinout For Q380
  191. >>PadFinder Driver Installation Problem<<
  192. 23-09-2008 New mega update. More than 3Gb of flash files were added to support area!
  193. how to registered padfinder....?
  194. 6300 rm217 unknownfirmware
  195. q380 camera please wait error help please
  196. Please help... box problem ==> Problem Solve, Not BOX Problem!! Phone pin in PCB!
  197. 17-09-2008 MEGA update again and again! New flash files added to support area!
  198. If i buy pinfinder alone do i have to buy activation to use spreadtrum tools?
  199. PadFINDER now rocks the world of SPD lovers(mostly q380)
  200. q380 keypad ways