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  1. didn't received my control block
  2. The card is not yet activated or blocked
  3. hi, i have one card buyed from multi-com
  4. Waiting Updates
  5. ipmart
  6. Help with register Securiy control Area
  7. lol whatever happened to this project ?
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  10. Where Is support of NeroTeam ? [ASK SELLER FOR HELP]
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  13. Android phones
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  18. hello nerokey supporter
  19. error converting to blue message
  20. W580i DEAD [SOLVED]
  21. help to eraze se z520i [ANSWERED]
  22. possible to unlock w350i with nerokey [ANSWERED]
  23. 05.04.2011 Nero Key New Recovery Version R1F
  24. nero is worck with windous 7 32 bt ????
  25. need nero card driver for 64bit [ANSWERED]
  26. help nero team [ANSWERED]
  27. prob [SOLVED]
  28. forget my log [ANSWERED]
  29. z530i
  30. k530 [ANSWERED]
  31. U10 cid81 flashing [YES YOU CAN]
  32. i cant active nero key with nero key activation code [ANSWERED]
  33. NEROKEY 1D download link inside !!
  34. Nero card recharge [JUST CONTACT WITH MIKOLAJ]
  35. w995 unlock impossible [CID81 not supported to unlock]
  36. Is Nero key Death [NO is NOT]
  37. W995 Flash Problem [ANSWERED]
  38. Unlock W580 Error [ANSWERED]
  39. please need tutorial to work with this software,i'm new user of nerokey [ANSWERED]
  40. W995 Flash Problem
  41. to product supporter need u're attention
  42. W580i, z710i unlock? [USE version nerokey 1D to UNLOCK]
  43. K770 cid52 can't unlock with 1E team need check this
  44. Błąd wysyłania zapytania kontrolnego, kod: 000000016413 [SOLVED]
  45. error al unlock u10i with nero key [CID80/81 not supported]
  46. 12.12.2010 NEW Update: NEROkey Recovery Studio R1E [NOT USE BUGGIE WAIT FOR NEXT UP]
  47. Trouble logging in to support [SOLVED]
  48. is the time to react
  49. can unlock u1,u5,x10 with nero key??? [NOT SUPPORTED]
  50. J20I Unlock failed [CID80/81 NOT SUPPORTED]
  51. z520
  52. upgrade for PNX support, w350, w380 .. when ?????
  53. IMEI repair on all supported SEMC [NOT SUPPORTED]
  54. HElp with Nero Key
  55. Help whith K700
  56. Where are product supporters ?
  57. Help with FTDI
  58. prob with se w880
  59. israel flashfiles
  60. Known bugs, unknown bugs please report.
  61. 09.08.2010 Nero-Key Recovery Studio Version R1C
  62. can nero key repair damaged gdfs k550(red blinking) [YES]
  63. Drivers installation failed [SOLVED]
  64. Unlock new cid not supporter
  65. APDU error with nero KEy
  66. NeroKey won't do the i versions?
  67. Nero Installation Problem. Smart Card Reader Driver. Help !!!
  68. supporter Xperia X10
  69. cahge idioma xperia x2 [X2 NOT SUPPORTED HTC BASED PHONE]
  70. help me k608i
  71. Connection problem [SOLVED]
  72. problem with unlock k770
  73. I have registered my NeroKey but i dont have bacome my Activasion mail !
  74. W880i always Error connecting device...
  75. Is nerokey have any idea to add SEMC LG or samsung phones in future?
  76. update
  77. K608i no go
  78. Were fo i get flash files from
  79. Flashing With NeroKey? Yes You Can!
  80. unable to send control request
  81. is nero work in win7 [Yes work]
  82. can NEROkey make GDFS?
  83. Dear neroteam i have suggest!!
  84. please solution
  85. Credits - time to make it clear!
  86. It is possible to add a2 imei change / repair ??? [NO]
  87. FTDI Interface
  88. Pnx5230
  89. NERO ERROR!!! - Error reading device key:
  90. What time need to recharge nerokey?
  91. Hi what happen whit credits, is 30 of march
  92. How to recharge credit?
  93. my control block to activate
  94. I have question? help me viru.
  95. help me ple
  96. Box version
  97. has anyone bought nero yet
  98. Permenent Unlock
  99. How to become official reseller
  100. Poll -> Please, tell us what is more important for You, our customers.
  101. what is the price for nero key
  102. Imei change with nero key
  103. Nero F.A.Q. and tutorials
  104. wats so unique abt this tool
  105. Firmware upgrade
  106. NEROkey will be best SE tool
  107. Rj45 0r dcu-60
  108. Is it A2 CID80 supported
  109. Let´s make few things clear...
  110. can i repair t700
  111. 200 preloaded credits already on card. One phone takes 1 credit
  112. We need clear answer about this dongle all free or not ??
  113. NERO-KEY Official Reseller
  114. Nero Key features and supported models
  115. what about this project? And who are the behind this project?
  116. Post here successfully unlocked phones by Nero-Key
  117. a question plz ??
  118. C905 unlock done in 52 sec
  119. Welcome to Nero-Key Recovery Studio - The world first standalone SEMC recovery tool
  120. Warm Welcome NEROKEY
  121. About Nero Key Read Here !
  122. what is a NEROkey?
  123. Welcome to Nero Team in GsmForum