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  1. Lg k71 lmq730baw breaked
  2. Lg k71 lmq730baw breaked
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  29. About Meduza jtag box i want to ask a question
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  31. ufs [Answered]
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  47. need KMDC6001DM-B625 ffu
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  143. kmf720012m-b214 fw [Answered]
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  168. chip micron [Answered]
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  173. NAM-LX9 Connected Fine
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  179. Kmfe60012m-b214 fe62mb fw
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  191. oppo a9 2020 ocument is imp recovery all by special command by medusa
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  193. pin are conected but error 016 or error 009 [Answered]
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  197. What is the error pls help ufs 3.0 "RESPONSE UPIU: ILLEGAL REQUEST"
  198. Medusa PRO v. is out!
  199. SM-T387V Testpoint here
  200. SM-T387V Loader [Answered]