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  1. lg m200n
  2. G965F FRP not removed
  3. oppo a1k help after reset oppo
  4. Repair Boot OPPO A5 Via Medusa Pro
  5. H28U64222MMR Not detected
  6. cant format UFS KLUCG4J1ED-B0C1 [Answered]
  7. My new 254 bga-ufs cannot be connected [Answered]
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  9. problem with writing kdz file! [Answered]
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  12. why my medusa pro 2 ufs restricted(pwm 1-4) [Answered]
  13. How to read emmc 254 using medusa [Answered]
  14. Few Question for Medusa Team [Answered]
  15. plz check this problem with medusa 2 [Answered]
  16. i9192 emmc question to admin [Answered]
  17. plz check this problem [Answered]
  18. help for a3s [Answered]
  19. samsung g973u boot repair failed [Answered]
  20. I lost my medusa dongle please can u add it to my octoplus sam+lg card [Answered]
  21. I cannot update my card [Answered]
  22. my card cant update after update to 2.1.3 [Answered]
  23. a705mn U5 can't read or write in edl [Answered]
  24. how to config ufs chip? [Answered]
  25. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.4 is out!
  26. Samsung A015F U2 READ DUMP FILE
  27. j727p dead boot repair done but now show 9008 port [Answered]
  28. Can i reset password oppo a31 CPH2073 whit my medusa pro? [Answered]
  29. POssible to repair lg with file .kdz? [Answered]
  30. I need Vccq vcc points for isp G973F A50 A51F SAMSUNG
  31. SONY X10i Flashing Problem [Answered]
  32. Sm-g930f isp pinout request? [Answered]
  33. Please Help with medusa pro2 ufs [Answered]
  34. G973f g975f and a50 a51 i no can connect ufs isp [Answered]
  35. on5 g5510 dead after flash [Answered]
  36. Sony E6503 how to connect please help... [Answered]
  37. Emmc pinout Moto G6 plus
  38. F900F Z Flip in Qualcomm Port [Answered]
  39. quistion from team [Answered]
  40. need help j500f dead after flash [Answered]
  41. plz help ... i can't open medusa [Answered]
  42. Pls help Bit will change auto 1bit. pls help [Answered]
  43. Oppo a1k dead after reset [Answered]
  44. how to solve this problem [Answered]
  45. J510FN Boot repair [Answered]
  46. What difference is one with the other help [Answered]
  47. hash code [Answered]
  48. my box feature disable after upgrade please help [Answered]
  49. help medusa Box Software [Answered]
  50. hello team [Answered]
  51. realme x2 dead show only Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 [Answered]
  52. Card issue with license [Answsered]
  53. adb mode need box connected to work ? [Answered]
  54. MEIZU M810H M8C remove lock factory rest
  55. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.3 is out!
  56. J410f isp not worked [Answered]
  57. UFS 254 Uknown socket [Answered]
  58. hi.. need help / BGA - 162 KINGSTON ? [Answered]
  59. repair boot lg d415 [Answered]
  60. Need emmc pin out samsung a107f [Answered]
  61. samsung c9pro dead [Answered]
  62. Confused [Answered]
  63. V50 only qualcom mode [Answered]
  64. medusa ufs 254 socket unknown socket [Answered]
  65. medusa box support plz help me g920f programming [Answered]
  66. need help oppo a5 cph1931 [Answered]
  67. Oppo A1k Flashing Bug ( Mediatek ) [Answered]
  68. A107f dead boot need help [Solved]
  69. Ufs partiton Question [Answered]
  70. Redmi 4 *****
  71. realme 3 rmx1821 isp need
  72. ERROR with medusa pro 2 [Solved]
  73. question please reply [Answered]
  74. Question about UFs Isp [Answered]
  75. mi play show error "EXT_CSD data error!!! Connect unsucces" [Answered]
  76. LG V50 LM-V500N Qualcomm SM8150 UFS fail [Answered]
  77. little question to supporter please reply [Answered]
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  79. LG G5 LS922 dead after flash firmware [Answered]
  80. New alcatel MTK support [Answered]
  81. 1st World LG V20 H918 REPAIR DONE via UFS
  82. vivo v17 isp needed
  83. lg lm x220ma Qualcomm hs-usb mode after write partitions [Answered]
  84. g930f read and write
  85. Repair boot lg lmx510 mtk
  86. Can Meidusa Jtag get online with New UFS 2.1. 3.0 and 3.1? [Answered]
  87. ami a60 FRP removed with medusa pro
  88. Medusa Upgrade Set recieved .. Still No UFS Compatibility ? [Answered]
  89. G930F Need Dump OR Srf File
  90. vivo v19 how to reset?
  91. ...::lgm-x600k frp don by medusa pro::..
  92. cant boot any usb hs-usb device [Answered]
  93. Medusa Pro 2 UFS 153 fail [Solved]
  94. Plz help no oppo connected a1k [Solved]
  95. SRF Server Download Speed is very slow [Answered]
  96. RIO-UL00 16gb Need full dump or SRF or xml [Answered]
  97. Redmi 6A mi account remove after only mi logo on Loading [Answered]
  98. Reparo de Boot Tab E T116BU + SRF
  99. moto XT1789-06 android info not found, and latest moto factory [Answered]
  100. LMX210NMW Write verification error 1 [Solved]
  101. how to save gallry data j600f [Answered]
  102. help to edit boot confic ufs2 chip [Answered]
  103. Test version V2.1.2 testing Done. Thanks Medusa Pro Team
  104. oppo CPH 1823 [Answered]
  105. Cph1911 dead after erase user data [Answered]
  106. SM-J530F repair samsung devices using factory files Error [Solved]
  107. j200h after boot repair show mtp usb device only [Answered]
  108. how to flash oppo a5s a3s [Solved]
  109. redmi 7 mi account [Answered]
  110. SM-A260F eMMC Factory Formating...Failed. [Answered]
  111. need sfr file for a105m dead
  112. Microsoft Surface GO bitlocker [Solved]
  113. Unsaport smart card box not open [Answered]
  114. HAWEI DUB-LX1 flash SRF ERROR AND WRITTING tmp reding fill error [Answered]
  115. J510mn desoldering ic any other way [Answered]
  116. Medusa Pro II A505F UFS BGA153 full srf created success
  117. mi play lotus mtk dead with ufi but flashed with medusa phone alive
  118. LG-M400DY boot repaire done
  119. Galaxy A107F Dead boot connect ok bl flashing error [Answered]
  120. Redmi 6 Cereus Mi account and Frp resetting Miui 11 Android 9
  121. Redmi 7 Mi account done medusa pro...
  122. Medusa pro 2 PIN-CONNECTOR Socket validation failed. [Answered]
  123. How To Vivo Y91C Dead Boot Repaire
  124. N8010 EMMC change [Solved]
  125. K350N LG k8 - Corrupted Software ! [Answered]
  126. j415g is supported by medusa pro?
  127. How can i restore a backup .bin? [Answered]
  128. remove MDM lock - it's real? g970 [Answered]
  129. chp1937 a9 2020 can i reset with medusa pro [Answered]
  130. Samsung eMMC MBG8FB Remove write protect fail
  131. qualcomm write .xml file userdata was 0b help team pls [Answered]
  132. Realme 5 UFS 2.1 help medusa team how remove phone lock [Answered]
  133. Medusa pro 2 need FX3 driver [Solved]
  134. how to remove mi account via medusa [Answered]
  135. Happy today received Medusa pro 2+ic freind...boom boomm..
  136. Contant extractor on andriod 7 and above [Answered]
  137. j510mn boot dead [Answered]
  138. Samsung J110H Not found Error [Answered]
  139. windows 10 medusa pro driver problem.. [Answered]
  140. Redmi 6 pro ****** arb2 dead boot 1000% repair done
  141. Socket validation failed [Answered]
  142. I need fulldump SM-G350E [Answered]
  143. Mi play dead after write by vendor [Answered]
  144. Oppo A1k pattren lock ! Need Pinout [Answered]
  145. Read photos and contacts [Answered]
  146. "Unsupported Smart-Card 1" after upgrade to v2.1.1 [Answered]
  147. after write mtk factory firmware oop f11 pro no build info pls help [Answered]
  148. need full info for readinfo......pls update [Answered]
  149. Redmi Y3 Mi account and frp done offline done the ultimate Medusa pro
  150. Medusa pro 2 ufs chip RECOVER for the userdata [Answered]
  151. box medusa pro 2 westbridge problem [Answered]
  152. Galaxy Tab E 9.6 SM-T560NU Dead Boot Repair Successfully Done
  153. MI Play(lotus) ENG Firmware write done
  154. Data TX error EMMC chip off BGA254 [Answered]
  155. Thank For medusa pro team.....
  156. MI Play(Lotus)mtk "system has been destroyed" [Answered]
  157. Need help vivo y11 reset [Answered]
  158. Write recovery error [Solved]
  159. j110h after smart repair dead [Answered]
  160. Error Medusa Pro 2.1.1 [Answered]
  161. Ufs 3.0 3.1 [Answered]
  162. Test V2.1.1 is mtk write firmware ok... but device still mtk port [Solved]
  163. Oppo R15 Pro [PAAT00_11_C.68] Screen Lock || FRP Lock Removed || Dump File[Available]
  164. Medusa pro V1 isn't connecting [Answered]
  165. Medusa II Pro Isp Not connected [Answered]
  166. D290n connect problem in 2.1.1 [Answered]
  167. need help a3s hang on logo [Answered]
  168. please mesusa team solve server error promlem [Answered]
  169. improve content extractor [Answered]
  170. Oppo A3S (CPH1853) shwoing Qualcomm Port
  171. Isp not detected [Answered]
  172. issue with latest software 2.1.1 [Answered]
  173. no Gnd in medusa pro JIG adapter [Solved]
  174. need huawei dub lx2 loader
  175. How to use Preset of Boot Configuration [Answered]
  176. Mtk device only port after write factory firmware method [Answered]
  177. Samsung J110H Resurrected Done
  178. Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F) ERROR[012] [Answered]
  179. Realme C2 After Pattern MTK Port [Solved]
  180. eMCP BGA254/ UFS BGA254/ UFS BGA153 PINOUTS For Direct Access
  181. Infinix X509 scatter file write failed [Answered]
  182. problem repairing G925FD UFS [Answered]
  183. How To Realme C3 Pattern Remove [Answered]
  184. Resizing Micron emmc from Redmi Note 8 [Answered]
  185. oppo r17 ufs chip via isp [Answered]
  186. G532F QN16BB eMMC Cannot Enter Download Mode or Don't Power ON Full & Final Solution
  187. Help lg k430t boot repair [Answered]
  188. Is possible to remove knox via isp on A series? [Answered]
  189. How to Repair "eMMC Bad Health" By Medusa Pro
  190. xiaomi mi9 ufs 2.1 hardbrick fix done medusa pro2
  191. medusa pro 2 box driver [Solved]
  192. Xiaomi failed to replace the new ufs flash. [Answered]
  193. SM-G530H could not connect ERROR[001]: Can not connect [Answered]
  194. OPPO A31 2020 DEMO Remove ? [Answered]
  195. OPPO VIVO and others mini 500MB DUMP here For Medusa users only
  196. a105m eMMC connect problem [Answered]
  197. SM-J200H Searching Android build info... Not found [Answered]
  198. A310F U5 FRP Reset and Dump File Read by Medusa Pro । 05 । 07 । 2020
  199. OPPO/Realme/VIVO/Honor Mobiles_RESET.srf Files for Medusa/Octoplus Pro Box
  200. Vivi u20 pattern unlock and frp