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  1. nokia ta-1396 dead after reset
  2. ufs g991b issue [Answered]
  3. RPMB: Authentication Key not yet programmed. A105G any solution [Answered]
  4. Help A03 core kg locked remove [Answered]
  5. Can't update medusa pro dongle [Answered]
  6. kmf720012m-b214 fw [Answered]
  7. can't use HS Gear 1 speed on my medusa pro2 [Answered]
  8. t295f not booting up [Answered]
  9. Can't update medusa pro dongle [Answered]
  10. problemms medusa pro [Answered]
  11. ERROR[012]: Write error [Solved]
  12. Nova 8i read dump ok
  13. problem with a127f and a217f pinout [Answered]
  14. isp sd card [Answered]
  15. Cph1907 dead after reset [Answered]
  16. question for mtk [Answered]
  17. Please team help with this error [Answered]
  18. Medusa pro Download manager error? [Solved]
  19. a525f connection issue kindly assist here [Answered]
  20. Problem with emmc fw kmdv6001da [Answered]
  21. UFS ISP connect unsuccessful [Answered]
  22. Nokia 1.4 user lock and frp reset done
  23. OPPO A9 UFS ISP Issue [Answered]
  24. Nokia c2 ta 1233 frp unlock and dump read and share successfull
  25. Sm-g988b not connect gelo please [Answered]
  26. Adapter UFS Bga 254 connect error [Answered]
  27. how to read rpmb key [Answered]
  28. I need help for this error medusa team [Answered]
  29. C1 dump 500mb reading and sharing successfull
  31. chip micron [Answered]
  32. BGA 254 Connect unsuccessful [Answered]
  33. Medusa pro 2 ufs flashing doesn't supported [Answered]
  34. patch mi account [Answered]
  35. Not work my medusa [Answered]
  36. NAM-LX9 Connected Fine
  37. SM-A725F Unlock MDM operation [Answered]
  38. Samsung G965 lost mode [Answered]
  39. ufs isp not connected properly [Answered]
  40. UFS ERROR[00F]: UPIU Failure: UPIU [Answered]
  41. SM-A315G dead after flash [Answered]
  42. Kmfe60012m-b214 fe62mb fw
  43. a325f u6 error 11 and 12 [Answered]
  44. ISP pinout for SM-T397U [Answered]
  45. sm-a307g error 016 [Answered]
  46. Operations with UFS restricted (PWM 1-4) [Answered]
  47. Samsung Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F) Read / Write Success ( Via ISP ) By Medusa Pro
  48. Redmi 9T (lime) Wipe EFS EDL Mode Done
  49. Lg m250e isp pin out need [Answered]
  50. Medusa Pro 2 not working [Answered]
  51. Realme 2 RMX1805 hang on logo done.. medusa pro II
  52. Need a51 ufs pin out a515f [Answered]
  53. REDMI note 9 Pro Joyeuse FRp and Mi Account Done by Medusa Pro II
  54. oppo a9 2020 ocument is imp recovery all by special command by medusa
  55. Medusa Pro Box Showing No Smart Card Found & reupdate Card Problem [Answered]
  56. pin are conected but error 016 or error 009 [Answered]
  57. OPPO A3S CPH1803 Dead QDloader 9008 Port Only [Answered]
  58. urgent attention required regarding medusa 2 pro bga 254 [Answered]
  59. A025M Conection issue [Answered]
  60. What is the error pls help ufs 3.0 "RESPONSE UPIU: ILLEGAL REQUEST"
  61. Medusa PRO v. is out!
  62. SM-T387V Testpoint here
  63. SM-T387V Loader [Answered]
  64. ufs error [Answered]
  65. SM-M325F emmc dump needed?
  66. Medusa Pro does not work with icfriend moorc emate x [Answered]
  67. J510Fn Emmc KMQ310013B-B419 not recognized. [Answered]
  68. Sm-G970u Knox enrollment [Answered]
  69. Medusa pro 2 emmc isp conection problem [Answered]
  70. i need help medusa pro 2 [Answered]
  71. SM-G998B Connect Question [Answerd]
  72. I have a weak internet [Answered]
  73. Medusa pro SPI PROGRAMING bios [Answered]
  74. NEN-L22 Huawei nova 8i pin out pls
  75. FRP J400M medusa pro [Answered]
  76. SM-A025M cant connect [Answered]
  77. Medusa Pro II BGA 221 Issue [Answered]
  78. ZTE blade A5 2019 EMMC problem [Answered]
  79. Huawei X10 Unable to connect [Answered]
  80. Redmi note 9 pro FRP
  81. it won't let me open menu ufs [Answered]
  82. ta-1322 dead [Answered]
  83. Cat S30 loader [Answered]
  84. Help with this problem please [Answered]
  85. ufs ic km2v8001cm-b707 not connect [Answered]
  86. samsung a207f u3 android 11 frp done with medusa pro
  87. Report a privacy issue for medusa pro [Answered]
  88. New (Reset Mi Account) [Answered]
  89. Medusa PRO v.2.2.4 is out!
  90. how do i change emmc [Answered]
  91. How to config b0c1 for g935fd [Answered]
  92. SM-G991W need isp pinout [Answered]
  93. need htc 2pq9100 emmc dump [Answered]
  94. dead G781B after reset frp [Answered]
  95. Note 4 N910P [Answered]
  96. Get Measurements. Disconnecting device [Answered]
  97. A207f u3 google frp remove done
  98. Oppo A3s CPH1803 dead boot [Answered]
  99. sm-g390f knox mdm [Answered]
  100. ufs pinout mod [Answered]
  101. doubts about the new medusa modification [Answered]
  102. Problem connect a205g [Answered]
  103. Problem with emmc firmware klmcg2ucta-b041
  104. Samsung J210f Dead hardbrick Done medusa pro II other box(***) ffu update failed.
  105. Why Modified Pin Connector for ISP UFS ? [Answered]
  106. Frp ISP A217m bit 3 Failed [Answered]
  107. How to Fix Error Verifying VBMeta Image [Answered]
  108. oppo a7 cph1901 dead edl mode [Answered]
  109. Vivo V19 write logo issue Qualcom factory firmware after only Qload mode. [Answered]
  110. medusa update firmware emmc failed [Answered]
  111. Samsung A032 A03 Core FRP Remove BY MEDUSA PRO
  112. SM-G532F [Answered]
  113. Moto X1604 Need dump or srf file [Answered]
  114. Dear sir tell me clearly pls 8bit DDR mode [Answered]
  115. Error 011 LMG850UM [Answered]
  116. Huawei gr5 bll-l23 boot repair [Answered]
  117. SM-J710FN [Answered]
  118. Redmi 7A EMMC DEAD, How Change [Answered]
  119. a405fn u2 mdm lock kg unlock [Answered]
  120. LS997 connect fail [Answered]
  121. Extracting .bin from .mpt and other UFS questions [Answered]
  122. Medusa PRO 2 issue [Answered]
  123. i want emmc pinout TA-1380
  124. need help deciphering pinout [Answered]
  125. Lg g2 d802 usb repaİr qmode done.it's been a lot of time
  126. The 2.2.3 version does not recognize UFS 3.1 [Answered]
  127. Medusa instalation [Solved]
  128. medusa pro team [Answered]
  129. need dump sm-T837A [Answered]
  130. medusa pro 2 isp socket
  131. new user octopus pro 2
  132. oppo A3s cph1803 show startup logo and restart help [Answered]
  133. help firmware KMDC6001DM B625 [Answered]
  134. Samsung a31 wont connect succesfuly [Answered]
  135. help [Answered]
  136. Pinout G998B [Answered]
  137. oppo A5s cph1909 patern unlock [Answered]
  138. ufi bga 254 emmc emmcp adopter convert to medusa pro 2 with 8bit conect done
  139. team please help me [Answered]
  140. help medusa team [Answered]
  141. A3s remove password with king medusa pro
  142. Medusa Pro Win 10 New hardware PC problem [Answered]
  144. An important question
  145. error flash using factory files samsung [Answered]
  146. bga 254 emmc adopter solutain plz [Answered]
  147. Write firmware Qualcom Multiprogram its posible? [Answered]
  148. Digno 503KC Pattern lock Problem [Answered]
  149. medusa pro [Answered]
  150. EXT_CSD data [Answered]
  151. iphone repair [Answered]
  152. Medusa V2.2.3 ISp Enable Where [Answered]
  153. redmi 7 [Answered]
  154. Emmc dead after frimware upgrade [Answered]
  155. oppo a5 2020 ufs chip phone lock unlock done medusa pro 2
  156. Modified Pin Connector for ISP UFS
  157. Medusa PRO II v.2.2.3 is out!
  158. Medusa team [Answered]
  159. Nokia C10 TA-1342 SCREEN ✔️ FRP LOCK ✔️ HARD RESET ✔️ CHIP OFF Erase Persist / Userda
  160. Does old meduza and octopus box support pro2 [Answered]
  161. After Update UFS Firmware rpmb not erase [Answered]
  162. medusa team [Answered]
  163. medusa pro software [Answered]
  164. medusa pro with the upgrade kit medusa pro 2 [Answered]
  165. micron bga153 ufs not detact. [Answered]
  166. need sony L1 G3312 ISP PINOUT [Answered]
  167. ISP Pinout wanted
  168. cph2137 oppo a33 phone lock done madusa pro 2
  169. Nokia C1 2nd Edition [TA-1380] SCREEN and FRP LOCK REMOVE ❘ FIRMWARE BACKUP by MEDUSA
  170. Nokia C2 TA-1233 || eMMC_CCM4B8_00WW_1_130_SP01 || PTT Backup and Hang ON Logo Fix
  171. Need help with MedusaPro II not connect any emmc [Answered]
  172. Medusa box dont init, is not detected by the pc [Answered]
  173. new samsung qualcomm phones [Answered]
  174. Force Test point for eMMC [Answered]
  175. loading firmware please wait medusa pro 2 [Answered]
  176. What is the next BIG update??? [Answered]
  177. pinout moto z2 paly xt1710 [Answered]
  178. xiaomi note 10s imei null..need help [Answered]
  179. Nokia TA-1288 stuck on 9008 mode after wipe userdata partition [Answered]
  180. Patched misc file for LG D631 request [Solved]
  181. LG sdm845 UFS Error [Answered]
  182. Medusa pro 2 drivers Question [Answered]
  183. Samsung M31 stuck logo after reset frp [Answered]
  184. SM-T350 [Answered]
  185. lg h811 or f500l after repair still 9008 port [Answered]
  186. Oppo a3s done without data loss
  187. Redmi note 10 pro [Answered]
  188. (HELP) SAMSUNG T230 FULL DUMP needed or sfr for Medusa pro [Answered]
  189. Solution for read userdata from Huawei Mate 10 Lite rne-l21
  190. Samsung a013g dump fİle help [Answered]
  191. ufs error [011]:query response UPIU:parameter already written [Answered]
  192. can not connect to KMVTU000LM-B503 [Answered]
  194. connecting problem sony g3221 [Answered]
  195. Medusa pro support write update app huawei? [Answered]
  196. error samsung a115m [Answered]
  197. please add resize userdata partion in ufs [Answered]
  198. oppo A5s (CPH1909) mtk usb port only after reset [Answered]
  199. Galaxy Note 10 plus N975F can't read to all [Answered]
  200. need help medusa pro team [Answered]