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  1. Hello team please i need (klmag1jenb-b031.bin) emmc firmware
  2. Need KM3H6001CM-B515 firmware
  3. OPPO A5 2020 Full backup Medusa pro, help pls
  4. is Support have Proplem [Answered]
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  17. need information about devcfg file [Answered]
  18. need help team [Answered]
  19. kmrx10014m-b614 emmc firmware need please [Answered]
  20. Team please help solution please please [Answered]
  21. help a105f jump isp error [Answered]
  22. Where to find instructions
  23. LG G6 Only Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader Port Detected How To Repair This Phone [Solved]
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  26. need n950f ufs dump [Answered]
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  28. i need help to resize partetion [Answered]
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  30. Pls update OPPo Realme full read info(Android build info)
  31. Medusa unsupported smart card [Answered]
  32. LG MS330 usb jtag not found [Answered]
  33. ofp extractor [Answered]
  34. Medusa PRO II v.2.2.0 is out!
  35. oppo a52 no connection ISP medusa pro 2 [Answered]
  36. another set not able to read dump oppo f5 [Answered]
  37. MedusaPro VII "Your current activation is not fully compatible" [Answered]
  38. medusa jtag smardcard [Answered]
  39. i need cph1727 dum file
  40. plleas fix huawei qulcomm new flash i cant flash any huawei android 8 [Answered]
  41. SAMSUNG EMMC KMDH6001DA-B422 Firmware read done from Good emmc
  42. Samsung emmc kmgd6001bm-b421 Firmware read done..
  43. help emmc firmware KMQD60013M-B318 [Answered]
  44. LG G7 LG G710VM rapier dead boot done with out lost imei
  45. kmre1000bm-b512 after flashing dead [Answered]
  46. what is it device_life_time_est_typ_b ? [Answered]
  47. OPPO Find X2 Pro Flashing Proplem [Answered]
  48. Oppo A5 2020 Reset lock and FRP done
  49. samsung emcp KMQE60013M-B318 emmc firmware write done RPMB is erased thanks Medusa
  50. lg d380 reapir done in usb mod
  51. MEDUSA PRO JTAG ERROR[001]: [Answered]
  52. plz solve my problem [Answered]
  53. ISP pinout clarify. [Answered]
  54. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.9 is out!
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  64. T295 eMMC PIN OUT NEED
  65. medusa pro smart card unsoported card [Answered]
  66. dump reading error plz help [Answered]
  67. eMMC BGA254 connection fail [Answered]
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  69. ufs chip h850 wirite notwork [Answered]
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  71. 1st World RAYLAN Smart TV RT-U43SD180 Repair VIA eMMC
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  77. need emmc firmware KLMAG1JENB-B031 [Solved]
  78. 👉 Remove FRP Wiko Jerry 3 By Medusa Pro
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  94. n950f dump
  95. Kyocera Digno 404KC Remove Pattern Password Done
  96. please add remove write protect for ufs chip [Answered]
  97. in the software folder, the wrong TP for flash KLMBG2JENB-B04 kmv3w000lm [Answered]
  98. oppo A9 connect failed [Answered]
  99. ic friend adapter with medusa pro [Answered]
  100. mi note7 dead after flash with medusa [Answered]
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  104. redmi mi 4 c need srf file
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  108. helpme driver medusa pro Lg end samsung [Solved]
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  111. Finally KMVTU000LM-B503 firmware flash done
  112. EMMC SAMSUNG [KMQE60013M-B318] firmware dead done
  113. Hello profichnial team [Answered]
  114. Medusa PRO v.2.1.8 Read/Write/Save firmware eMMC 5.1 [Answered]
  115. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.8 is out!
  116. qcn file, can Medusa Pro write it? [Answered]
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  118. plz help me lg g6 H870 [Answered]
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  122. repair clone phone s10 plus
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  125. Medusa ProII Full UFs DUMP File, Full Method
  126. converting j120fn to j120f
  127. p30 lite emmc data recover? [Answered]
  128. Samsung T-813 emmc repair.
  129. Security protocol error!!! [Answered]
  130. How to write a single file from the whole package? [Answered]
  131. help help oppo a3s remove passcode meduasa pro [Answered]
  132. 1st World Enie tv eles42m06a14k Repair VIA eMMC
  133. 1st World Condor Plume L3 Plus [SP-637] Repair VIA eMMC
  134. OPPO A12 CPH2083 Pattern Frp Unlock Done Report
  135. Oppo a52 cph2069
  136. honore 4c emmc change need help [Answered]
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  138. SM-A505f ISP UFS Connect unsuccessful.
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  142. 1st World Condor Smart TV Repair VIA eMMC
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  144. oppo ufs chip isp connection question [Solved]
  145. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.7 is out!
  146. How can i change Lun0 size [Answered]
  147. J415f dead by confuse reflash user data 32G [Answered]
  148. cph1803 one click pattern unlock done
  149. plz add or fix medusa 2 pro [Answered]
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  154. BGA280 eMMC PINOUT For ISP Communication
  155. Socket reading in 1 bit only [Answered]
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  167. how to write? [Answered]
  168. Nand adapter [Answered]
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  170. what loader [Answered]
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  181. A520f srf file need
  182. Medusa PRO II v.2.1.5 is out!
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  184. Generate secure passwords for SRF files [Answered]
  185. mi play ISP pinout [Answered]
  186. medusa flasher [Answered]
  188. pls Add Support Micron UFS 2.1 chip [Solved]
  189. Any one Flash oppo scatter with medusa? [Answered]
  190. connection failure emmc lg M320tv k10 power [Answered]
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  194. lg m200n [Answered]
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  198. H28U64222MMR Not detected [Answered]
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