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  1. Easy JTAG Plus Training Lessons 1 to 50
  2. Oppo k3 (CPH 1955) UFS Done (✓)
  3. How to fix ext_csd with easy jtag?
  4. Oppo a9 2020 cph1937 screen lock unlock without data loss by easyjtag
  5. How to know this emmc thype?
  6. Nokia RM-915 dead boot
  7. To Product Support I need your assistance
  8. redmi 7 (one_lite) nvram
  9. oppo f5 dead
  10. ICfriend Android King AK-BGA 11in1
  11. Oppo k1 password reset help me guys
  12. Lg k500um unbrick
  13. BGA 153 UFS PinOut Need
  14. moorc emate vs easy jtag pro
  15. emmc file manger close automaticlly
  16. OPPO A83 CPH1723 AFTER FRP restarting on recovery mode
  17. Hello Members i neede
  18. Hello Members i neede
  19. Xiaomi (Mediatek based) bootloops
  20. Ask Rpmb emmc reset
  21. oppo find x oppo id
  22. easyutlis.dll
  23. SM P585 isp pinouts and dump
  24. Easy jtag plus Problem cmd crc error
  25. old easy jtag samsung activation to easy jatag plus activation transfer
  26. Error: Mount [data] failed PartType: LINUX
  27. Help: vivo y12 1904
  28. how to backup userdata pocco c3
  29. G615f dead boot
  30. lyder Sir Help me
  31. only easy jtag box v1 can support ufs opration?
  32. i9082 dead
  33. easy jtag plus dump sho-me combo n1
  34. jtag plus V2 error read emmc
  35. Bug or my fault?
  36. help with hisilicon security
  37. ta-1036 Nokia 3310 3g data recovery
  38. n910v hard bricked..
  39. I9070P DETECTED WITH JTAG FINDER but not on u8500 PORT
  40. kmrx10014m-b614 emmc firmware need please
  41. Emcp fw read and write options in easy jtag box
  42. Backup data oppo f17pro
  43. new EMMC has small size problem please help me
  44. samsung g610f can i change emmc
  45. Huawei/Honor - replaced EMMC
  46. samsung t395 tab isp pinout
  47. honor 9n after emmc reapir imei 0000
  49. xiaomi redmi 9 dump help me
  50. Samsung j106h how to remove mdm?
  51. redmi note 6 pro (tulip) need isp pinout
  52. Help: Need dump file for realme 5i (RMX2030)
  53. easy jtag plus box problem
  54. AliExpress Fraud/Scammers.
  55. Sony C4 ; hang on logo after pin unlock by Easy JTag
  56. Oppo F9 Storage Problem After Repair Health
  57. Is here any way to remove Realme Account with Easy Jtag Plus?
  58. Is here any way to remove Realme Account with Easy Jtag Plus?
  59. Oppo a15 cph2185 mtk dead isp need dump file
  60. g532g , error: 34 help need
  61. Oppo A9 2020 CPH 1937 After Reset Pin (boot/recovery image destroyed
  62. without cpu only replace emmc full information need
  63. redmi note 4 only 9008 port need some help from team
  64. Vivo V5 Plus Detect Only QUALCOMM 9008 Only
  65. Help Driver Z3 JTAG Ver1
  66. vivo y95 after repair bad health phn is on but encryption unsuccessfull error .
  67. A3S CPH1803 clk point broken
  68. Create a jtag sharing group
  69. HTC ONE M9 DEAD emmc file manager PLEASE HELP
  70. oppo pchm10 dead help
  71. Samsung S20 Plus G986F UFS Chip KLUDG4UHDB-B2D1 identify Failed
  72. How To Remove The Privacy Protection Password From MTK Cpu
  73. question About J610g and Pin Lock
  74. Extracting the partition from emmc memory.
  75. Please Team Help Me I face this error
  76. oppo pchm10 please help
  77. need j400f u6 full dump
  78. How to flash K9GAG08U0E
  79. chainsaw c2000
  80. need help about easy jtag plus upgrade
  81. Help Me For Flash mi 6a cactus
  82. Emmc socket universal pinout sytem
  83. how to dead boot repair oppo a1k
  84. TECNO-KB3 Reset FRP Done
  85. j810g dump file needed its not available on support.
  86. M215f dead boot
  87. how remove oppo id in oppo f9?
  88. Problem in E-SOCKET without EMMC
  89. redmi note 5a dump emmc
  90. help to repair boot lg m400dy!
  91. Emmc file manager (EFM)
  92. EasyJtag Nandkit software
  93. Would it be possible to work with this model?
  95. Hi team
  96. vivo x23 not work????help me!!!!
  97. Oppo pchm10 help me please
  98. Samsung j600g stuck on logo , can read by vendor but gives error on erasing/writing
  99. g975f no download mode or reset
  100. Oppo K1 dead After Unlock
  101. EasyJTAG EmmcManager-1.19-04-01-2021
  102. Rom 2 and rom 3 is important in mi qualcomm devices ?
  103. How to Find the Build Number on a Samsung dead Phone
  104. How to Find the Build Number on a Samsung Phone
  105. Add mtk file browser..operations
  106. I phone 6 4013 error how to solve easy jtag plus
  107. pleaz share emmc firmware b318/b419/b316/b412 ...
  108. Are ICFriend adapters good enough ?
  109. m215f dead boot after flash
  110. EASY JTAG eMMC socket vccq pin
  111. Buyed Easy Jtag and ICFriend adapter Error
  112. LUNs ReConfig: Disabled ?
  113. H26M74002HMR cant read
  114. Samsung g570f Can remove patten lock Without data loss
  115. lg h502f dead boot repair done by easy jtag plus box
  116. New jtag box error
  117. sm-m515f m51 dead phone boot a boo b dump uploaded
  118. Need Dump file TRT-L21A
  119. How to fix bad health in UFS chip?
  120. problem with new update
  121. too many errors writing has been stopped
  122. XIAOMI Redmi note 8t no boot, vibrate only
  123. Easy Jtag classic Suite Tool Can Detect Phone But Emmc Tool Suite Not Detect
  124. Can't init device, Code: -113, Reason: UTP: Failed to NOP request need help...
  125. oppo a9 2020 cph 1937 SerialPort read fail
  126. SM-T295 Firehose loader not found
  127. Redmi note 9 mi Account removing
  128. EMMC Permanent Write Protection: Yes---can fix ???
  129. easyjtag 3.7.020 error 51
  130. how to update sam emmc fw
  131. S10e problem read backup
  132. error installling emmc tool suite v
  133. Realme 2 imei null after recovering , security files unavailable .
  134. Need poco x2 isp pinout
  135. Oppo A93(CPH2121) remove screen lock by ufs isp pinout ||EasyJtag
  136. UFS isp connection - need diagram
  137. Samsung Galaxy J210f (J2 Pro) stuck on samsung logo.
  138. I tried 5 ufs chip same issue
  139. Realme 6i RMX2040 need dump
  140. CPH2119 oppo F17pro needed Full DUMP pls help
  141. a320f and a320fl isp points same?
  142. N970f...reading problem
  143. g532g files flash done but not power on
  144. Loader for Samsung J510FN
  145. J106b frp isp
  146. need emmc pinout and dump file
  147. show difrent information
  148. UFS Init Failed. Error: -108. Reason: UTP: response timeout ??
  149. sir ji help
  150. Oppo F17 pro UFS2.1 mtk how to flash
  151. j400f u6 boot repear
  152. urgent...
  153. need oppo AX7 cph1903 dumpfile
  154. Lenovo RPMB - must be clean
  155. cant detect emmc from ane-lx1 (p20 lite)
  156. HW_PART error. Reason: eMMC >= 4.4 required for enhanced user data area
  157. easy jtag i need to repair boot p5200 plz help me
  158. HELP....need pinout realme RMX 1807 ....
  159. possible to activate z3x pro on easy jtag .....
  160. A5sOPPO Damage storage after full flash dump
  161. samsung a505f dead after flash
  162. ine lx2r frp?
  163. samsung i9082 dead boot repair done with easy jtag
  164. no service after write dump
  165. Redmi note 7 dead
  166. Z3X Emmc Manager
  167. T-285 tab emmc dead need change but how? please guide new easy jtag user.
  168. Redmi 6a stuck on recovery (wipe data / reboot screen ) after flashing by jtag plus.
  169. ufs connecting error easy jtag plus
  170. lg h502f read dump file done by easy jtag plus
  171. CARD is Password Locked
  172. oppo a3s stuck on LOGO after succesfull operation
  173. samsung sm-m315f dead after flash
  174. a10s emmc problem
  175. pocophone f1 dump pls sir
  176. redmi6 RH64AB full dump pls sir
  177. -= How to Reset Password All oppo vivo =-
  178. Remove password from mdm locked Samsung A21s (A217F) via isp.
  179. HELP sir, Problem EMMC redmi s2
  180. samsung a50 remove pin without data lost
  181. Unlock Bootloader on Remi 6A?
  182. Ufs pin out samsung s9 g960f
  183. after reset phone dead
  184. How to connect EasyJtag plus with UFS BGA153 on IC
  185. "Can't init device, Reason: OCR Ready Timeout Error [Check VCC or eMMC DEAD]".
  186. about to know old easy jtag
  187. A107m dead after flash need repair
  188. Easy -jtag plus ufs not working always please check this error
  189. Can't init EMMC, Reason: DATA RCV Timeout Error
  190. easy-jtag plus not found
  191. ufs error via isp method
  192. Easy Jtag Plus Dead / Not Detected by PC / No light
  193. please help ; n976b dump
  194. honour 7a pattern remove without data loss
  195. Whats new in efm paid activation
  196. Procedure for MDM Samsung A305G U2
  197. after flashing j100h dead
  198. j600f dead after try reset pin/password/pattern
  200. Write by vendor does not support KDZ LG Fix