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  1. Oppo A92 hang on logo after oppo reset UFS
  2. OPPO A7 frp done
  3. hi team can u help me samsung a260f u6 kg lock
  4. nokia ta-1047 nokia 1 MT6737M
  5. SAMSUNG SM-T385 tab dead after flash in factory image by UFI BOX
  6. Z3X Emmc File Manager addon
  7. help to flash cph1933 ufs
  8. Oppo a1k cant extract data
  9. any work around to flash faster than 1mhz?
  10. how to flash htc d728 .zip file with easyjtag
  11. (help) cph1933 flashing
  12. J532f repair boot
  13. 6A bootloop not go into recovery but fastboot work any Solution.
  14. nck pro dongle.. still with UMT ??
  15. oppo A92 isp ufs error
  16. Inquiries about Easy-Jtag
  17. 6A 16gb working Dump Need.. and flash help.
  18. j701f dead boot --please someone help me
  19. Oppo r17 goes edl after solder !
  20. sony c4 5333 dead boot
  21. Update flash support KDZ and new model (No support)
  22. Noka ta-1080 edl flash
  23. Use of repartion and delete before write option..
  24. redmi 8a mi account remove error
  25. Emmc/emcp programming confusions & myths
  26. redmi not 8 no service
  27. is there solution for frp screen lock oppo k5 pcnm00
  28. need test point dead alive emmc skhynix bga 254
  29. micron eMMC's not detecting
  30. need motorola xt1795 qfil rom
  31. k20 pro change emmc
  32. LMG710TM LG G7 ThinQ dead boot solution
  33. a107f boot why phone still dead
  34. cph1893 after reset by jtag no power only mode qualcomm mode any solution
  35. Need dump for LG LS992 (UFS)
  36. n976u brick after flash combination b2
  37. UFS not detect via ISP
  38. Need Easy-Jtag Plus UFS pinout without BGA 254
  39. a510f hang on log
  40. Help Jio F120B Repartitioned and programmed still shows Qualcomm port no power on
  41. Qualcomm SM4250 UFS Isp Pinout
  42. Poco X2 Mi account remove soliution Need Help
  43. Need help cant update easy jtag plus newly bought
  44. realme 5 ofp files...can't extract by easy
  45. a107f dead repair done still dead
  46. J510FN replace emmc
  47. I need guidence z3x jtag
  48. emmc firmware needed
  49. cant read oppo user lock, Partition UserData is Encrypted
  50. Mysterious options for beginners in the JTAG world
  51. tecno w4 eMMC state seems as READ-ONLY !!!!
  52. Need Tutorials for removing password and FRP bypass for Oppo and Realme
  53. Realme 5 RMX2030 Remove FRP And pin lock Done
  54. oppo a1k phone lock frp done jtag plus
  55. sm-t560 boot repair error
  56. ufs h8g4a samsung s7 edge
  57. easy jtag plus wokrs with win7 32bit?
  58. The attempt to copy the emmc memory failed.
  59. help me test point
  60. M115F Dead After Flash
  61. Need help j250m remove
  62. bq aquaris x2 encrochat remove
  63. samsung s7 edge g935fd hang on logo
  64. Samsung j500f Imei null after change emmc old emmc is dead
  65. samsung j600f sboot flashing error sw to rom 2 error
  66. where have EasyJTAG EmmcManager-1.19 link ????
  67. sony c2305 Too many errors. Writing has been stopped
  68. Realme 5i rmx-2030 set dead
  69. Can't open link, Code: -56, Reason: BOX: Chip not connected
  70. I need to backup notepad app
  71. Easy Jtag SPI Flasher Error
  72. upgrade z3x pro to easy jtag plus
  73. Emmc ic friend adapter not work
  74. my easy jtag pc not detected even no light
  75. EasyJTAG Plus Box firmware Bug
  76. G970f s10 mdm lock
  77. SONY C4 dead boot
  78. oppo f11 write by vendor error
  79. asking write dump
  80. mtk scater file error
  81. Hello team please fix error Code: Can't init device, Code: -108, Reason: UTP: respons
  82. can't connect phones without vcc and vccq
  83. samsung a107f baseband unknown
  85. Oppo a83 format hang on recovery
  86. asus phoe rog 2
  87. oppo a3s emmc error
  88. asking easy jtag speed for ufs
  89. Need j410f isp
  90. Huawei Y5 CUN-U29 PROBLEM
  91. Oppo k3 cph1955 phone lock frp done jtag plus
  92. samsung tab A smt550
  93. a505F MDM Lock
  94. Samsung M01s Frp Done Via Emmc Pinout Easy Jtag
  95. IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding original official box color.
  96. Samsung Z FOLD F900f Stuck at Qualcomm Loader port
  97. about to fix dead boot samsung a105f n a107f always error
  98. c9000 dead
  99. Vivo y20 isp pinout
  100. Need solution
  101. samsung g550fy download mode emmc shows bad health but not fix
  102. Realme 5s rmx1925 hang on logo fix help
  103. Is There Any Way to Connect CPH1933 (UFS Chip) via ISP?
  104. SM A20s frp done via emmc easy jtag
  105. Box not detect by PC.
  106. Red or Black which box is best ?
  107. RPMB UFS W-LUN 0xC4
  108. Ufs adapter 254 error please help
  109. Error
  110. Easy-Jtag old box upgrade
  111. n976b bricked :-(
  112. need lg d380 dump file
  113. LG-M400n dump file need
  115. Oppo a92 cph2059 where unlock????
  116. spi flasher need help
  117. Extacted RMX1941 Stock Firmware - Shows Error: This is not a scatter file
  118. New adaptor UFS BGA 254 always error
  119. emmc name 00000 after emmc firmware upate error help
  120. j330 recovery data photo with easy jtag
  121. samsung A505GN need full dump file
  122. Easyjtag ufs 2 in 1 problem
  123. SNE-LX1 full dump
  124. Sm-a307fn not connect with easytjag ask driver
  125. oppo cph1803 cant read device
  126. flashing xiomi redmi 2 via easy jtag plus
  127. Samsung A10s (A107F) hang After android clear FRP
  128. UFS easy jtag socket 254 ERROR
  129. help ISP OPPO PCKM00
  130. oppo a83 flash error
  131. samsung j200g fake imei problem
  132. a500f after flash dead
  133. please help . N975f ufs
  134. Old emmc is not usable, how to read security files of phones
  135. A3s cph 1829 to cph 1853 possible? need advise
  136. how to remove huawei via jtag
  137. easy jtag upgrade box + update to easy jtag plus
  138. How to flash .TAR AND .MD5 FILE WITH EASY JTAG
  139. Which security files we need to recover imei and baseband for all processors phones
  140. Realme C1 Warning: Health report is very BAD
  141. GPT Backup Header is Invalid how to solve this eror
  142. please help this pinout SM-A515F
  143. EasyJTAG Tool no open
  144. little question to supporter
  145. G610M unknown BASEBAND help
  146. Samsung G530, ISP, Critical error: Integer overflow
  147. EMMC Manufacture : SAMSUNG , EMMC NAME: 000000 , HEX: 303030303030
  148. dear team
  149. Easy Jtag plus read and write speed problem
  150. samsunf hang on recovery
  151. Files needed for bootloading in Samsung
  152. oppo a3s and a7 change emmc chip possible?
  153. Oppo CPH1931 flashing error
  154. why ufs not supported isp
  155. oppo a5 2020 pattern unlock done by oppo reset by easy jtag
  156. Samsung s6312 dead boot repair emmc help
  157. Which ufs adapter I should go for??
  158. EAY JTAG PLUS "Firmware info not found" MI 6A
  159. EasyJTAG UFS Socket BGA-254 not conect any ufs bga errro
  160. G361F EMMC Pinout
  161. hi
  162. Need dump tecno f1 8 + 1f
  163. problem on Cph1933 ufs chip
  164. samsung g750h emmc pinout
  165. Lg v521 frp done via emmc pinout
  166. UFS BGA-254 BGA-95 Difference?
  167. HTC Desire 12 Plus (2Q5W100) frp remove done with easy jtag plus
  168. EDL erase vs. eMMC format
  169. samsung J260G U6 frp done Easy-Jtag Plus
  170. Easy jtag multi tool has stopped working
  171. spd flash tools
  172. My control port driver is not working for Easy jteg old version
  173. Nokia 520
  174. redmi note 5 pro emmc
  175. Symphony G100 dump file EasyJTAG Plus free Download
  176. oppo a5 cph 1829 restart on logo
  177. EMMC Firmware
  178. Search-Engine is offline!!!!
  179. Isp pin out for LG M400DY needed
  180. Easy Jtag Plus can't detect on any direct isp adapter
  181. Inquiry About EMMC File Manager
  182. oppo f11 dead
  183. Redmi note 8T need isp pinout
  184. oppo a7 hang on logo done
  185. oppo a3s pattern unlock done
  186. Hello team please fix error Code: -2303, Reason: UTP: UPIU QUERY
  187. Box Problem
  188. note 5 pro isp pinout
  189. Realme x2 pro isp pinouts
  190. infinix hot 8 isp need
  191. DIN0C pin lost
  192. to all master plss read
  193. Pandora activation
  194. Abt hardware upgrade
  195. samsung G965f problem with Z3X Emmc Manager
  196. Need pinout
  197. A2 Core SM-A260F/G 🔐 ✧ How To Removed 🔓 ✧ KG State Lock by Easy JTAG ✧✧
  198. Error E-Socket
  199. easy jtag does not work, only blu led blinking
  200. OPPO RX17 Neo CPH1893ex_11_A.13 : unable to mount userdata