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  1. error:791
  2. GPG emmc Is there any Hope of this tool for update
  3. Please help
  4. connect server
  5. GPGeMMC_v1.36_Updated_2017.php
  6. i need cannot connect to server check whether the network is available
  7. Gpg emmc activation box srver notfound
  8. I have gpg emmc problem
  9. Dont bye any gpg product
  10. why no new update???????????
  11. GPG EMMC why no new update
  12. GPG EMMC no work
  13. gpg emmc isp pinouts?
  14. Please GPG eMMC Works With MerapiTool
  15. Error 840 and other errors solutions are found here
  16. Seems Like GPG Emmc Dead Is This Box Update Came?
  17. Gpg emmc box 840 error
  18. note 2 dead
  19. update new model plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. uppppdate plazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. Gpg emmc and volcano
  22. box dead? voltage -0.18V
  23. need pinout emmc lg f120l
  24. Box connect problem
  25. Samsung galaxy gt s5830i only Restarart.... (Solved)
  26. vodafone 890n emmc pinout help me
  27. Box not connect erro erro erro
  28. GPG EMMC Team wishes very Special and Colourful Holi 2016 to all GPG EMMC Users :)
  29. help emmc gpg emmc
  30. GPG EMMC Connection Error (Solved)
  31. Box not connect
  32. s5360 jtag
  33. cant connect gpg emmc box
  34. i9300 isp error code
  35. samsung I9500 ips pinout not match help
  36. Pb emmcbox
  37. GPG EMMC Team wishes You very special New Year 2016
  38. Help dead boot huawei E173
  39. GPG EMMC Drivers Install?
  40. GPG EMMC Team Wishes To All Hindu Friends Happy Di(pa)wali or Tihar
  41. ..::Samsung Galaxy advance I9070 Boot recover done By GPG EMMC BOX ::..
  42. support GPG emmc team
  43. hey faisal computer wake up
  44. write imei 8190
  45. Need ISP pinout I9250
  46. New GPG JTAG Box User Request..
  47. Please help me,box not connect
  48. need BGA adapter
  49. sasung i9100 need dead boot file
  50. GPG EMMC team wishes Very Happy VIJAYADASHAMI to all Hindu Brothers and Sisters!!!
  51. GT-i8160
  52. update
  53. lt28 & lt29 dump need
  54. I want to buy new gpg jtag box !
  55. EMMC Chip directly read out by MicroSDCard Adapter
  56. Can not connect to server check Whether the network is available?
  57. box error 840 (Solved)
  58. android tool
  59. Error 818, this box has been verified in server already
  60. N7100 rpmb: Invalid rpmb data
  61. need m250s isp dump file HELP.
  62. P7320T JTAG boot repair
  63. i8200 boot repair
  64. T999 boot file ?
  65. Chip information acquisition in error, please modify the VCCQ value and then try agai
  66. add other type
  67. s239
  68. p3100 dead boot
  69. samsung i747 pinout riff
  70. urgennnnnnn file needed
  71. boot samsung
  72. smsung S7582 dead add not samsung all modal add
  73. htc a620e dump bin file need
  74. Request isp samsung sc-05d
  75. Invalid device information. error: 840 (solved)
  76. help sir Samsung GT-S7270 dead boot
  77. Gpg conect usb to samsung 9300
  78. can not extract dump for isp huawei y300 plz help
  79. GPGeMMC ver 1.35 Solved Error Connecting to Server & New EMMC Ic Supported !!
  80. GPG EMMC boot, & Dumps and EMMC files ;) Right here! Over Here!! Over This Link!!
  81. samsung n7100 need boot file
  82. Help with HUAWEI H60-L2 BRICKED
  83. Help gpg emmc not connec server
  84. problem of DLL file (solved)
  85. samsung i9082 dead plz hellp
  86. GPG Industries Team Wishing A Happy EID to All Muslims 2015
  87. Who wants to join me in the making of a users file server?
  88. need help about g355h/ds
  89. need pin out samsng s5 sm-g900f
  90. i need to know how to read full dump from woking phones by usb...
  91. Samsung gt-n7100 imei null/null Checking magic... SSNV not found
  92. i9300 nand start fail
  93. GPGTeam wishing you an happy Ramadan
  94. samsung s3 i9300 dead after write isp
  95. GPGeMMC 64bit support
  96. Help repair dead boot samsung i9100
  97. Another post with complains being deleted
  98. gpg emmc read info eror
  99. Problem wich EMMC box
  100. Blackberry Z3 how to boot Repaire
  101. hellp Samsung GT-S7562 dous boot file
  102. gti9192 jtag boot file
  103. Write Full dump of EMMC chip
  104. problemm with emmc box
  105. SPECIAL REQUEST TO Faisal_Computer, please help me.
  106. dear team need support
  107. resurection menu
  108. PLEASE HUAWEI U8950D jtag .bin
  109. I cannot download any files from support website and it says page not found.
  110. can i write .bin files from another tool with gpgemmc????
  111. I8200L dead boot repair need
  112. 64-bit driver request here(USERS READ)
  113. huwei c2835 boot repair support or not
  114. is gpg emmc box and z3x easy jtag box pinouts the same?
  115. plz need help i9300 heng on samsung
  116. samsung i9100 boot bin file give me link
  117. cant write direct emmc
  118. please modify the VCCQ value and then try again.
  119. GPG EMMC Support BOOT FILE
  120. what is this ???????????????????
  121. Samsung GT-S7562 dous boot
  122. failed to remove pattern and write imei
  123. New to GPG emmc
  124. HTC_One_M7_(PN0710000)_Boot.bin file search ??
  125. Power supply of the Device is out!
  126. i need htc s8 rio dump or jtag
  127. links dead
  128. i need boot file for i9020t
  129. GPG eMMC not work
  130. New user
  131. need samsung p1000 tab files for isp
  132. EMMC repair HTC T328W from EMMC bakup ?
  133. sch i509 cannot detect jtag
  134. htc t528t boot
  135. please update to solve android chinese bug
  136. emmc direct to a sd card
  137. plz need help p3100 write cip lose
  138. SM-T211 ISP connect successful
  139. Nokia windows 8 lumia 800.2 dead recover done by GPG emmc Box
  140. huawei honor3 (hn3-u00) new eMMC
  141. m250s boot repair error
  142. how read full dump with emmc box
  143. help gpg emmc box tem....
  144. how create new partition on new emmc ic
  145. About GPG EMMC Box & Gpg Jtag Repair Tool
  146. How can create a boot card for N7100
  147. How can I change capasity of nand flash (EMMC)?
  148. MSM6800A Not supported
  149. I8160p jtag cpu not supported
  150. gpg emmc please connect box and run it again
  151. 64 bits drivers ?????????
  152. jtag detect pin not working please help me
  153. GPG EMMC Chinese Andorid (MTK, SPD) not working
  154. 64 bits drivers
  155. Full Dumps Emmc Support " Update to This Link "
  156. Add Support MSM6800A
  157. JTAG P1010 not working... any solution?? (Solved)
  158. SD card read
  159. error read emmc in emmc mode
  160. My GPG eMMC Box is not recognised by the software
  161. i9100 how to solved this problem
  162. I bought new box, but it is not working! (Solved))
  163. GPGeMMC v1.33 Added Pantech, Coolpad, Samsung, K-touch & Zte Models for ISP
  164. n7000 isp file extract problem
  165. i8190 isp flash problem
  166. h9tp32a4gdmc Working 100 %
  167. lumia 800.2 rm819 boot dead solution with emmc box
  168. please help.....samsung p7500 isp repair
  169. s3 repair boot
  170. gpgemmc
  171. eroor emmc n7100
  172. whats wrong
  173. n7000 JTag error
  174. GPG eMMC Box not open: Error 775
  175. Dipendra Pathak plz help me (Answered)
  176. GPGeMMC V1.32 Added ISP Huawei G8813D & G510 & Samsung I8250 & T989 & Sony M35H & Zte
  177. [help] problem with usb cabel micro ftdi
  178. please help with ISP and i9300
  179. i93000 Chip information acquisition in error
  180. i9300 emmc repair problem
  181. BGA Adaptor HELP plz
  182. samsung GT-i9250
  183. plz help
  184. No news good news
  185. Can not recognize the ONE M7ul (PN0710000)
  186. how to install gpgemmc to window 7 64 bit
  187. faisal computar need help...
  188. *** Chinese New Year Notification - GPGIndustries will close 15 Feb to 2nd Mar ***
  189. drivers gpg adaptor
  190. n7000 Fail to set original serial number!
  191. need help i9100g after flashing dead not power on
  192. i need sgh-1317 isp file and dead boot repair file plz
  193. Can't find I9505 ISP (Answered)
  194. replace emmc i9300 to n7100 (Answered)
  195. How to program I9300,I9505,Note 3 new emmc ?
  196. How can I read Full Emmc dump ? s3, s4, note 3 etc...
  197. GT-N8000 stuck on Samsung Galaxy Note
  198. ONE M7 copy EMMC
  199. GPGIndustries wishing you & "Happy New Year-2015" !! GPG-eMMC !!
  200. samsung s6012 dead plz hellp gpg emmc