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dArk_shAdE 05-09-2018 16:52

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arslan gsmonlinecode pls clear your balanced.. i told him already to send payment but it hard to take money.

he not paying balanced bcos of his mistake. i give him time frame 1-7 working days but he give to his clients 1-5 days... he cancelled imei in 5 days. then imei unlocked in 7 days exactly to my time frame i give.

in that case he is fault because of time frame.

user name:
skype: gsmsofte
whatsapp viber : +923214371335

pls take a look admin and mods. to solve this issue. thank you.

~Leo~ 05-10-2018 17:53

i sent him pm lets wait reply within 48 hrs

dArk_shAdE 05-15-2018 14:36

pls update this issue...

thank you.

dArk_shAdE 05-18-2018 22:46


Originally Posted by ~Leo~ (Post 13126147)
i sent him pm lets wait reply within 48 hrs

HI PLS check this. thank you...

~Leo~ 05-18-2018 23:09

Last PM please wait 48 hrs if he wont reply he will be listed
please be patient as the main purpose of this is to refund your money

GsmOnlineCode 05-21-2018 14:07

wrong all you delay Service and after 7 days i cancel orders to my customers

GsmOnlineCode 05-21-2018 14:09

even told you thousand time customer cant wait but you ignore me

GsmOnlineCode 05-21-2018 14:10

soon my customer come here and reply which you have delay orders after you coming forum for asking payment...even i told you add your supplier in whatsapp group and you and me and my customer talk to your supplier but you still ignore it

dArk_shAdE 05-22-2018 00:12

we give time frame 1-7 working days not 5 days.
imei was done in exact time frame..

its not my mistake bcos u give time to your client 1-5 days only

dArk_shAdE 05-25-2018 15:25

Admin pls help to check this issue. He stil not paying..

dArk_shAdE 05-28-2018 17:21



dArk_shAdE 06-02-2018 17:02

smod and admin pls take a look this issue. thank you.

~Leo~ 06-02-2018 21:35

ok lets clear things first before taking final action
he have amount of 4K in debit and he isn't paying over delay in one service or other services ?

dArk_shAdE 06-03-2018 02:23

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total unpaid balanced is 18k usd. minus 4,440 for his remaining credits.
18,000-4,4400=13,600 usd must be paid..

we agreed for time frame 1-7 working days. but he give to his client 1-5 days only. imei are done exact to my time frame i give not delayed.

~Leo~ 06-03-2018 18:55

so his delayed imei is all the amount in question ? or he used those credits before that ?
is it one imei or bulk imeis?

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