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MrRabbitUK 01-22-2002 11:18

Dejan doesnt work on my laptop!!!!! PLS HELP
hi!<br />I have everythings, but when I try to unlock from my laptop HP Omnibook 2100, it doesnt work. have some friends who can use it wiv their laptops...<br />I have changed the lpt ports.. ECP EPP bi-directional... but still doesnt work,,,<br />some1 knows, what %$$Ģ$Ģ is happennig wiv my laptop!!! please some1 help me...<br />ah! all the flashs are right!!!

outerc0re 01-22-2002 20:36

check mail

Nick-A 01-22-2002 23:38

Mite not be enough power supplied by the parallel port, often an issue on laptops. Use an externally powered flash cable.


MrRabbitUK 01-23-2002 10:41

sorry, everybody... but still doesnt work this...<br />what is the problem???I do everything right!!! I cannot believe it!

MAK_US1977 01-23-2002 15:02

Hi<br />not all laptop work with flasher espesially that have amd prossesor

jarod 01-23-2002 20:08


My notebook is an IBM thinkpad and I can not flash with Dejan or Dejan's shell, but I can flash with non-dejan-based soft like NokiaDL and Koci's unlocker. This soft is a windows based prog...


BrainShutdown 01-25-2002 01:21

Well I also canīt flash phones with my notebook.<br />I have one of those flash cables from china <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <br />so Iīm going to try using external power.<br />Where can I find schematics to power externaly dejan flasher interface?


BrainShutdown 01-25-2002 05:26

I didnīt found any schematics but I made an external power connector to feed the IC with the required 3V. The voltages were good but it still didnīt flash. Iīve tryed with rolis flasher and knok and ... nothing <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

Well the problem after all wasnīt about the LPT power it was just the OS, with Windows ME works perfectly, it didnīt worked in Windows XP neither Home Edition nor Professional.

I guess I now have a cheap flasher cable from china with external power connector <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">


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K-Dix 01-25-2002 05:48

On my IBM laptop celeron 600, ONLY NU sw runs. the rest(dejan flasher 1.00 nor dejan 1.05, rolis,etc) fails to connect to the phone...

gsnbhagawan 01-25-2002 07:26

i have sony VAIo F430 pIII 500<br /> rolis 477 is working very Best no need of external supply<br />just repaired two contect service on 3330<br />i think you need good manufactured cables

i brought ready made cables <br />my hand made 74hc14 are not working


greenapple 01-28-2002 02:33

i think lead post a message about this before.. try searching from the archives...

i also use a toshiba notebooks.. p-166 luckily dejan flasher, dejan box, rolis etc works...

RanGerZzz 01-29-2002 01:44

to know if it can work, just see in the control pannel of windows (right clic at the My computer icon in the desktop) in the proprieties of u're LPT1 port is:<br />LPT1 = OK<br />ECP = can't work<br />note: a lot of compaq laptops using ECP and can't work with dejan interface and when u try to change it in the bios to ecp+spp or bidirectionnal, it is not changing in windows.<br />electronic interface of lpt is like this <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

sorry for my bad english

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outerc0re 01-29-2002 22:45

are you using the flasher in windows or dos? on most of the laptops i've used, run cwsdpmi.exe in dos and then flasher + it always works (for me)

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