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Infinity-Box 11-03-2007 10:57

Successfully unlocked/repaired phones by Infinity-Box
Infinity software Test Reports are here !

- Copy/paste software operation text here
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:::..CyBoRg..::: 11-03-2007 11:08

nice updates.....for the chinese miracle of infinity...but my problems is i have no cable for it ......the cable is available for the'z chinese miracle have diffirent pinout and cables....i have one cable that i modify for n95....but i want a set of new cable for the chinese miracle for infinity....i hope it have alraedy...i mean "the manufaturing of cables of inifinity for the market"'z other box supported chinese miracle has all cables for it..i hope inifinity will support the cables also.....thanks

ASHIF 11-03-2007 12:23

im very much thankful to infinityteam for supporting chinese fones cos chinese miracle software gave me new field in gsmsoftware ..i have repaired so many chinese fone with this software that i never seen before...i salute infinity team for that great great software..Support of infinityteam is great and always helpful for user of infinity box.

deepakgarg 11-03-2007 16:38

lots of money with these chinese phones.cant say anything else

sayyedikram 11-03-2007 17:08

i have sussefully slove restart problem more than 80 to 100 phone infinity is best 4 chiniese miracle but cable probem i have made 1 cable 4rm moto c115 serial cable just find out rx and tx and make desire operation

JC_BY 11-04-2007 11:49

I succesfully solved my problem with PDA A818 wich was restarting with sim card inside. Even it wasn't supported by CM 1.62 I was lucky to read fullflash and send it to support. I had quick reply from them and today I see new version CM 1.63 wich supports this new firmware! New update was cooked in 48 hours! I would highly appreciate Infinity team for their hard and usefull work!
Thank you very much!

ashok_kumar459 11-04-2007 13:59

i solved problem more 100 problem thanks infinity.we no need tx rx guide. we need only pinout. when ever i am posting i get reply from u that is tx rx guide . plase dont send further. need only pinout.

CPUKILLER 11-04-2007 14:10


Originally Posted by Infinity-Box (Post 2841585)
Dear Customers,

As we all have experienced the miracle our chinese miracle software can produce to service Chinese Made Phones we would like to you to post your success storys here

Some Guideline

1) Not more than 4 lines
2) How you were benfited by Infinity Box Chinese miracle software
3) How our support has been this is your comment for our future customers

im an infinity customer since they use to support panasonic phones only and not TO mention pana X70 WAS A BIG DEAL AT THAT TIME and ofcourse we have benifited from infinity chinese miracle but to repair complete range of china phones we need to have other boxes too which support other cpu types e.g. ADI, AGER, TI and SKY chip series so if infinity wants to be number 1 they must add these cpu types to chinese miracle soft because other china boxes are pretty cheap against infinity as far as chinese phones are concerned but if we see overall then infinity is a very good multiphone unlock and repair device so again i would say infinity people there is tough competition still and we wont stop either ,,,helping by sending flash backups to infinity for better support as i send flash backups with pinouts almost every second day so please add more cpu platforms to chinese miracle to support more chinese phone types i say so because nobody likes having more and more boxes and managing so many softwares is also a problem when it comes to professionalism and quick service---regards -cpukiller-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and sorry for writing more than 4 lines but i had to say it

higherzman 11-04-2007 14:33

it's great great solution for chinese phones i've repaired many N73 and other chinese model with blinking and completly dead state but we need the pinout of cable or internal pinouts


salam 11-07-2007 21:11

Infinity Is one of the Box That have lots of support.Once I dead a mobile named CECT-Z800+ With VE dongle
After One Month I retive my Dead Mobile With Infinity Without Display Blank and make call.I didnt find Correct frameware In Support Side.Unable to manage same mobile.But thanks Only Infinity makes alive without display that other cant did it.

Aamir_Zia 11-07-2007 23:21

Infinity BOX is one of the Best Boxes ever produced .

I repair more than 1500 phones with only Chinese Miracle .... :)

Kashif Khan 11-07-2007 23:29

I am fixing all the chines phone's problems with infinity without any problem.
I love with this amazing product.
Kashif Khan

moncef5 11-07-2007 23:41

Infinity it s the only best and the first in the the world i slove many a chines phones problems thank a lot Infinity team

freeman2001 11-08-2007 00:22

with infinity support
with rx tx gnd
never stop revive dead china phone :)

snsoftkiller 11-08-2007 00:28

Good work !!!
I always repair with my simple jtag cable 3 wires compatible with any universal cable.
Very simple to use and clear documentation !!!

@Kashif Khan
Its me in the avatar :P

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