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mila 01-27-2006 04:46

SST Ta3 zebbi wowowowowoo!!!

magixian 01-28-2006 01:46

pls upload eeprom for all models, i need them very often

mkwatis 01-28-2006 14:46

what about SST 6.32 ufx version
i heard about this sst ufx version on en.soft4gsm web site is it there?

faisal butt 01-30-2006 00:21

i recommend u all guys the martech the easy and good i m using it without any problem thanx

mkwatis 01-30-2006 15:44

thx for advice but we want to know is this fake?

audi_tt 02-01-2006 20:14

Hi. What a big sh** is SST support! I can't find even M75 testpoint picture in support page. Also diagrams using CTRL+T is sw are older than me. Maybe I also should remember that there is no fullflash for CV70. Also where are swups? Can someone answer why I paid such a big money for such support?

magixian 02-03-2006 02:08

pm me with your dongle s.n and reseller name! i will help you

magixian 02-03-2006 02:08

pm me with your dongle s.n and reseller name! i will help you or text +2348023786480

audi_tt 02-03-2006 11:22

could you pls answer me why you need my sn and reseller? :)

magixian 02-04-2006 01:26

to be sure you own an sst not give you login for the previous crack, i am doing this because i respect the work of sst team

..::My3gtech::.. 02-04-2006 10:49

Great information for us and great update freind thank's

gsmshahrayar 02-05-2006 08:48

ohh thanks bro

Originally Posted by vascof1
Professional Software For Siemens GSM Phones
(smart card USB Dongle included)
Supported models:
European models: A50,A51 A52, A55,A57 C55, S55, SL55, M55, A60, C 60, MC60, SX1,CF62,A65,A62
USA/Canada: A56, A56i, C56, CT56, S46, S56, M56 ,C61, SX1
Asia: 1168, A55A, 2128 ,S57, SL55C, M55C
Old Models: A35,A36,C35,M35,S35,A40,C45,ME45,S45,SL42,SL45,M50 ,MT50
CF62 Supported
C65,CX65,M65,S65,SL65 (Infineon S-GOLD Platform) and their derivates as C6V,C6C,CXV65,CX70,C70,CXT70,CXI70 and etc.
A65 (Infineon E-GOLD Platform)
C62 (AVR Platform)
CFX65 (ARM Platform)
A70(Infineon E-GOLD LITE Platform)
CX75,M75,C75,CF75 (Infineon S-GOLD Platform)
Unlocks All Locks And Phone Code
Relocks SP-LOCK To Any Network. Can add a lock for a second provider.
READ/WRITE EEPROM, Firmware, FLASH ,Language Pack
Repairs DEAD PHONES!!! Also repairs phones killed by other software.
Repairs "Wrong Software"
Works on All Known Phone Firmware Versions and Flash Types
Fast Language and T9 Flashing ( Language Flashing Time is about 30 sec)
Phone Decustomization tool and battery parameters backup tool.
Contrast Tuning.
Fast speed support (460k,920k) .
USB cables support (920k) .
Bootcore protection.
CL50 and ST55 calculator.
S46 support (Unlocking , Repairing, flashing )
CF62 support (Unlocking , Repairing, flashing )
CF62 v7 support for Java Patcher (without test-point).
SX1 support (Unlocking , Repairing, flashing the phone part )
M55 v11,C60 and MC60 support for Java Patcher (without test-point).
M55 v11 and MC60 v10 support.. Supports full 16MB flash writing.Repairs dead phones.
C60 unlocking ,flashing , repairing. Supports full 16MB flash writing.Repairs dead phones.
A60 unlocking ,flashing , repairing.Repairs dead phones.
A52 unlocking ,flashing , repairing.Repairs dead phones.
A57 unlocking ,flashing , repairing.Repairs dead phones.
C65,CX65,M65,S65,SL65 unlocking ,flashing , repairing.Repairs dead phones.
C65,CX65,M65,SL65,S65,C6V,C6C,CXV65,CX70,C70,CXT70 ,CXI70 v36- v50 supported , repair phones even with dead bootcore
Repair phones killed with fake software !!!
C62/C62C v25-v28 version unlock relock.
Unlocks CFX65
Unlocks A70
Unlocks A70, A75,AX75
Unlocks CX75,M75,C75,CF75

Phones with new bootcore are supported only via test-point Test -point pictures are included in the user manual.
Recommended Retail Price : 200 (EURO)

HI bro...
SST software alwyas Great and No1...
Thanks SST team
from LockUnlock Team

gsmshahrayar 02-05-2006 08:50

bro Support area have all EEprom

Originally Posted by magixian
pls upload eeprom for all models, i need them very often

hi dear...
SST Support Area have all EEprom files..

Thanks bye
From LockUnlock Team

audi_tt 02-06-2006 11:34

Hi. Magixian you are talking about login to some other support site? Better than SST? It's strange

youcef_gsm 02-07-2006 23:01

Great update thanks.

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