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Old 07-19-2018, 08:15   #1 (permalink)
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Sft dongle version 1.0.14 (new update : 18-07-2018)

NEW UPDATE DATE : 18-07-2018


What News
- New Task Qualcom
- Vivo FRP
- Oppo FRP
- New loader [Qualqomm]
- New Boot [Qualqomm]
- Write/Read Qualcomm (Fix Issue)
- Xiaomi Micloud (Fix Issue)
- Auto Reboot After Flash (Fix Issue)
- Diag Enable (Fix Issue)
- Adb Error (Fix Issue)
- UFS Flash (Fix Issue)

- Md5 Check Eroor (Fix Issue)
- Manual Partition (Fix Issue)
Added New Models
More Alcatel Models Added:
U5 3G (4057A, 4047D, 4047F, 4047G, 4047N, 4047X)
U5 LTE (5044A, 5044C, 5044D, 5044I, 5044K, 5044O, 5044S, 5044T, 5044Y)

More Asus Models Added:
A002-ZS571KL, A007-ZB501KL, X007D-ZB552KL, X009D-ZB450KL, X00BD-ZB500KG,
X00LD_3-ZB553KL, X00P-ZB555KL, X00PD-ZB555KL, X00PS-ZB555KL, X00QD-ZE620KL,
X00RD-ZA550KL, X013D-ZB551KL, X017D-ZC600KL, Z00L-ZE550KL, Z00L-ZE600KL,
Z00MD-ZE600KL, Z00T-ZE601KL, Z00UD-ZD550KL, Z00UD-ZD551KL, Z010D-ZC550KL,
Z012D-ZE552KL, Z012D-ZE553KL, Z012DA-ZE552KL, Z012DB-ZE552KL, Z012DC-ZE552KL,
Z012DS-ZE552KL, Z016-ZS570KL, Z017D-ZE520KL, Z017DA-ZE520KL, Z017DB-ZE520KL,
Z01GD-ZS551KL, Z01KD-ZE554KL, Z01M-ZD552KL

More Huawei Models Added:
ALE-L04, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06, CAM-AL00, CHE1-CL20,
CHM-CL00, CRO-U00, DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20, FDR-A05L, JDN-AL00,
JDN-L01, JDN-W09, KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23, KII-L33,
KIW-AL10, KIW-CL00, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L24, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00,
MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, PLE-701L, PLE-703L, SCL-L32, SCL-U23,
T1-821L, T1-821W, T1-823L, T1-A21W, TIT-CL10, TIT-TL00, Y600-U151, Y625-U51,

More Lenovo Models Added:
A395E, A560, A780E, A805E, A890E, A5600, A7020a40, A7020a48, K52e78, K52t38,
K530T, S580, TB-7304F, TB-7304I, TB-7304X, TB-8704V, TB-X103F, TB-X704A,
TB-X704N, TB-X704V, TB-X704Y, ZUK Z2P-Z2121, ZUK Z2X-Z2151

More LG Models Added:
H930, H930DS, H930G, H932, H933, LS755, LS676, LS777, LS998, M257, M320G,
M322, M700DSN, M700H, M700TV, M700Y, M703, MG600K, MG600L, MG600S, MK120K,
MK120L, MK120S, MK121K, MK121L, MK121S, MP450, MV300K, MV300L, MV300S, MX320K,
MX320L, MX320S, MX600K, MX600L, MX600S, MX800K, MX800L, TP450, US110, US998,
V530, V533, VS995, VS996, X180, X190, X230, X240

More Micromax Models Added:
C1A, C2A Plus, B4A, B5, B5 Plus, B5 Pro, E4815, E4816, E4817, HS1, HS3, P680,
P681, P701+, Q3551, Q398, Q402 Ultra, Q426+, Q442, Q452, Q465 Lite, Q480,
Q4601, YU5530

More Motorola Models Added:
XT1792, XT1793, XT1794, XT1795, XT1797 (Moto G5S Montana)
XT1789-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 (Moto Z2 Force Nash)
XT1802, XT1803, XT1804, XT1805, XT1806 (Moto G5S Plus Sanders) with Sahara
XT1900-1, XT1900-2, XT1900-4, XT1900-5, XT1900-6, XT1900-7 (Moto X4 Payton)
XT1922 (Moto G6 Play Aljeter)
XT1925 (Moto G6 Ali)
XT1926 (Moto G6 Plus Evert)
XT1929 (Moto Z3 Play Beckham)

More Nokia Models Added:
Nokia 1 (TA-1047, TA-1056, TA-1060, TA-1066, TA-1079)
Nokia 2 (TA-1007, TA-1011, TA-1023, TA-1029, TA-1035)
Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1016, TA-1054)
Nokia 7 (TA-1013, TA-1015, TA-1018, TA-1040. TA-1041)
Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046, TA-1062)
Nokia 8 (TA-1004, TA-1012, TA-1052)

More BLU Models Added:
A030L Advance4.0 L2, A050U Advance5.0 HD, A070U Advance5.5 HD, A110 Advance4.0,
C0010LL CX5, C0010UU C5, C0010Q C5, D010L/U Dash X, D090L/U Dash M2,
D110L/U Dash X2, D210L Diamond M, D251L Dash L2, D343L Dash3.5, D470U Dash5.5,
D690U Studio5.5C, D710 Dash XL, D931 Dash L3, D970L Vivo IV, D980L Vivo Air,
E0010UU Energy X, E0030UU Energy XL, E010Q Energy X, E030L/U Energy X Plus,
E090 Energy Diamond Mini, E110 Energy M, E130 Energy Diamond, G0010 Grand X,
G0030 Grand XL LTE, G010 Grand HD, G070 Grand M, G090 Grand X, G110 Grand Max,
G150 Grand XL, G190 Grand Energy M2, J6010 Studio X Plus, L0070UU Life One X,
L010Q Life X8, L0110EE/UU Life Max, L0150WW Life One X3, L050L/U Life XL,
L170i Life Play 2, L280 Life 8, L290L Life 8 XL, N090L/U Neo X Plus,
P0030UU Life Pure XR, P271L TouchBook M7, P290L TouchBook M7 Pro, R010P R2 3G,
R0110 J2 LTE, R0150EE R2, R0170WW R2, R0190WW R2 Plus, R0051UU R1 Plus,
S0250UU Studio G HD LTE, S0270UU Studio XL2, S0290UU Studio J5,
S030Q Studio G Plus, S0310UU Studio Max, S050Q Studio J1, S070Q Studio Selfie,
S090Q Studio C HD, S110L Studio M HD, S170L Studio G HD, S210Q Studio G Mini,
S230Q Studio Selfie 2, S450L/UL Star 4.5, S550Q Studio G2 HD, S590Q Studio J2,
S610P Studio Mega, S710U Studio M5+, S750P Studio Pro, S790Q Studio View XL,
S810 Studio View, T0010UU Tank Extreme Pro, V0070EE/UU Vivo XL2, V0090LL,
V0110EE/UU Vivo 6, V0150LL/UU Vivo 8, V0160WW Vivo S, V0250WW Vivo XL3,
V0290WW Vivo One Plus, V050/V051 Vivo 5 Mini

More CHERRY Models Added:
Desire R7 Lite, Desire R7 Mini, Desire R7 Plus, Flare A1, Flare A3, Flare A5,
Flare Infinity, Flare HD V2, Flare J3 Lite, Flare J7 Lite, Flare S6,
Flare S6 Max, Flare XL Plus, Spin Max

More COMIO Models Added:
C1, C2, C2 Lite, P1, S1, S1 Lite

More COOLPAD Models Added:
1841-C0, 3506G, 5367, 5367C, 7295C, 7298A, 7230S, 7232, 7270-W00, 7296, 7296S,
7605, 7722, 8017-T00, 8295M, 8297D, 8298-A01, 8670, 8675, 8675-HD, 8675-T01,
8717, 8718, 9150W, 9976A, 9976D, 9976T, CK3-01, D5066, K2L-S00, Y71-511

More CUBOT Models Added:
Cheetah, Cheetah2, Dinosaur, Echo, GT88, GT95, H1, H2, H3, HafuryMix, J3,
KingKong, Magic, Max, NotePlus, NoteS, Nova, OneTurbo, P10, P11, P12, P7,
Power, R11, R9, Rainbow, Rainbow2, S200, S308, S500, S550, S600, T9, X10,
X11, X12, X15, X16, X17, X17S, X18, X18 Plus, X6, X9

More DEXP Models Added:
E145, E240, E245, EL150, EL250, EL450, ES1050, ES160, ES255, ES250, ES350,
ES650, ES850, G150, G155, G250, GL255, M140, M145, M150, M155, M250, M255,
M340, M345, M350, M355, M450, M750, M850, ML150, ML245, ML250, ML350, ML450,
MS155, MS255, MS350, MS550, P135, P145, P350, X140, X145, X147, X150, X155,
X245, X250, XL140, XL145, XL150, XL155, Z150, Z155, Z255

More DOOGEE Models Added:
BL12000, BL12000 Pro, BL5000, BL7000, F1, F2, F3, F3 Pro, F5, F7, F7 Pro,
Mix 4+64, Mix 6+64, Mix Lite, Mix2, S30, S50, S60 Lite, Shoot2, Shoot Mix,
Shoot Power, X20, X20L, X30, X53, X60L, X9 Mini, Y200, Y300, Y6, Y6 Max,
Y6 Max3D, Y6 Piano, Y600, Y600 Pro

More EVERCOSS Models Added:
A65, A74B, A75L, A76, B74, B75, B75A, J40A, L557, R50A, R50B, R50E, R70A, S55,
S57, U45, U6, U70, V55, W12A, W503

More ELEPHONE Models Added:
A4, A8, C8, M3, P8 2017, P8 Max, P8 Mini, P8 Pro, P9000, P9000E, P9000F,
P9000 Lite, R9, S7 4G, S8

More EPHONE Models Added:
E1, E7, E9, EP1, EP11, EP13, EP17, EP19, Fashino, Royal 5

More FIREFLY Models Added:
Aurii Amuse4G, Aurii DreamOne, Aurii Envy, Aurii F8 Premium, Aurii FussionMini,
Aurii Inspire, Aurii Intense5, Aurii Passion, Aurii Secret4G, Aurii SecretLite,
Intense Desire, Intense Razor, Intense XL

More FLY Models Added:
FS408, FS458, FS518, FS520, FS522, FS523, FS526, FS527, FS5230, FS554, IQ452,
IQ453, IQ457, Life Mega, Photo Pro, Power Plus3

More GIONEE Models Added:
A1, A1 Plus, F5, M6, M6 Plus, S6 Pro, S6L, S8, S9, S10, S10B, S10BL, S10L,
W900, W900S, W909, A1 Lite, Elife S Plus, F100B, F100L, F100S, F103, F103B, F103BL, F103L, F105,
F106, F301, F303, F306, F306L, GN3003L, GN5001L, GN5001S, GN5002, M3 Mini,
M5 Plus L, M5 Mini, S6, S6S, X1, X1S

More HAIER Models Added:
A42P, A45, Aire Lite, G10, G20, G30, G31, G31s, G31t, G33, G50, G51, G55, G61,
G7, G7 Lite, G701, G7s, G8, G8 Plus, G8P Lite, I50, I502, I506, I65, I70, I80,
JS500, L32, L52, L53, L54, L55, L55s, N501, P4500, U33, V4, V5, V6

More HGHSCREEN Models Added:
Easy Power Pro, Fest, Fest Pro, Fest XL Pro, Pure Power, Razar, Razar Pro,
Thunder, Verge, Verge M

More HISENSE Models Added:
F30, T5, T5 Plus, U965

More HOMTOM Models Added:
HT10, HT16, HT16 Pro, HT17, HT17 Pro, HT20, HT20 Pro, HT26, HT27, HT27 Pro,
HT3, HT3 Pro, HT30, HT30 Pro, HT37, HT37 Pro, HT5, HT50, HT6, HT7, HT7 Pro,
HT70, S12, S16, S7, S8, S9 Plus

More HYUNDAI Models Added:
A25024L, A25563L, A26062K, A26062L, C5 Pro, E545, G24027K, G25022K, G25226L,
G25523K, G25524K, H7, HP554O, HY PRO4544, HYMI 5C, HYMI 5I, HYMI 6I, HYMI SE,
L445, L7I, Q10HD, Q5I, Seoul, Seoul MM, Seoul Plus, Titan 5K, Titan LTE,
W25042L, W25544L, Xerxes, Xerxes X1

More iBRIT Models Added:
AF51 Alfa, MS61 Mega, SI51 Speed, SI52 Speed+, SI53 Speed Pro

More INFINIX Models Added:
X5010-AW878, X522-H539-A S2, X5511-H3716-B1 Hot 4 Pro, X555-H538-A1/B1 Zero 4,
X559-H8015-A1/B1 Hot 5 Lite, X559-H8015-C1 Hot 5, X570-S9301 Alfa,
X571-H5311-A1 Note 4 Pro, X572-H5312-A1/C1 Note 4, X602-H972-A1/C1 Zero 4 Plus,
X603-H575-A Zero 5, X603-H575-B Zero 5 Pro, X604-H633 Note 5,
X605-H632 Note 5 Stylus, X801 JoyPad 8S, X1000 JoyPad 10

More INFOCUS Models Added:
IF9001, IF9007, IF9031, M260, MM415, M460, M505, M530, M535, M550, M680, M808,
M808I, S1, TSP

More INJOO Models Added:
2, 3, 4, 5, Fire 3G, Fire2 3G, Fire2 LTE, Fire2 Plus LTE, Fire3 LTE, Fire3 Air,
Fire Plus 3G, Fire Plus LTE, Fire Pro LTE, Halo LTE, Halo2 LTE, Halo3 LTE,
Halo3 Plus, i1, i1k, i1s, i2, i2s, Max, Max2 3G, Max2 Plus 3G, Max3 3G,
Max3 LTE, Max3 Pro, Note, Note2 3G, Note E, Note Pro, One HD 3G, One HD LTE,
Pro, Pro2, Spark, Two 3G, Two LTE, Vision LTE, X2

More INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 5.5 VR, Aqua 5.5 VR+, Aqua Crystal, Aqua Crystal+, Aqua Lions 3,
Aqua Lions N1, Aqua Lions X1, Aqua Lions X1+, Aqua Note 5.5, Aqua Power IV,
Aqua S1, Aqua Shark, Aqua Zenith, Cloud Fame 4G, Cloud O3, Cloud Q11 4G,
Cloud Tread, Elyt E5, Elyt E6, Elyt E7, Elyt E8, Elyt E8+, i1 Dubai, JS Dubai
Aqua HD 5.5, Aqua Play, Aqua Ring, Aqua S7, Aqua Shine 4G, Aqua Power Pro,
Aqua Pride, Prime 4G, Aqua Strong 5.1, Aqua Strong 5.2, Aqua Supreme+,
Aqua Trend Lite, Aqua View, Aqua Y2 Pro, Cloud Q11

More ITEL Models Added:
A31, A32F, A44, A44 Pro, IT1655, P51, S11, S11 Pro, S11X, S12, S21, S31, S32, S41

More JUST5 Models Added:
Blaster Mini, C110, C122, Cosmo L707, Cosmo L808, Freedom, Freedom C100,
Freedom C105, Freedom M303, Freedom Pro, Freedom X1, Spacer 2, Spacer 2S

More KARBONN Models Added:
Frames S9, K9 Smart Selfie, Max2 Plus, Titanium S2, Titanium S7,
Titanium Frames S7

More KULT Models Added:
10, Ambition, Beyond, Gladiator, KT05 Impulse

More LANIX Models Added:
L1120, LT520, L620. L820, L920, S410, S600, S700, X520

More LAVA Models Added:
A1, A3 Mini, A44, Iris 40, Iris 50, Iris 515, Iris 60, Iris 65, Iris 750,
Iris 755, Iris 80, Iris 860, Iris 88, Iris 880, Iris 88S, R1, R1 Lite, R1S,
T80, V2, Y10, Y30, Z25, Z5, Z60, Z70, Z80, Z90, Z90E,A52, Grand 2C, Iris 504Q+, Iris 510, Iris 512, Iris 702, Iris 758, Iris 800,
Iris 810, Iris 830, Iris 870, Iris Fuel 10, Iris Fuel 25, Iris Fuel 50,
Iris Fuel 60, Iris Fuel F1, Iris Icon, Iris X1 Grand, Iris X1 Selfie,
Iris X1+, Iris X5, Iris X5 4G, Iris X5 M10, Iris X8, Iris X8 L, Iris X8 Pro,
Iris X8 Q, Iris X9, Ivory S, Ivory V5.0, Ivory+, P7, P7+, Pixel V1, Pixel V2,
Pro 5.0 Star, V2+, V2s, V5, X10, X12, X3, X38, X65, X81

More LYF Models Added:
LS-5506 Water 9, LS-5507 Water 7, LS-5005 Water 4, LS-5007 Water 5, LS-5502 Wind 3, LS-5505 Water F1,LS-4004 Flame2, LS-5013 Wind5, LS-5017 Water11, LS-5512, LS-6001 Wind2
LS-4503 Flame1, LS-4505 Flame8, LS-4511, LS-5002 Water1, LS-5008 Water2,
LS-5009 Wind6, LS-5010 Wind1, LS-5014 Wind4, LS-5015 Water8, LS-5016 Wind7,
LS-5018 Wind 4S, LS-5021 Earth2, LS-5027, LS-5201 Water F1S, LS-5501 Earth1,
LS-5503 Water3, LS-5504 Water7

More Micromax Models Added:
A092, A121, D306, Q300, Q301, Q303, Q323, Q324, Q325, Q326, Q327, Q331,
Q333, Q335, Q336, Q339, Q341, Q346, Q349, Q351, Q352+, Q370, Q379, Q380N,
Q381, Q381+, Q382, Q383, Q385, Q386, Q397, Q404, Q413+, Q426, Q427, Q427+,
Q428, Q462, Q463, Q465, Q491, Q3001, Q4001, Q4101, Q4201, Q4261, S301, S303

More TECNO Models Added:
CA6 Camon CM, CA7 Camon X, CA8 Camon X Pro, Camon CX, Camon CXS,
IN2 Camon iSky, IN3 Camon iAir, IN5 Camon I, IN6 Camon iClick, DroiPad 7C Pro,
DroiPad 7D, DroiPad 8D, Festa 5, F1, F2, F3 POP1, F6, H6, H7, H7 Plus, H7S,
i5, i7, K7, K8, K9, KA9 Spark CM, L9, LA7 Pouvoir2, M6, M6S, N2, N2S, N9, N9S,
P5, P5 Plus, P5S, P6, P9, Phantom 5S, Phantom 6, Phantom 6 Plus, Phantom 6S,
Phantom ,7C, 7CS, 7H, 8H, C5, C7, C8, C9, C9 Plus, CX Air, i3, i3 Pro, i5 Pro, J5, J7,
J8, L5, L6, L7, L8, L8 Plus, L9 Plus, N8, N8S, Phantom 5, W1, W2, W3, W3 LTE,
W4, W5, W5 Lite, WX3
Phantom 8S, Phantom Z Mini, PhonePad 7E, R5, R6, R7, S1, S1E, S1S,
WX4, Y2, Y3, Y3S, Y4, Y5, Y5S, Y6

More XIAOMI Models Added:
Mi 5 Gemini, Mi 5s Capricorn, Mi 5s Pro Natrium, Mi 6 Sagit, Mi 6x Wayne,
Mi A1 Tissot, Mi Mix Lithium, Mi Mix 2 Chiron, Mi Mix 2S Polaris,
Mi Note 2 Scorpio, Redmi 5 Rosy, Redmi 5 Plus Vince, Redmi 5A Riva,
Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred, S2 Ysl, Y1 Ugg, Y1 Lite Ugglite, Mi 5x Tiffany, Mi Max 2 Oxygen, Mi Note 3 Jason, Redmi Note 5A UggLite,
Redmi Note 5A Prime Ugg

Interested to be reseller contact :
Whatsapp : +6019 844 8888 or Wechat ID: Martview
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