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Wink - New Opel Scanner USB, Cable 6110n, Multi-Box lite, D-client and more!

Many news in our shop - here You can see some of it.

D-client is the newest Cruiser sofware. You can use it with out any other dongle or device. All You need is download software, internet connection, standard DCU-60 cable and min 0,5 log for flashing + customization.


* Flashing and Customization of latest DB2020, DB2012, DB2010 and PNX5230 SEMC based phones
* no dongle needed, just download and work
* use of standard SE USB DCU-60 cable
* flashing and customization consumes only 5 standard cruiser logs.

Nokia 6110n RJ45 JAF, UFS cable - 7 pin (for Nokia 6110 Navigator)

Multi-Box LITE + 65 cables. New equipment from Delok on the market for professional work with mobile phones. It combines the most necessary stuff in each service center. This is possibility to work as universal box, and in this case through USB what lets you work on high speed. This product can be used as a clip, this means it can work independently, without the help of computer, unlocking the phone in a few seconds.

Functions and supported phones:

* Alcatel
* Amoisonic: D8
* AK: AK 308
* Bird: 288, 688, 788, D611, D612, D630, D650, D660,D670, D706, D716, D720, D730
* BLEU: 550x, 551x, 651x, 651z
* Chinese-Motorola: 350, A930, A1200, A606, K1, V230, V3, V33, V333, V336, V666, other
* Chinese-Samsung: D500, D500i, D520i, D600i, D820, D828, D860i, D900, D958, E680, E700, E708, E712D, E730, E730+, E738, E760i, E900, X180, x501, X810, other
* Chinese-Sony-Ericsson: 280, K288, K750, K750i, K758, K800, K800i, K808, K808n, K818, P800 PDA, P880, T689, T690, T838, W700, W800,W800i other
* CECT: 505, 698, 838, E760i, G2, G6, GM118, GM128, GM308m, GM329, GM896, K848, m1818, Q300, Q611, U8800, U8800 DualSIM, V6 VEPTU, V600
* Chiva: V888
* Daewoo: DW 710, DW 850, DW 860, DW 870, DW 910, DW 960
* FLY: 788, 2040, 2040i, m500, MX300, S288, S688
* Gradiente: GCL-1, GC370, GF500, GF910i, GF930, Vibe
* Haier: H100, M1000, V100, V3000, Z300
* HANTEL: HT6188
* Kijian: K28, K7700, K800i, K88
* Konka: C966
* Lenovo: I816
* LG
* MashiMaro: M808
* Maxon: MX-A70, MX-7750, MX-7810, MX-7830 (AMD), MX-7850, MX-7920 (I/F), MX-7922 (AMD), MX-7922 (S7), MX-7931, MX-7941, MX-7950, MX-7970 (02X1), MX-7991, MX-C90, MX-T788.
* Medion: MD95100
* Mitsubishi: 110/110m, Geo @/ARIA, Astral, Aura, Eclipse GSM/XL, Galaxy, Geo GPRS/@i, L6i (up to V12), Laser, Luna, m4, m21i, m222i, m320, m330, m341, m342, m350, m420, m430, m720, Mars, Mystral, Neptune, T110
* Motorola: C115, C116, C117, C118, C139, C155, C156, C157, C168, C257, C261, MPX200, V170, V171, V172, V175, V176, V177, W220, W375
* NOKIA: 1100a, 1100a, 1100b, 1101, 1110, 1110b, 1110i,1112, 1112b, 1112i, 1220, 1260, 1261,1600, 1600b, 2115, 2115i, 2116, 2116i, 2118, 2125, 2126i, 2220, 2255, 2260, 2261, 2270, 2275, 2280, 2285, 2300, 2300a, 2310, 2355, 2600, 2600ch, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2650, 2651, 2652, 2855, 2865, 3100, 3100b, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3125, 3152, 3155, 3155i, 3200, 3200b, 3205, 3220, 3220b, 3300, 3300b, 3320, 3360, 3510, 3510i, 3520, 3560, 3570i, 3585, 3585i, 3586i, 3590, 3595, 5100, 5100a, 5140, 5140b, 5140i, 6011i, 6012, 6015, 6016, 6019, 6020, 6020b, 6021, 6030, 6030b, 6031, 6060, 6060v, 6061, 6070, 6070b, 6080, 6080b, 6100, 6101, 6102, 6102i, 6103, 6108, 6111, 6112, 6155, 6165, 6170, 6170b, 6200, 6220, 6225, 6230, 6230b, 6230i, 6235, 6236i, 6255, 6256, 6265, 6265i, 6275, 6310, 6310i, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6385, 6510, 6560, 6585, 6590, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6650, 6800, 6800a, 6810, 6820a, 6820b, 6822a, 6822b, 7200, 7200b, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7270b, 7280, 7360, 7380, 7600, 8270, 8280, 8310, 8390, 8800, 8800d, 8801, 8910, 8910i, 3230, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6260b, 6600, 6670, 6670b, 7610, 7610b, 7650, N-Gage, N-GageQD, N-GageQDa, 3109c, 3110c, 3250, 5200, 5200b, 5300, 5300b, 5500, 5500d, 5700, 6085, 6086, 6068b, 6110n, 6120c, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6133b, 6136, 6136b, 6151, 6233, 6234, 6270, 6280, 6282, 6290, 6300, 6300b, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7370, 7373, 7390, E50-1, E50-2, E60-1, E61-1, E61i-1, E61i-2, E62-1, E65-1, E70-1, E90-1, N70-1, N70-5, N71-1, N71-5, N72, N73-1, N73-5, N75-3, N76-1, N76-5, N77-1, N77-5, N80-1, N80-3, N90-1, N91-1, N91-2, N91-5, N91-6, N92-1, N92-2, N93-1, N93-5, N93i-1, N93i-5, N95-1, N95-5
* MP4: A5, A7
* NEC: 101, 121, 324i, 342i, 343i
* Panasonic: A10x, G5x/G70, GD35, GD52, GD55, GD67, GD90, GD92, GD92C, GD93, GD95, GD95C, GD96, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7, SC3 (old/new version), VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X60, X66, X300, X400
* Philips: Fisio 311, Fisio 316, Fisio 620, Fisio 625, Fisio 820, Fisio 822, Fisio 825 new, Fisio 825, Fisio 826, 120, 120_2M, 121, 160, 162, 180, 180new, 189, 238_2M, 238_4M, 288_2M, 288_4M, 289, 290, 330, 350, 355, 362, 390, 530, 535, 568, 580, 630, 636, 639, 650, 655, 659, 755, 759, 760, 855, 859, Ozeo, Xenium 989, Xenium 998, Xenium 9@9++, Xenium 9@98, Xenium 9@9a, Xenium 9@9c, Xenium 9@9d, Xenium 9@9e, Xenium 9@9f, Xenium 9@9g, Xenium 9@9h, Xenium 9@9i, Xenium 9@9m, Xenium 9@9s, Xenium 9@9t, S200, S220, S660, S800, S880, S890
* Samsung: A127, C120, C128, C130, C140, C140i, C170, C180, C200, C200c, C207, C208, C210, C216, C225, C230, C240, C250, C260, C300, C308, C400, C506, C510, C516, C520, D100, D108, D307, D347, D357, D407, D410, D415, D418, D428, D450, D488, D500, D500e, D508, D510, D520, D528, D550, D600, D600E, D710, D720, D730, D800, D806, D807, D820, D830, D836, D840, D900, D910, D990, E100, E105, E108, E210, E217, E250, E250v, E300, E300F, E305, E308, E310, E310c, E315, E316, E317, E318, E320, E330, E330n, E335, E338, E340, E340E, E348, E350, E350E, E351, E356, E358, E360, E370, E380, E390, E400, E418, E420, E470, E480, E490, E495, E496, E497, E500, E530, E560, E568, E570, E600, E600C, E600F, E608, E610, E618, E620, E630, E635, E638, E640, E650, E690, E700, E708, E710, E715, E720, E728, E730, E738, E740, E750, E760, E770, E780, E790, E800, E800n, E808, E810, E818, E820, E840, E850, E860, E870, E880, E888, E890, E900, E906, E910, F200, F300, F520, I300, I300x, I310, I320, I500, I505, I700, I750, J600, M300, M600, N700, N707, N710, Nxxx, P100, P107, P108, P110, P200, P207, P300, P308, P310, P400, P408, P500, P705, P710, P720, P730, P735, P738, P777, P850, P900, Q100, Q105, Q200, Q208, Q300, Q400, Q605, Rxxx, S100, S105, S108, S128, S200, S208, S300, S300m, S308, S341i, S342i, S400i, S401i, S410i, S50, S500i, S501i, S508, S720i, S730i, T100, T108, T209, T309, T319, T329, T419, T509, T519, T519n, T539, T609, T619, T629, T649, T719, T809, U100, U108, U300, U500, U600, U700, V100, V200, V205, V206, V208, X100, X105, X108, X120, X120f, X130, X138, X140, X150, X156, X158, X160, X160b, X168, X200, X208, X210, X300, X308, X400, X426, X427, X430, X438, X450, X458, X460, X461, X466, X468, X475, X478, X480, X481, X486, X490, X495, X497, X500, X507, X510, X518, X520, X526, X528, X530, X568, X600, X608, X610, X620, X628, X630, X636, X640, X648, X650, X660, X668, X670, X680, X680n, X686, X700, X710, X770, X800, X808, X810, X820, X830, X830n, X840, X900, Z100, Z105, Z105u, Z105v, Z107, Z107u, Z107v, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z300, Z500, Z510, Z700, ZM-60, ZV-10, ZV-30
* SAMPO: GK-809
* Sendo: SND220_P200, SND220_S220, SND230_P220, SND230_S200 (Swing 600), SND230_P200, SND230_S220, SND230_S230, SND230_J530 (Swing 700), SND251_S251, SND300_S300 (Atmel, Swing 620), SND300_S300 (AMD), SND320_S1, SND330_S325, SND330_S330, SND360_S360 (Swing 360), SND550_M550 (Old), SND550_M550 (New FU), SND550_M550 (New AMD), SND570_M570, SND600_P600, SND600_S600, SND620_SV663, SND880_D800
* Shinec: C288
* Siemens: CL50, CL75, SF65, ST55, ST60
* Sony-Ericsson: J210, J220, J230, Z300
* Spice: S-5, S-8, S-400, S-404, S-410, S-450, S-500, S-530, S-555, S-600, S-640, S-800, S-900
* TCL: U80, E330, M361, M388, M530, M580, M586, M819, T106, T108, U58, V6, V18
* Toshibo
* Toshiba: TS10
* TV Mobile: 1000
* Vitel TSM: TSM1, TSM3, TSM4, TSM5, TSM5m, TSM6, TSMx7
* VK: VK200
* ZTC: P8500
* Others: EV500, SED X689, V248 DUAL SIM, XC-138, Y1200

Opel Scanner USB version!

AutoScanner OPEL original. The AutoScanner Opel program is designed for OPEL cars diagnostics. The program supports majority of electronic control units (ECU), installed on Opel cars in 1987-2005 years. Using this interface you can fully maintain and diagnose vehicules OPEL vehicules.

UFS PRO Box. Introducing the new unlocker UFS PRO Box, The new UFS PRO powered by Setool, Cruiser , SarasUFS and Unibox offers great value and performance. Enjoy the full control experience. UFS PRO box is build in 3 devices into 1 which are from Setool, Cruiser, SarasUFS and Unibox.


* Works with all SarasSoft Which available up to date (for HWK isoptional which you need HWK in order to works with the module).
* Works on Setool Uptodate with Fully Activated.
* Works on Cruiser Uptodate with Fully Activated.
* Worksas UniversalBox which you can use any software available which usingCOM port.

Nokia E90 JAF, UFS Cable - 7 pin

New cables for Infinity box:
Infinity Cable Anycool-D66
Infinity Cable Bleu-550x
Infinity Cable Enteos-iBD620
Infinity Cable Ezio-E300
Infinity Cable Fly-FT10
Infinity Cable Fly-SX300
Infinity Cable Haier-Z1000
Infinity Cable IMobile-305
Infinity Cable IMobile-506
Infinity Cable IMobile-510
Infinity Cable IMobile-606
Infinity Cable IMobile-607 Support Activation

For N-box customers who has no more access to we offer activation code which extends access to support for 1 year for only 20 EUR + VAT!!!
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