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Old 01-03-2007, 23:27   #1 (permalink)
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Member: - here is The Original - read the story

* On 5 december 2005 Maxim (the REAL owner of ultima box) make this anouncement:

Legija Is Cheater!!! Carefull!!!!!

Originally Posted by Maxim(max-rfon) View Post
I have posted many times in this forum about what happened with my product - ULTIMA BOX - man named legija (www.***********) has asked me to be my dealer/reseller and was allowed, later on i produce a product named ULTIMA BOX via legija's friend NARRY (Naresh) and legija cheated my worker and asked him to steal HDD with the project and they did so, they have stolen my project, produced more samples and sell it now WIHTOUT MY ACKNOWLEDGE! BE CAREFULL, THE PROJECT IS D A N M E D, don't take risk to buy it from dealers without my personal acknowledge (since my REAL product is on production now and i still intend to sell it) That product can not be supported since i will find the worker and take his balls to my museum of idiots, the guy is in Kiev so i will find him EASY. I have asked people to join my project to make it more better and some of them - TOTAL MOTO guys answered me and were invited to my house to see the project, sources and the box samples. One sample was given to them to make MOTOROLA Script (aka plugin), and some more nice scripts.
I invited one of them to prove my words here once and for ever - the tool, name ULTIMA BOX was made LAME and too fresh to be out for sells! And it was stolen from me, maxrfon, while i was working in office of company in Kiev this summer by man who was fired from my company, i promised him 16.5% for his LAME work and let him go. I Have A LOT of whitness here, in Kiev and abroad ( owner aswell) MyKy from China, VK (the MyKy's friend) and so many else. I invite all to PROVE - LEGIJA and NARRY ARE THIEVES !!!!!

Max (MaxRfon)
here is link of his post:

* On 18 december 2005 Maxim (the REAL owner of ultima box) make this anouncement:

Originally Posted by Maxim(max-rfon) View Post
Yes legija, I am THE AUTHOR, PEOPLE like SIR, GSMTEAM, KEVIN and WHO SAW with their EYES my work for so many years
can tell here this. i have EYE whitness and you have only blah blah blah... Wrong bet thief. You personally even know this, but you afraid to say it in voice.
Album and you are not authors or owners, album was invited into this project by ME personally (have whitnesses) SIR, GSMTEAM etc..
And was fired becuase for 18 months of work he did not make even 40% of tasks. And his 16.5% supposed to be his for ever, even for such
****ty work like he did. But after stealing common work and gone to you - he has 0% into this. Because he is the worker who has stolen it,
and GREAT thank to you that you have just proven it !
Now about me:
Normally i love reverse and hate bothering writting win32 code.
And all the REVERSE ENGENEERING was made by ME EXACTLY, COMPLETE IDEA of Ultima was MINE for 100%
That's why it is not easy to make CLONE because the reverse man was making the idea
YOUR ALBUM is nothing but who just gets all the info and THEN only implements in "silently"
written Win32 code as 99% working software :) - ask people here, how many of them now can do it for you for 100%
and not funny sw that kills phones because his majesty always forgets to listen to people who is wiser and
does not let his selfish to accept that someone can be better and smarter :)
and then his buggy win32 code give "glory" to MaxRfon :)
Your GREAT ALBUM is just a software maker for win32 :) Now when i fire him - because his work is always 50% ****
and HIS MAJESTY does not let others to CORRECT his sources because "they" think that "they" are G O D -
After 4 years of destroying my name - i work alone and won't let dogs and paranoya idiots like ALBUM and you
to destroy what i have made. ASK HERE HOW MANY MEN CAN DO REVERSE so that WIN32 makers to make SW :)?
SE were stolen by ALBUM from ZULEA and partially Saras SW :) Zulea and Saras, it was YOUR glory!
The REST - reverce job was made by ME sitting home alone, digging in IDA and using HEAD and tools (which makes a man to
be a man not a monkey) :)
And motorola unlocking was made by maxrfon personally - ALBUM was asked JUST to write WIN32 code :)
WHen i got busy with Ultima - Album start steal from Victor all the rest!
I was the one who told you NOT to involve him because this specimen has too high selfprice which is for me, 32 years old man
looks like just paranoya and very high mania of "HIS MAJESTY" :)
Hahahaa can i post here the key for victor's dongle your ALBUM was used? :)
Siemens REVERSE was made by ME and PRO and was given to ALBUM to make the win32 code since PRO has taken all his work when gone to Taiwan
producer. I HAVE whitness for this - your beloved friend SARAS (my respectable friend) and RASKAL
who bought from me Siemens solution when ALBUM was socking cocks in welding institute - those people won't let me lie.
I HIRE album to write only win32 code for me, not to waiste time and work under new phones.
BB was made by me, Panasonics by Myky, siemens by me and PRO, motorola by me, Treo 600 by me, Sierra cards by me and album, and btw,
to make J5 your beloved album killed 12 pcs of phones because his lovely glitch is to be so high priced and not let that he can make
a mistake :) But to kill boot sector in 12 pieces of phones in 12 minutes - can do only one specimen on this earth - ALBUM :)
Have your glory - thanks for helping me to take off the shame of 99% men and "BUG MAKER" and "Repair after UNIMOTO by Crew"
All this glory is NOW yours :) Take it maxrfon2 :) i will write my own sw myself:). And Ultima IDEA, HW design, CPU LCD all
from scratch was made by me and Slava, Album had 1 year to write those 1200 lines :) because his majesty does not let
others intrude his paranoya "genius" work :) And the usual thing - glitch that does not let other USB flash to work - hidden in ALBUM head.
timer(x) has too small stack ;) Correct it and do not shame my name with your stolen source code :)

The open source project which i have created continues at http://www.ultimabox.NET
here is link of his post:

* On 19 december 2005 Maxim (the REAL owner of ultima box) make this statement:

Originally Posted by Maxim(max-rfon) View Post
Thanks for all to participate

Now you can go to forum http://www.ultimabox.NET regarding Ultima and it's future features.

here is link of his post:


Best Regards,

PS: Thread opened for remarks.
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Old 01-03-2007, 23:41   #2 (permalink)
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Its mean Maxim(max-rfon) have participate in this project UBL ?
or its was just a revenge from UBL TEAM to LEGIA?
i still remember many story but who know what will happend with this tool .

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Old 01-03-2007, 23:45   #3 (permalink)
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|BEAUTIFUL truck | '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@



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Old 01-04-2007, 00:16   #4 (permalink)
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yes meaning sunday unlockers win because of price decreases in motorolla equipments thats why unlocking comes sad this is happening in the gsm business
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Old 01-04-2007, 00:31   #5 (permalink)
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so is this Maxim(max-rfon) part of project ultima light?
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Old 01-04-2007, 00:31   #6 (permalink)
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..strange ....
why this stuff come out after 1 year...
imho if someone do "sh!t" answer must be fast.
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Old 01-04-2007, 00:34   #7 (permalink)
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and this ...
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Old 01-04-2007, 02:32   #8 (permalink)
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So why did it take 1 year for Ultimabox lite to fully take off? Is ultimalite a stand alone device? or is a PC required device?
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Old 01-04-2007, 04:10   #9 (permalink)
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@ ExTrEmE99
Ultima Lite Is a standalone device. Pc is required.

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Old 01-04-2007, 12:45   #10 (permalink)
Cheater -Don't Deal with him-
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Hey, i recognise that URL, hehe!

Still it is a bad thing that he got screwed by legija, and unfortunately, the GSM world is full of ppl like that, and when one gets screwed then the person who screwed him gets screwed and so on and so on.....sad really, if ppl worked together instead of against each other, what a tool we would have on the market!
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Old 01-04-2007, 17:27   #11 (permalink)
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It is very interesting how REAL cheaters want to show themselfs as nice persons..???...Very interesting...
And Legija is cheater becuase he transfer 100k usd$ to max..????
This is not only funy...It is insult...

b/r KIMA

This is PROVE we all needed, who is cheater and who not.
I am sorry to see Max cheated VK and Myky too, because he is an impotent guy wothout any knowledge about programming.
Seems you guys wanted to get product finished with MY OWN and NARRY'S money ?
Well, what to say ? Max tried to cheat us, but he got a lesson here. And also You two guys. You will leanr once for all (in case you invested single penny,) that Max cannot be trusted.

I wish You lock with him, and his "maximum minimum bull$hits.

that all his side.

Last edited by eivoig; 01-04-2007 at 17:53.
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Old 01-04-2007, 18:46   #12 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by eivoig View Post
This one KICKS A.S.S
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The Following User Says Thank You to Proxy For This Useful Post:
Old 01-04-2007, 19:45   #13 (permalink)
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Legija is 10000% corect person i reseive big help from this person. i have 1000% corect information legija king and not cheaters
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Old 01-04-2007, 19:50   #14 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by MANOLE View Post
[B][COLOR="Orange"]* On 5 december 2005 Maxim (the REAL owner of ultima box) .....
Best Regards,

It is old , all known story about Max rfon and Lejia.
What attitude this story has to Ultima Box Lite ?

Or Max rfon has sold to You the rights for Ultima Box or a name of a his brand ?

For what You start this thread ?

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Old 01-04-2007, 20:00   #15 (permalink)
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@MANOLE whats the reason behind to open this thread?
Its not your problem.
Kashif khan
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