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SiLver GSM 04-23-2008 20:25

::Here How To Work With Spider-Man Box ::
Here Only You Can Find How To Use Spider-Man Box

1-The Connect button which use for connect box with program
If connection Is Good this button will be Disconnect

2-Select Comport which u can use

3-Select Baundrate For Comport

4-Used For Make Conaction With Phone ((Boot The Phone))

5-Used For Make Order To write selected Flash Files on Nor Flash Or Nand Flash

6-Used For Make Order To Read Flash Files Form Phone And Request for where u want to save backup flash files

7- Used For Make Format Opration and if u check to Manual Format Default this option is required to Make Manual Set For Foramt Area

8-Used For Unlock Phones ((open all network locks ))

9-Used For Find Pinout For Phone and give us Correct Tx And RX Pins
(( We Can choose From 2 Options 1St, 1 Cpu Phones - 2Nd, 2Cpu Phones ))

10- We Can Used This Option to Defind Pinouts and Save Our Correct pinouts Searching

11-This Opation allowed us To Convert Flash Files which Had Bin Extension
To Bif Extension

12-Used For Abort Any Working Opartion

13-Used TO Know Any New Updates In Support Area

14-This Bar allowed us To Change between Phone Cpu which We Have
Like MTK And SPreadtrum .......

15- here We Can Open Nor Flash which we Want To Flah it to phone

16- here we also can choose where we want to save reading flash files

17- Same as last oprations ((15-16)) But Here For Nor Flah Area

18- Used For Rebuild Iemi for Phone

19- Used For Make Full Factory Defaults

20- The Area For Read all Info About SW and Flash File Details

Hope This Info Help U TO Work With This Great Tool

SiLver GSM 04-23-2008 20:40

Spiderman Read&Flash

connect box to computer .connect phone to box and cable

YOU Must choose MTK”Search Phone”.when found cable pinout

1. Read flash

* click”Save” Choose save file folder and save name
* click"Read” after press” power on”button in the phone Bootloader phone

2. Flash phone.

* Click”Open” choose flash the phone flash file

* Click”Flash” after press” power on”button in the phone Bootloader phone

NOW Flash complete


ACID_ICED 04-24-2008 07:44

great moved man...

keep it up...

RaSkAl01 04-24-2008 08:41

yes fırst pın outo good work good fınd hehe spıderman best box

Formingus 04-24-2008 08:48

thks for explain............................

saiftc2 04-26-2008 22:02

Great .. very nice mr's


minihack 04-26-2008 22:32

Great Mr Silver

Good Luck


ZABIKE 04-27-2008 18:39

great work ...:)
m.r :silver

gsm4sp 04-27-2008 23:38

thank u mr. silver very good

.::ricky rayya::. 04-29-2008 08:48

how i can format spreadtrum cpu
very good sir but how i can format & read ,write flash for spreadtrum cpu


-=MR_Gsm=- 04-29-2008 17:02

very nice mr//SiLverGSM


-KimoAlex- 04-29-2008 17:47

Great work from my dear brother

Best Regards...
Your Borther

SiLver GSM 04-29-2008 17:52


Originally Posted by .::ricky rayya::. (Post 3277346)
very good sir but how i can format & read ,write flash for spreadtrum cpu


We working for this now
just few steps and it will be ready


karemriko 04-29-2008 20:32

very nice mr//SiLverGSM

sharmin 04-29-2008 20:47

and what r u doing for infeneon cpu, pls give fast update.... now badly need the support of speadtrum and infeneon cpu to unlock , flash read/ write ....................

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