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iPhone, iPad, iPod Hardware Repair Hardware Repair discussions for iPhone, iPod , iPad & Apple Products, help, guides.

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on iPhone 8plus

Originally Posted by simpleprince49 View Post
i have this also in xr then i change the coil that connects this line from pmu to cpu then its fixed
again in iPhone 8 plus soc hot hot hot

done by replacing coil from BUCK2_LX0 to PP_SOC_S1
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iPhone xs restarts when on lightning charger
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff029558d48): Sleep/Wake hang detected
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Hi guys need an idea about iPhone XS Max

panic(pu 1 caller Oxfffff0240d1300); "2c3: runInterruptMode Timed out waiting for interrupt; last write status 00010118 int shadow 00090100 xfer 00000000 fifo 00000000 for device display-pmu"
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Old 11-03-2022, 08:35   #19 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by bobo bokota View Post
Hi guys need an idea about iPhone XS Max

panic(pu 1 caller Oxfffff0240d1300); "2c3: runInterruptMode Timed out waiting for interrupt; last write status 00010118 int shadow 00090100 xfer 00000000 fifo 00000000 for device display-pmu"
Solder the controller on the display or replace the entire display if you do not have the skill.
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May i know missing sensor (s) : Th0a / Th0x related to which sensor? I already replace charging flex, on/off full flex , check pcb in working new housing. Restart in every 180seconds .
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Old 11-29-2022, 01:19   #21 (permalink)
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Hello help how to fix iphone x restarts at different interval can reach up to 4 hours without restarting some time can restart up to 3 times in 1 minutes here are crash logs

panic(cpu 2 caller 0xfffffff00f103f68): SMC DATA ABORT - nested DATA ABORT @ 0x00013eda - pc=0x00013eda fsr=0xefefefef (Unknown) far=0xefefefef far_physical=0xefefefefefefefef
RTKit: RTKit_iOS-1827.102.1.release - Client: AppleSMCFirmware-2796.102.2.iphone10b.REL
!UUID: 8b41ae70-1385-3d56-9978-047783c35a44
Time: 0x00000000e30d97f3

Faulting task stack frame:
pc=0x00013eda fsr=0xefefefef (Unknown) far=0xefefefef far_physical=0xefefefefefefefef
r00=0x4770bba7 r01=0x0003268c r02=0xcafe4b0b r03=0x000000df
r04=0x000312fc r05=0x6000001f r06=0x6000009f r07=0x00036af0
r08=0x00000021 r09=0x00000000 r10=0x00000010 r11=0x00000010
r12=0x000013a8 sp=0x00036ac0 lr=0x0001e76d pc=0x00013eda
psr=0x200000ff fpexc=0x00000000 fpscr=0x4b434154

Faulting task 1 Call Stack: 0x0000000000013eda 0x000000000001e768 0x000000000001e3f8 0x00000000000157f0 000000000000000000
Mailbox (0): (0)
Inbox AKF_KIC_INBOX_CTRL = 0x00020001, AKF_KIC_MAILBOX_SET = 0x00001101
Outbox AKF_AP_OUTBOX_CTRL = 0x00020001, AKF_AP_MAILBOX_SET = 0x00000000

dir endpoint timestamp msg
==== ============ ================== ==================
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a11090 0x4230544500028010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a11420 0x0000008e00028000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a1192c 0x4348424900009013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a11ca4 0x0000000000009000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a121a8 0x434842490008a010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a12550 0x000000000004a000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a12a78 0x434842560000b013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a12e00 0x000000000000b000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a1330c 0x434842560008c010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a136a8 0x000010f40004c000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a13be0 0x4256564c0000d013
[RX] user01 0xefefefefefefefec 0xefefefef0000d000
[RX] unknown-1 0xefefefefefefefec 0xefefefefefefefef
[RX] unknown-1 0xefefefefefefefec 0xefefefefefefefef
[RX] unknown-269 0x00000000e2a14d28 0x43484e430000f013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a150b0 0x000000000000f000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a155c0 0x43484e4300080010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a15944 0x0000000000080000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a15e4c 0x4348534c00001013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a161cc 0x0000000000001000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a166dc 0x4348534c00402010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a16a78 0x0000000000402000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a17348 0x41502d4e00003013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a176c4 0x0000000000003084
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a17c74 0x4230554300004013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a17fe8 0x0000000000004000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a184fc 0x4230554300025010
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a188a8 0x0000004000025000
[RX] user01 0x00000000e2a18db0 0x4230434d00006013
[TX] user01 0x00000000e2a19124 0x0000000000006000
[RX] unknown-1 0xefefefefefefefec 0xefefefefefefefef
[RX] unknown-1 0xefefefefefefefec 0xefefefefefefefef
Section size error. Signature 0xefefefef, version 0xefefefef, section (4025479151 bytes) larger than remaining buffer (928 bytes)
RTBuddy(AP): Debug info:
_iopStatus = 0x8
_powerStateChangeLocked = false
Mailbox Status:
IDLE_STATUS: 0x00000058
MAILBOX_SET: 0x00000000
MAILBOX_CLR: 0x00000000
INBOX_CTRL: 0x00100101
OUTBOX_CTRL: 0x00020001
AP->IOP Mailbox Log:
Timestamp | Dir | Message
0x00000000927bdb34 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bdb84 | [RX] | 0x0000000000016000 0x0010bc0000000020
0x00000000927bdff0 | [TX] | 0x4230544500007013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927be58c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927be5dc | [RX] | 0x0000000000007000 0x0010cd0000000020
0x00000000927be784 | [TX] | 0x4230544500028010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bee08 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bee50 | [RX] | 0x0000008e00028000 0x0010de0000000020
0x00000000927bf0f0 | [TX] | 0x4348424900009013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bf694 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bf6e4 | [RX] | 0x0000000000009000 0x0010ef0000000020
0x00000000927bf900 | [TX] | 0x434842490008a010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bff2c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bff68 | [RX] | 0x000000000004a000 0x0010f00000000020
0x00000000927c015c | [TX] | 0x434842560000b013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c07f0 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c0840 | [RX] | 0x000000000000b000 0x0010010000000020
0x00000000927c0a54 | [TX] | 0x434842560008c010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c109c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c10e8 | [RX] | 0x000010f40004c000 0x0010120000000020
0x00000000927c128c | [TX] | 0x4256564c0000d013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c195c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c1998 | [RX] | 0x000000000000d000 0x0010230000000020
0x00000000927c1b84 | [TX] | 0x4256564c0008e010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c2208 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c2258 | [RX] | 0x000010fe0002e000 0x0010340000000020
0x00000000927c2468 | [TX] | 0x43484e430000f013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c2aac | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c2af8 | [RX] | 0x000000000000f000 0x0010450000000020
0x00000000927c2cd8 | [TX] | 0x43484e4300080010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c333c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c3384 | [RX] | 0x0000000000080000 0x0010560000000020
0x00000000927c3624 | [TX] | 0x4348534c00001013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c3bd8 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c3c28 | [RX] | 0x0000000000001000 0x0010670000000020
0x00000000927c3e14 | [TX] | 0x4348534c00402010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c4474 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c44c4 | [RX] | 0x0000000000402000 0x0010780000000020
0x00000000927c4b30 | [TX] | 0x41502d4e00003013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c50c4 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c5114 | [RX] | 0x0000000000003084 0x0010890000000020
0x00000000927c5468 | [TX] | 0x4230554300004013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c59ec | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c5a40 | [RX] | 0x0000000000004000 0x00109a0000000020
0x00000000927c5c3c | [TX] | 0x4230554300025010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c62ac | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c62f8 | [RX] | 0x0000004000025000 0x0010ab0000000020
0x00000000927c6508 | [TX] | 0x4230434d00006013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c6b14 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c6b60 | [RX] | 0x0000000000006000 0x0010bc0000000020
0x00000000927c6d74 | [TX] | 0x4230434d00027010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927c738c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927c73d4 | [RX] | 0x0000006400027000 0x0010cd0000000020
0x00000000935e20d4 | [TX] | 0x0030203400000009 000000000000000000
0x00000000927ae898 | [RX] | 0x000000000000d000 0x0010230000000020
0x00000000927aec10 | [TX] | 0x423046430002e010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927af1b8 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927af208 | [RX] | 0x00000b450002e000 0x0010340000000020
0x00000000927af43c | [TX] | 0x42304e430000f013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927afa20 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927afa70 | [RX] | 0x000000000000f000 0x0010450000000020
0x00000000927afcc0 | [TX] | 0x42304e4300020010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b02d0 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b0314 | [RX] | 0x00000af000020000 0x0010560000000020
0x00000000927b0584 | [TX] | 0x4230434100001013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b0b40 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b0b88 | [RX] | 0x0000000000001000 0x0010670000000020
0x00000000927b0d74 | [TX] | 0x4230434100022010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b13c4 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b140c | [RX] | 0x0000078900022000 0x0010780000000020
0x00000000927b1d1c | [TX] | 0x4348305600003013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b22a8 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b22f8 | [RX] | 0x0000000000003000 0x0010890000000020
0x00000000927b24b0 | [TX] | 0x4348305600044010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b2b3c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b2b8c | [RX] | 0x00000ed600044000 0x00109a0000000020
0x00000000927b2dcc | [TX] | 0x4253464300005013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b33e4 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b3434 | [RX] | 0x0000000000005000 0x0010ab0000000020
0x00000000927b3700 | [TX] | 0x4253464300016010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b3c9c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b3ce8 | [RX] | 0x0000000000016000 0x0010bc0000000020
0x00000000927b3f00 | [TX] | 0x43484e4300007013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b451c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b456c | [RX] | 0x0000000000007000 0x0010cd0000000020
0x00000000927b49f8 | [TX] | 0x43484e4300088010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b4f84 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b4fd0 | [RX] | 0x0000000000088000 0x0010de0000000020
0x00000000927b5a00 | [TX] | 0x4348415300009013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b5f68 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b5fb8 | [RX] | 0x0000000000009000 0x0010ef0000000020
0x00000000927b6184 | [TX] | 0x434841530004a010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b6810 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b6860 | [RX] | 0x000000000004a000 0x0010f00000000020
0x00000000927b6a94 | [TX] | 0x544730420000b013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b7090 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b70e0 | [RX] | 0x000000000000b000 0x0010010000000020
0x00000000927b729c | [TX] | 0x544730420008c010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b7938 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b7988 | [RX] | 0x000000000008c000 0x0010120000000020
0x00000000927b7bb8 | [TX] | 0x544730560000d013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b81c0 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b820c | [RX] | 0x000000000000d000 0x0010230000000020
0x00000000927b8890 | [TX] | 0x544730560008e010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b8e40 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b8e84 | [RX] | 0x000000000008e000 0x0010340000000020
0x00000000927b9134 | [TX] | 0x434854450000f013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b96c4 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b9710 | [RX] | 0x000000000000f000 0x0010450000000020
0x00000000927b9914 | [TX] | 0x4348544500080010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927b9f7c | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927b9fcc | [RX] | 0x0000000000040000 0x0010560000000020
0x00000000927ba208 | [TX] | 0x4348545500001013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927ba7e4 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927ba830 | [RX] | 0x0000000000001000 0x0010670000000020
0x00000000927baa20 | [TX] | 0x4348545500082010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bb080 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bb0cc | [RX] | 0x0000100400042000 0x0010780000000020
0x00000000927bb8d4 | [TX] | 0x4348544c00003013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bbe60 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bbeac | [RX] | 0x0000000000003000 0x0010890000000020
0x00000000927bc27c | [TX] | 0x4348544c00084010 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bc828 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bc878 | [RX] | 0x00000e1000044000 0x00109a0000000020
0x00000000927bccfc | [TX] | 0x43484b4d00005013 0x0000000000000020
0x00000000927bd278 | [RX] | Interrupt
0x00000000927bd2c8 | [RX] | 0x0000000000005000 0x0010ab0000000020
0x00000000927bd59c | [TX] | 0x43484b4d00086010 0x0000000000000020

Debugger message: panic
Memory ID: 0x1
OS release type: User
OS version: 19E241
Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 21.4.0: Mon Feb 21 21:27:51 PST 2022; root:xnu-8020.102.3~1/RELEASE_ARM64_T8015
iBoot version: iBoot-7459.102.5
secure boot?: YES
Paniclog version: 13
Kernel slide: 0x0000000006de4000
Kernel text base: 0xfffffff00dde8000
mach_absolute_time: 0xa1f5a15f
Epoch Time: sec usec
Boot : 0x638548d7 0x0008017f
Sleep : 0x63854933 0x0007cd10
Wake : 0x63854959 0x0009977e
Calendar: 0x63854977 0x000cbf8f

Zone info:
Foreign : 0xfffffff0f0e1c000 - 0xfffffff0f0e2c000
Native : 0xffffffe000480000 - 0xffffffe600480000
Readonly: 0xffffffe0e6ae4000 - 0xffffffe1337b0000
Metadata: 0xffffffeb023e0000 - 0xffffffeb067a4000
Bitmaps : 0xffffffeb03be0000 - 0xffffffeb04be4000

CORE 0: PC=0x00000001bd575e10, LR=0x00000001bd575e0c, FP=0x0000000103802180
CORE 1: PC=0x00000001a46c61cc, LR=0x00000001a46c13e4, FP=0x000000016eff9820
CORE 2 is the one that panicked. Check the full backtrace for details.
CORE 3: PC=0xfffffff00e94c8d4, LR=0xfffffff00e94c8d4, FP=0xffffffebfec73f00
CORE 4: PC=0xfffffff00e94c8d4, LR=0xfffffff00e94c8d4, FP=0xffffffebff8f3f00
CORE 5: PC=0xfffffff00ea5692c, LR=0xfffffff00ea56928, FP=0xffffffeb1ef7be90
Compressor Info: 0% of compressed pages limit (OK) and 0% of segments limit (OK) with 0 swapfiles and OK swap space
Panicked task 0xffffffe3e6c14000: 914 pages, 7 threads: pid 258: aggregated
Panicked thread: 0xffffffe21ada8000, backtrace: 0xffffffebff642e90, tid: 4862
lr: 0xfffffff00e91dc0c fp: 0xffffffebff642ed0
lr: 0xfffffff00e91d994 fp: 0xffffffebff642f40
lr: 0xfffffff00ea5419c fp: 0xffffffebff642fb0
lr: 0xfffffff00ea53384 fp: 0xffffffebff643060
lr: 0xfffffff00efc95fc fp: 0xffffffebff643070
lr: 0xfffffff00e91d6bc fp: 0xffffffebff643400
lr: 0xfffffff00e91d6bc fp: 0xffffffebff643460
lr: 0xfffffff010303608 fp: 0xffffffebff643480
lr: 0xfffffff00f103f68 fp: 0xffffffebff643510
lr: 0xfffffff00f104344 fp: 0xffffffebff643570
lr: 0xfffffff00ef134d0 fp: 0xffffffebff6435c0
lr: 0xfffffff00f0fe060 fp: 0xffffffebff643620
lr: 0xfffffff00f0fe1ac fp: 0xffffffebff6436b0
lr: 0xfffffff00f100e8c fp: 0xffffffebff643710
lr: 0xfffffff00f23e1ac fp: 0xffffffebff643730
lr: 0xfffffff00f23f34c fp: 0xffffffebff643790
lr: 0xfffffff00ef132f4 fp: 0xffffffebff643800
lr: 0xfffffff00f23f28c fp: 0xffffffebff643820
lr: 0xfffffff00f91c5d4 fp: 0xffffffebff6438b0
lr: 0xfffffff00f91dff0 fp: 0xffffffebff6439e0
lr: 0xfffffff00f91dbb0 fp: 0xffffffebff643a50
lr: 0xfffffff00ef4c3a0 fp: 0xffffffebff643af0
lr: 0xfffffff00ea1e554 fp: 0xffffffebff643b40
lr: 0xfffffff00e923e08 fp: 0xffffffebff643bd0
lr: 0xfffffff00e8f6f8c fp: 0xffffffebff643d00
lr: 0xfffffff00e90e400 fp: 0xffffffebff643d90
lr: 0xfffffff00ea48a10 fp: 0xffffffebff643e60
lr: 0xfffffff00ea53700 fp: 0xffffffebff643f10
lr: 0xfffffff00efc95fc fp: 0xffffffebff643f20
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hi, I need help iphone 8 restart
"panicString" : "panic(cpu 4 caller 0xfffffff01f90f508): \"LLC single-bit ECC overflow error: FAR=0 LLC_ERR_STS\/ADR\/INF=0x10001ffc0000000c\/0x828040804e96680
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“L2C / LLC” - North amplifier
Met on many models, sometimes there is a problem in the front loop and the punched LX coil for sound amplification.
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Isr_swmpr() error

Hello I have the isr_swmpr() -- error occurring on my 11 Pro Max. What could it be? I have an unoriginal screen installed and new motherboard. I have the battery and display message. It occurs with the original motherboard too

Last edited by Pouranan; 01-07-2023 at 16:10. Reason: More information
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Originally Posted by simpleprince49 View Post
i have this also in xr then i change the coil that connects this line from pmu to cpu then its fixed
Hey there boss, would you mind letting me know what's the coil on that line?
I've look on ZXW but i don't see that line connected to anything else other than pads on cpu and pmu. Nothing in between like a coil, cap, etc. Just the pads under the CPU and PMU.
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I welcome everyone. I am very rarely here. You can decrypt this or that log on the site yourself. Enjoy. All successful repairs of apple products.
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Also now a very common problem with reboots when the logs say that there are problems with WF, but in fact these are problems with iOS 16. Solution: flash the phone with data loss. If you need data, then first rollback to iOS15.6RC via 3uTools with saving the data. After that, make a copy, flash with data deletion to the new iOS and put the backup back, after these manipulations everything will be fine. Without these manipulations, when creating a backup, your device will capriciously reboot. Sorry my bad eng.
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{"bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2023-02-17 17:37:39.00 +0400","os_version":"iPhone OS 16.2 (20C65)","roots_installed":0,"incident_id":"9D9B13 6C-BDD4-4723-8DBC-E449D3A06D58"}
"build" : "iPhone OS 16.2 (20C65)",
"product" : "iPhone13,4",
"socId" : "0x00008101",
"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.2.0: Mon Nov 28 20:10:55 PST 2022; root:xnu-8792.62.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8101",
"incident" : "9D9B136C-BDD4-4723-8DBC-E449D3A06D58",
"crashReporterKey" : "ec3d08a46409b46555deca328f5c86ab9025a79f",
"date" : "2023-02-17 17:37:39.11 +0400",
"panicString" : "panic(cpu 1 caller 0xfffffff02eb35138): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from thermalmonitord\nservice returned not alive with context : is_alive_func returned unhealthy : current 5fffffffff, mask 3fffffffff, expected 3fffffffff. SD: 1 BC: 1 RC: 0 BS: 2, Missing sensor(s): Prs0 \nservice: backboardd, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 19, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: SpringBoard, total successful checkins in 202 seconds: 17, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: mediaserverd, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 18, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: logd, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 19, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: thermalmonitord, no successful checkins in 225 seconds\nservice: runningboardd, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 19, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: wifid, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 18, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: configd, total successful checkins in 225 seconds: 18, last successful checkin: 0 seconds\nDebugger message: panic\nMemory ID: 0x1\nOS release type: User\nOS version: 20C65\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.2.0: Mon Nov 28 20:10:55 PST 2022; root:xnu-8792.62.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8101\nFileset Kernelcache UUID:

need help plz
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prs0 pressure sensor
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HI, ive had 2 iphones with the same error, and i could not figure it out. can some one point me to where to look pls. thanks

{"bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2023-03-11 10:42:26.00 -0600","os_version":"iPhone OS 16.2 (20C65)","roots_installed":0,"incident_id":"4A53C0 E1-32E0-42A9-8E9E-69EA952AB8C8"}
"build" : "iPhone OS 16.2 (20C65)",
"product" : "iPhone12,1",
"socId" : "0x00008030",
"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.2.0: Mon Nov 28 20:10:54 PST 2022; root:xnu-8792.62.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8030",
"incident" : "4A53C0E1-32E0-42A9-8E9E-69EA952AB8C8",
"crashReporterKey" : "19c0f0fbde4b2f194df3ddb6b18731d950d2aafe",
"date" : "2023-03-11 10:42:26.68 -0600",
"panicString" : "panic(cpu 1 caller 0xfffffff0133e1c58): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from wifid in 180 seconds\nwifid has not exited since first loaded\nservice: backboardd, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 856, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: SpringBoard, total successful checkins in 8580 seconds: 854, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: mediaserverd, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 855, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: logd, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 841, last successful checkin: 150 seconds ago\nservice: thermalmonitord, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 854, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: runningboardd, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 856, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: wifid, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 838, last successful checkin: 180 seconds ago\nservice: configd, total successful checkins in 8613 seconds: 855, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\n\nDebugger message: panic\nMemory ID: 0xff\nOS release type: User\nOS version: 20C65\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.2.0: Mon Nov 28 20:10:54 PST 2022; root:xnu-8792.62.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8030\nFileset Kernelcache UUID: 3E3B17B16A0DC147DC9F909CC64E23FB\nKernel UUID: E99F3ED8-54FD-311E-B4E0-FE1180BDAFF0\nBoot session UUID: 4A53C0E1-32E0-42A9-8E9E-69EA952AB8C8\niBoot version: iBoot-8419.60.44\nsecure boot?: YES\nroots installed: 0\nPaniclog version: 14\nKernelCache slide: 0x000000000ad70000\nKernelCache base: 0xfffffff011d74000\nKernel slide: 0x000000000b9f4000\nKernel text base: 0xfffffff0129f8000\nKernel text exec slide: 0x000000000baac000\nKernel text exec base: 0xfffffff012ab0000\nmach_absolute_time: 0x3022b99ecc\nEpoch Time: sec usec\n Boot : 0x640c2312 0x00036462\n Sleep : 0x640cac32 0x0001fff7\n Wake : 0x640cac62 0x000a01ca\n Calendar: 0x640caf4b 0x000a5ada\n\nZone info:\n Zone map: 0xffffffe01f714000 - 0xffffffe61f714000\n . VM : 0xffffffe01f714000 - 0xffffffe105d78000\n . RO : 0xffffffe105d78000 - 0xffffffe152a44000\n . GEN0 : 0xffffffe152a44000 - 0xffffffe2390a8000\n . GEN1 : 0xffffffe2390a8000 - 0xffffffe31f70c000\n . GEN2 : 0xffffffe31f70c000 - 0xffffffe405d74000\n . GEN3 : 0xffffffe405d74000 - 0xffffffe4ec3dc000\n . DATA : 0xffffffe4ec3dc000 - 0xffffffe61f714000\n Metadata: 0xffffffe8ae580000 - 0xffffffe8afd80000\n Bitmaps : 0xffffffe8afd80000 - 0xffffffe8b136c000\n\nCORE 0 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c37450\nCORE 1 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c35efc\nCORE 2 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c37450\nCORE 3 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c37450\nCORE 4 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c37450\nCORE 5 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff012c37450\nTPIDRx_ELy = {1: 0xffffffe239eba520 0: 0x0000000000000001 0ro: 0x000000016b33b0e0 }\nCORE 0: PC=0xfffffff012c32d40, LR=0xfffffff012c32d3c, FP=0xffffffe794ec3e90\nCORE 1 is the one that panicked. Check the full backtrace for details.\nCORE 2: PC=0xfffffff012b23d14, LR=0xfffffff012b23d14, FP=0xffffffe61f833ee0\nCORE 3: PC=0xfffffff012c32d40, LR=0xfffffff012c32d3c, FP=0xffffffe794effe90\nCORE 4: PC=0xfffffff012b2b0a8, LR=0xfffffff012b2b0a8, FP=0xffffffe794d2bf00\nCORE 5: PC=0xfffffff012b2b0a8, LR=0xfffffff012b2b0a8, FP=0xffffffefffd83f00\nCompressor Info: 58% of compressed pages limit (OK) and 24% of segments limit (OK) with 1 swapfiles and OK swap space\nTotal cpu_usage: 89034451\nThread task pri cpu_usage\n0xffffffe239eba520 watchdogd 97 0\n0xffffffe2391d1480 kernel_task 81 653072\n0xffffffe2395121f0 kernel_task 0 3904658\n0xffffffe2391a5e68 kernel_task 0 5193938\n0xffffffe2394f68a8 kernel_task 0 0\n\nPanicked task 0xffffffe4051df598: 317 pages, 4 threads: pid 57: watchdogd\nPanicked thread: 0xffffffe239eba520, backtrace: 0xffffffe794f6b0d0, tid: 1647\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012af72a8 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b110\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012af707c fp: 0xffffffe794f6b180\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c3d5d0 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b1a0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c3055c fp: 0xffffffe794f6b210\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c2ef58 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b2d0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012ab7610 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b2e0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012af6a90 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b690\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff013210224 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b6b0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff0133e1c58 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b6d0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff0133e14e0 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b6f0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff0133e0394 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b810\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff013188d24 fp: 0xffffffe794f6b840\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff01318900c fp: 0xffffffe794f6b9d0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c01654 fp: 0xffffffe794f6baf0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012afd350 fp: 0xffffffe794f6bb90\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012ad0268 fp: 0xffffffe794f6bbf0\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012ae8f74 fp: 0xffffffe794f6bc90\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012ae93ec fp: 0xffffffe794f6bd80\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c252c0 fp: 0xffffffe794f6be50\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012c2f2a0 fp: 0xffffffe794f6bf10\n\t\t lr: 0xfffffff012ab7610 fp: 0xffffffe794f6bf20\n Kernel Extensions in backtrace:\n[5133D809-B6E7-32DC-8177-6873F5C24635]@0xfffffff0133dd890->0xfffffff0133e1c57\n dependency:[98A24B67-A443-3C7F-A0D6-F33C1BADF6D4]@0xfffffff013390660->0xfffffff0133dd88f\n\nlast started kext at 604123237:\t1110.14 (addr 0xfffffff012383b10, size 111770)\nloaded kexts:\\t7 .0\\t1\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleUSBDeviceNCM\t5.0.0\ ver.AppleUSBDeviceMux\t1.0.0d1\ AccessoryPortUSB\t1.0.0\ Mike\t1.0.0d1\\t60 0.99\\t1 .0.0d1\\t1.0. 0d1\\t600.99\ncom .apple.driver.AppleProxDriver\t19\ r.AOPTouchKext\t311\ eTrigger\t200.4\\t1.9\ncom.appl e.filesystems.tmpfs\t1\ \t1\\t2142.62.1\ncom.ap ple.IOTextEncryptionFamily\t1.0.0\ r.AppleSmartBatteryManagerEmbedded\t1\ river.AppleGenericMultitouch\t22\ .AppleSMCWirelessCharger\t1.0.1\ tems.hfs.kext\t627.40.1\ ion.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib\t1.0.0\ river.AppleCS42L77Audio\t600.99\ ApplePMP\t1\\t5.207\ncom .apple.driver.ApplePMPFirmware\t1\ r.AppleSmartIO2\t1\\ t1.0.1\\t1.0.0\ncom .apple.driver.AppleFAN53740\t1\ ppleLMBacklight\t1\ mp\t600.99\ MU\t1\\t1\ncom.a pple.driver.AppleT8030SOCTuner\t1\ r.AppleHapticsSupportLEAP\t7.20\ AppleEmbeddedAudioResourceManager\t600.99\ le.driver.AppleBCMWLANBusInterfacePCIe\t1\ le.driver.AppleBluetoothModule\t1\ 2P\t227.2.43\\t617.5\nco\t640.4.1\ r.AppleJPEGDriver\t5.1.3\ bileDispH12P\t140.0\ sMIPIDSI\t1.0.0\ \t1.0.0d2\\t1\nco\t1.0.0d1\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleSerialShim\t1\ pleDAPF\t1\\t1\nco\t1\ AppleS5L8920XPWM\t1.0.0d1\ 8000DWI\t1.0.0d1\ O\t1\\t1\ncom.appl e.driver.AppleInterruptController\t1.0.0d1\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleT8030\t1\ 8Buttons\t1.0.0d1\\ t1.0.1\\t1.0.0\ncom .apple.driver.AppleTemperatureSensor\t1.0.0d1\ncom .apple.driver.AppleDiskImages2\t198.40.3\ncom.appl e.driver.ASIOKit\t10.32\ x\t300.0\\t1\ plugin.IOgPTPPlugin\t1110.14\ leUSBDeviceAudioController\t500.2\ r.AppleUSBAudio\t500.2\ rking\t5.0.0\ er\t6110.6\\t 1\\t1\ .iokit.AppleSEPGenericTransfer\t1\ r.AppleEffaceableBlockDevice\t1.0\ r.AppleConvergedIPCOLYBTControl\t1\ er.AppleConvergedPCI\t1\ vergedIPCBBControl\t1\ ily\t1\\t1\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleAOPAudio\t200.45\ .AppleFirmwareKit\t1\ e\t1\\t1.9\ leBSDKextStarter\t3\ sportSPI\t6110.3\ rtFIFO\t6110.3\ \t6110.3\ \t6110.3\\t1\nco\t1.0.1\ okit.IOMikeyBusFamily\t1.0.0\ leCSEmbeddedAudio\t600.99\ amily\t2.1.0\\t1\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleDiagnosticDataAccessReadOnly\t1.0. 0\\t1.0.0\n\t1.0.1\ AGXFirmwareKextG12PRTBuddy\t227.2.43\ XFirmwareKextRTBuddy64\t227.2.43\ .AppleAuthCP\t1.0.0\ \t1.0.0\\t600. 99\\t200.8\ncom.a pple.driver.AppleStockholmControl\t1.0.0\ncom.appl e.driver.ApplePhoneBTM\t1.0.1\ HIDPowerSource\t1\\ t3.0\\t1.0\ncom.a pple.driver.AppleUSBXDCI\t1.0\ SBDeviceFamily\t2.0.0\ eApNonce\t1\\t1. 0.0\\t1200.13.0\ncom .apple.driver.IOImageLoader\t1.0.0\ er.AppleOLYHAL\t1\ Debug\t1\ ice\t1\ \t1\\t1.0.4\ncom.appl e.driver.AppleBasebandI19\t1.0.0d1\ er.AppleAstrisGpioProbe\t1.0.1\ ppleT8030PCIe\t1\ IE\t1\\t701.14\ Libs\t200.5\ ext\t1\\t65.0.22\ncom. apple.driver.AppleH11ANEInterface\t6.201.0\ncom.ap ple.driver.AppleH10CameraInterface\t19.202.0\ncom. apple.driver.AppleH10PearlCameraInterface\t19.202. 0\\t343.0.0 \\t1\nco\t1.2\ iver.AppleEmbeddedUSBHost\t1\ .AppleUSBHub\t1.2\ stCompositeDevice\t1.2\ 0TypeCPhy\t1\\ t1\\t1\ river.AppleSPMI\t1.0.1\ \t1\\t1.0.2 \\t1\ncom.a pple.driver.AppleLightningErrorHandler\t1\ le.driver.usb.AppleUSBHostPacketFilter\t1.0\ncom.a pple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageDriver\t232\ iokit.IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily\t476\ncom.appl e.iokit.IOPCIFamily\t2.9\ tFamily\t1.2\ operties\t1.2\ \t1.0\\t1110.14\n\t493.0.0\ iver.AppleSMC\t1\\t1.0.0\\t1.0.0\n\t1.0\ .IOAccessoryManager\t1.0.0\ amily\t2.0.0\\ t1.0\\t11\ncom.appl e.driver.AppleSEPKeyStore\t2\ leEffaceableStorage\t1.0\ PCredentialManager\t1.0\ ppender\t1.0\\t1.0 \\t1.0.1b8\ ily\t3.4\\t1.0\ Family\t1.0.0\\t1.0.0 \\t1\ IOAudio2Family\t1.0\ roller\t200.2\ s\t200.5\\ t265.0.0\\t334.0.1\ncom. apple.driver.IODARTFamily\t1\ leSSE\t1.0\\t1.0. 1\\t1.0.2\ river.IOSlaveProcessor\t1\ Kit\t19.10.0\\t70.3 5.0\\t1.0.0d1\ .driver.AppleMobileFileIntegrity\t1.0.5\ .iokit.CoreAnalyticsFamily\t1\ plePMGR\t1\\t1.0 .2\\t2.1\ncom.appl e.iokit.IOSlowAdaptiveClockingFamily\t1.0.0\ncom.a pple.iokit.IOReportFamily\t47\ AppleImage4\t5.0.0\\t1\nc\t1.0.1\nc\t1\\t1\nco\t12.0\n\n",
"panicFlags" : "0x802",
"bug_type" : "210",
"otherString" : "\n** Stackshot Succeeded ** Bytes Traced 302734 (Uncompressed 746880) **\n",
"repairStatus" : "1",
"memoryStatus" : {"compressorSize":57437,"compressions":347899,"dec ompressions":160836,"busyBufferCount":1,"memoryPre ssureDetails":{"pagesWanted":860,"pagesReclaimed": 0},"pageSize":16384,"memoryPressure":false,"memory Pages":{"active":67666,"throttled":0,"fileBacked": 59811,"wired":41889,"purgeable":2572,"inactive":65 053,"free":1140,"speculative":2614}},
"processByPid" : {
"0" :
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