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legija 06-11-2018 12:19

RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.82, RIFF Box firmware v1.51 released
RIFF Box Firmware 1.50
- Fixed RIFFBOX2 Firmware bug: when reading any data from eMMC Chip, the Data CRC16 was not checked, so even data received with errors was considered to be valid.
Now RIFFBOX2 Firmware detects data CRC16 errors, and guarantees data read from eMMC chip is valid.
RIFFBOX1 Firmware is not affected by this bug, but firmware update is required to update to 1.50 version string.
- Fixed timing bug which prevented to change BOOT and RPMB partitions sizes

RIFF Box JTAG Manager 1.79
- Added context menu for the PKG editor - right-click on data write actions allows to perform alignment of the selected ation's data. Normally alignment is performed when adding new write memory action.
This feature allows to align actions in selectable manner, after all write actions were added to the list. This feature is handy when adding full list of write actions via eMMC Plugin,
and when some partitions are required to remain full size, and others are allowed to be cut/aligned
- "eMMC/SD Access" Page -> "Data Length" Field, ComboBox with pre-set lengths, 'File Size': when selected, Data Length field is filled with value equal to selected File's size.
Now File size is automatically aligned to 0x200. JTAG Manager automatically handles non-aligned to 0x0200 files - the remaining data is filled with 00s.
- Added "Load EXT_CSD Register" feature to the eMMC/SD Advanced dialog. It is possible now to load 0x200-byte EXT_CSD register into currently connected eMMC context;
Format supported: plain binary format, 0x200 bytes size of file; most often these are files with extentions '*.bin' and '*.extcsd';
- Added "Load CID & CSD Registers" feature to the eMMC/SD Advanced dialog.
It is possible now to load CID and CSD registers into currently connected eMMC context;
Format supported: log text files made with other boxes.


legija 06-26-2018 17:09

RIFF Box JTAG Manager 1.80
- Fixed save file bug: After JTAG Manager showed there is no Free Disk Space to save the file, consequtive Save attempts resulted in errors.
- Fixed keyboard layout switching when RichEdit component is activated (these are forms containing instructions, help, etc - like Resurrection Manual, Useful Plugins description text, etc)
- Firmware update procedure is improved JTAGManager.exe

legija 08-30-2018 04:20

RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.81 RIFF Box firmware v1.51 released
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RIFF Box Firmware v1.51

- fixed RIFF1 firmware bug which caused random box restarts during ISP flashing
- fixed RIFF1 firmware bug which caused freezing during consequtive eMMC write operations in single session
- fixed RIFF1 & RIFF2 firmware bug which caused erasing the first block of eMMC chip's user area after reading eMMC firmware or reading Samsung Smart Info

RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.81

- added USB mode: it is possible to connect supported devices via USB cable; (Qualcomm Sahara Firehose and Streaming Download protocols)
- added UFS memories support via USB interface.

- added feature to remember each partition address and length settings on USB read/write page;
- added feature to remember each partition address and length settings on eMMC read/write page;
now when partition is changed, the relevant Address and Length fields are changed to correspond values which were set for selected partition;
- fixed an issue with settings when there are no downloaded resurrectors or if there are not all kinds of resurrectors are present;
Now informative dialogs are displayed for users to be able to clue out what's to be done.
- fixed an issue when user tries to select Resurrectors filter (for example to filter only ISP Resurrectors) and there are no Resurrectors of the selected Filter kind;
Now informative dialogs are displayed for users to be able to clue out what's wrong. And deadloop with settings is avoided now.
- added information on the Plugins page - in case there are no plugins are downloaded yet, the not experienced user can see information about plugins and how to get them;
- revised the "Resurrector Settings" logic: renamed to "Automatic Parameters" and "Manual Parameters by User".
When selected "Automatic Parameters", the required connection settings are used from the Resurrector DLL: for all modes - JTAG, eMMC, USB.
Please note, any settings (values) present in the ISP Resurrector DLLs are copied when DLL is selected and are not forced not to be changed later by user.
Thus for ISP mode, all settings (interface, SD_CLK, voltage and bus width) can be modified anytime, and are not grayed out in the "Automatic Parameters" mode.
When selected "Manual Parameters by User", the required connection settings are used from correspondent fields.
Additional checks added to eliminate irregularities during connection to the device when incorrect mode DLL is selected in the list.
Message dialogs are displayed to inform user what has to be done in order to fix the problems
- completely reworked scenarios for cases when "Automatic Parameters" or "Manual Parameters by User" option is selected
It now complies to following rules: when "Manual Parameters by User" are selected, the settings block is changed depending to currently active Page.
For example, if eMMC Read/Write page is active, ISP settings block is displayed, if DCC Read/Write page is active, JTAG Custom Settings block is displayed, etc.
In case "Automatic Parateres" is selected, no matter what active page is selected, the settings block which corresponds to the mode of selected resurrector is displayed.
This helps to eliminate illogical scenarios - for eample, when selected resurrector is ISP Resurrector and user tries to Read/Write memory on DCC Read/Write Page.
In this case Error Message dialog is displayed for user.
- implemented more informative and self-explainable run-time rebuild of the JTAG Manager's settings blocks interface when Automatic Parameters" or "Manual Parameters by User" are selected.

legija 10-16-2018 23:23

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RIFF JTAG Manager v1.82

Whats new:

  • Fixed bug when existent PKG's pinout picture was not displayed due to "Interface Pinout" button was hidden
  • Added new pkg licensing scheme, which allows now to use any PKG file createad by any user for any other user.
  • Root PKG License is required for edit permission. To share own PKG file with other users the Root PKG License is not required now.
  • Added altermative method of detecting the storage size for Qualcomm Firehose Loaders which do not support GetStorageInfo command
  • Added Qualcomm DMSS protocol support
  • Added support for USB connection method to Package Editor wizard. (Add action - Establish USB Connection)

Since this version is introduced, any user can create and share repair packages (*.riffpkg).
We will prepare comprehensive instructions with videos on how to use package editor and how to share created files in short time.

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