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blang 10-08-2013 13:46

[GUIDE] How to find DIRECT EMMC PINOUT. Step by step with pictures.

Attention! This way is not safe for working pcb.

For pinout find need:

1. Need Multimeter.
2. Need PCB with emmc.
3. Sodering stationg.

Now steps.:
1. Here pcb. for example we take GT-I9500 board.

2. Multimeter.


3. Here pcb with removed EMMC.

4. Here pcb with market pins. Check position point before start job.

5. Here default pinout of BGA169 emmc with position point and pinout.

6. Now using tester need test where go pins.

LETS GO. Now you can connect to emmc.
Check this FAQ - How connect EMMC DIRECT!!!!

Lets collect in this thread tested emmc pinouts.

Other type of EMMC:

francoo 10-17-2013 15:12

Please pinout
JTAG Z3X gentlemen, you would be so kind to add pinotu of each of the models performed this fantastic box repair EMMC

please thanks

shakil+ 10-24-2013 23:02

Please pinout
JTAG Z3X gentlemen, you would be so kind to add pinotu of each of the models performed this fantastic box repair EMMC

please thanks

oblio 10-26-2013 04:46

1 Attachment(s)

umo 10-28-2013 22:15

give us the pin out diagrams with latest update thanks,,,.....d master,great team Z3X

faithfull 11-06-2013 23:27

can u share i 9300 s3 and n7100 not2 pls

woolfgang 11-22-2013 14:21

1 Attachment(s)
i9100 emmc pinout not tested yet.

walidjamil 11-29-2013 03:29

Mr. Blang from where can I got the files Main and boot for repair emmc? I need for S2 i9100, i8190, N7000, thx

communication_expert 11-29-2013 21:13

Samsung Note 2 N7100 EMMC Pinouts

Jacques2 12-05-2013 06:35

Lg ms770
1 Attachment(s)
I am trying to read the eMMC chip on a LG MS770 phone that is in working order. The eMMC chip is a Toshiba THGBM4GGD2HBAIC 4GB chip. I traced back Vcc, Clk, Cmd, VccQ, and D0. However when I attempt to read the eMMC chip I get the following error:

EasyJtag Suite ver.: started.
Operating system ver.: Windows 7 (build 7601, Service Pack 1), 64-bit edition.
Successefuly connected to box on COM39
Box S/N: 16XXXX, ,FW Ver.: 01.47
Box Working Mode: JTAG Box.
Box Drivers version:, are OK
Z3X Card Serial : AA81-7A1C , ver: 22
Successefuly connected to box on COM39
Box S/N: 16XXXX, ,FW Ver.: 01.47
Loading eMMC Addon Firmware...
CMD Pullup Level:1660 mV
CMD Active Level:2155 mV
eMMC ACK Error ( Check Connection )
eMMC Card initialisation error!

I have rechecked my connections and reconfirmed my connection points on my test phone. See attached image for solder connections.

Any suggestions?


KE6SOLTI 12-08-2013 12:01

how to fing pinouts in this pcb
how to find pinouts in this pcb

Jacques2 12-16-2013 13:55

MS770 eMMC Pinout
1 Attachment(s)
Mr. Blang,
Feel free to add this pinout image to the Easy-JTAG LG MS-770 support files. Using the attached eMMC pinout, I was able to dump the Toshiba memory chip. I have included the log from Easy-JTAG to confirm the connection:

Successefuly connected to box on COM39
Box S/N: 16XXX, ,FW Ver.: 01.47
Loading eMMC Addon Firmware...
CMD Pullup Level:1949 mV
CMD Active Level:2320 mV
EMMC CID 11010030303847344200C794CBC68F6D
EMMC CSD D00E00320F5903FFFFFFFFE79640001F
EMMC Manufactorer ID: 11
EMMC Date: 08/2012 FW rev.0x0 HW rev.0x0
EMMC Serial #: 3348417478
EMMC Capacity: 7456 MB (High Density Card)
Extended CSD rev 1.5 (MMC 4.41)
Card Supported Command sets [S_CMD_SET: 0x00]
- Standard MMC command sets
HPI Features [HPI_FEATURE: 0x01]:
implementation based on CMD13
Background operations support [BKOPS_SUPPORT: 0x01]
Background operations status [BKOPS_STATUS: 0x00]
TRIM Multiplier [TRIM_MULT: 0x04]
Secure Feature support [SEC_FEATURE_SUPPORT: 0x15]
Secure Erase Multiplier [SEC_ERASE_MULT: 0x10]
Secure TRIM Multiplier [SEC_TRIM_MULT: 0x42]
Boot Information [BOOT_INFO: 0x07]
Device supports alternative boot method
Device supports dual data rate during boot
Device supports high speed timing during boot
Boot partition size [BOOT_SIZE_MULTI: 0x10]
Access size [ACC_SIZE: 0x07]
High-capacity erase unit size [HC_ERASE_GRP_SIZE: 0x08]
High-capacity erase timeout [ERASE_TIMEOUT_MULT: 0x02]
Reliable write sector count [REL_WR_SEC_C: 0x10]
High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x01]
Sleep current (VCC) [S_C_VCC: 0x07]
Sleep current (VCCQ) [S_C_VCCQ: 0x09]
Sleep/awake timeout [S_A_TIMEOUT: 0x11]
Sector Count [SEC_COUNT: 0x00e90000]
Partition switching timing [PARTITION_SWITCH_TIME: 0x01]
Out-of-interrupt busy timing [OUT_OF_INTERRUPT_TIME: 0x05]
Card Type [CARD_TYPE: 0x07]
CSD structure version [CSD_STRUCTURE: 0x02]
Command set [CMD_SET: 0x00]
Command set revision [CMD_SET_REV: 0x00]
Power class [POWER_CLASS: 0x00]
High-speed interface timing [HS_TIMING: 0x00]
Erased memory content [ERASED_MEM_CONT: 0x01]
Boot configuration bytes [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x00]
Not boot enable
No access to boot partition
Boot config protection [BOOT_CONFIG_PROT: 0x00]
Boot bus Conditions [BOOT_BUS_CONDITIONS: 0x00]
High-density erase group definition [ERASE_GROUP_DEF: 0x00]
Boot write protection status registers [BOOT_WP_STATUS]: 0x00
Boot Area Write protection [BOOT_WP]: 0x00
Power ReadOnly locking: possible
Permanent ReadOnly locking: possible
Read Only lock status: not locked
User area write protection register [USER_WP]: 0x00
FW configuration [FW_CONFIG]: 0x00
Write reliability setting register [WR_REL_SET]: 0x00
Write reliability parameter register [WR_REL_PARAM]: 0x05
Enable background operations handshake [BKOPS_EN]: 0x00
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x00
HPI management [HPI_MGMT]: 0x00
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x03
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced tech.
Max Enhanced Area Size [MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT]: 0x0003b4
Partitions attribute [PARTITIONS_ATTRIBUTE]: 0x00
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
General Purpose Partition Size
[GP_SIZE_MULT_4]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_3]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_2]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_1]: 0x000000
Enhanced User Data Area Size [ENH_SIZE_MULT]: 0x000000
Enhanced User Data Start Address [ENH_START_ADDR]: 0x000000
Bad Block Management mode [SEC_BAD_BLK_MGMNT]: 0x00

Jane1 04-11-2014 19:05

I think the main problem is to find out the datasheet of the used eMMC in a particular mobile. Is there anywhere an eMMC datasheet of eMMC chips where i can see which eMMC pin is
VCC,VCCQ,D0,CLK ... .?

mobilecuatui 04-19-2014 04:10

I Need Pinout Emmc S2 HD SHV-E120L Plz Help Me , Thanks Mr Blang !!!

concepttheman 04-25-2014 04:26

Mr blang. I am representing for all of us in the USA. please give more support for English in the United States and more pictures of pin outs. I need the pin out for the direct eMMC connection for a GS III L710

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