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Aamir_Zia 01-17-2015 10:31

i747 & t999 4.3 needed ..

mobirepair 01-21-2015 12:41


Originally Posted by Dr_Wolodya (Post 10733973)
What is "adb full dump" and how to make "adb full dump"?

me too have same question bro..........pls rply frdsssssss

phuocvh™ 01-24-2015 15:51

thanks bro .........

alialjorany 01-25-2015 20:18

until now nobody said about should we use TP or not bcz i create successful zbin in sd card and but it in phone and wait
tried with bat and without
tried with different sd card types and sizes
tried with different time (put sd in the phone )
tried with hand download and gic
cant see download mode

djcvek 01-31-2015 10:16

good post :)

Sent from my Xperia Z Ultra C6833

Jabbacks 02-05-2015 08:50

Is it possible to recover phone booting into Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOAD 9008?

Thanks! 02-13-2015 19:11

ihave i9192 can't go to recovery mode
iwrite frameware and stell stuck in samsung galaxy s4mini logo and restart every time help pleze

mahesh0021 02-20-2015 13:53

too good but one question Is it working in new models like grand,star,core ???

gjalvarez 03-05-2015 19:43

I have a phone with problem with pit file, I can´t set pit file, should I try this????

gjalvarez 03-10-2015 00:29

when I go to download mode and try to flash with new pit file, odin just hangs... Can anyone help me?

manaswb 03-10-2015 19:54

any one upload total working video

anombase 03-11-2015 12:02

how an i solve missing product name of i9300 and i9500?pls help me out

gjalvarez 03-11-2015 20:37

when I go to download mode and try to flash with new pit file, odin just hangs... Can anyone help me?

gjalvarez 03-18-2015 23:54

When writing the micro sd I am getting this error, can anyone help me?

Compression thread encountered exception: "Exception of type Compression Exception thrown, cause buffer error (-5)"

Also, how can I know when do I need to use it? I mean what error is giving the phone?

Thank you

javed.tak 03-30-2015 08:14


Originally Posted by blang (Post 10731714)
EasyJTAG Magic SD Card Tool Operation Manual

Here are the instruction on creating recovery sd-card and boot sd-card to recover bricked Samsung Phones in case your phone got broken.*Before doing this, if your device are detected by usb as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 ( If you device are EXYNOS MCU Based it not need to be detected by USB at all)

Creating MAGIC CARD from ZBIN Image.

1. Download both PIT and ZBIN files for yor phone from support area.
2. Insert clean formatted SD Card in USB SD Card Reader
3. Run EasyJTAG Software and select SD Image Plugin
4. Select ZBIN file for creating recovery card by clicking button
5. Select yur SD card in drives list. And click button.
6. After few seconds magic SD card will be done. Close plugin and remove it from reader

Recovery Phone by SD Unbrick card

1. Insert SD Card in phone SD card slot and attach battery
2. Put phone in Download mode by USB-JIC either by keyboard combination ( make sure that you have used file with newer firmware than current phone firmware. If you don't know what firmware have ben in phone before software damage – just use latest zbin file from support!)
3. If phone go in ODIN mode, download firmware with same version as in ZBIN file e.g if you used
4. Samsung_GT-I9200_I9200XXUDNE4_GPT_UEFI.zbin you should use I9200XXUDNE4 firmware or newer one.
5. Flash phone with ODIN with PIT file!
6. Repair Done;

Creating MAGIC CARD from BIN Dump

If your phone have more actual firmware version than ZBIN file on support or you have unsupported phone – you can make ZBIN file by yourself from BINary dump ( eMMC Direct Dump or ADB Full Dump)

1. Run EasyJTAG Software and select SD Image Plugin
2. Select (128mbt DUMP)BIN* file for creating recovery card by clicking button
3. Click [Convert From BIN] button
4. After operation complete you will get ZBIN and PIT file in source folder.

• Different Platforms requires different ROM parts for Magic SD

ADB FULL DUMP command please

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