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simemu 01-25-2004 18:02

New version 2.1 of the SIM-EMU 6.01 configurator program
It is possible to download it exclusively from the following page:

If the configurator installation requires Microsoft Installer, you can download it from here

This installation requires the uninstallation of the previous one, so it is necessary to make a backup of the SIM_EMU_CFG.ini file before the uninstallation of 1.0 version because this process delete it, loosing all the infromation stored by previous configurations. Once installed the new version 2.1, restore this backup.


. Optional encryptation of the Ki's stored in the SIM_EMU_CFG.ini file.

. Possibility to run the Ki's extraction programs (SimScan, XSim and Cardinal), and to read the obtained information for these programs (only SimScan 2.1 and XSim because the Cardinal do not store it into disk).

. The ADN's and FDN's files format has been changed to make possible to edit them using any text editor.

. Some problems was solved in the SATK of the some original SIM cards.

. The uninstallation process now do not delete the information contained in the SIM_EMU_CFG.ini file.

. New notice messages in configurations not saved, and configuration read and written.

. More information stored in the SIM_EMU_CFG.ini file, this includes the name of the last Flash and EEPROM files configured, the last directory used for the ADN's/FDN's/SMS's, paths to the extraction programs and the name of the data file used by these programs.

. A problem was solved during the deactivation of FDN service.

. Support of phone number of more than 20 digits during save and restore of ADN's information.


. Phoenix and PC/SC card readers support
Thanks to MFG Marek (Cardinal's author) PlugIns, this configurator supports Phoenix readers to any speed and any PC/SC card reader.

. Optional encryptation of the Ki's
It is possible to encrypt this information in the SIM_EMU_CFG.ini file with a private key.

. Run Ki's extraction programs from the configurator (SimScan, XSim y Cardinal)
It is possible to run some of the Ki's extraction programs without closing the Configurator. Once finished the extraction, this data can be recovered from the data files used by these programs.

. Security
Full management of the card security, including information of PIN's/PUK's attempts remaining and the state of the PIN1.

. Configuration
Full configuration of the SIM-EMU 6.01 hex files (Flash & EEPROM) and SIM-EMU 6.01 card directly.

. EEPROM management
Read & write of the external EEPROM of the GreenCard2 / GreenCard / SilverCard cards.

. ADN/SMS/FDN management
It allows to save and restore the ADN/SMS/FDN information of these SIM files and activate or deactivate the FDN feature.

. SIM Application
It allows to execute the SIM Application resident in the GSM SIM card. It works with all types of GSM SIM cards.


cut_r2000 01-25-2004 21:13

hi m8
good job
my Q is can i use it with card type comp V2?
long time man
best regards

simemu 01-25-2004 21:50

This configuration program is not intended to extract Ki. For this reason, you can use it like any other GSM SIM card.


ahmedtr_2000 01-26-2004 12:04

Good jop,best program this year.
Is there sim-emu for fun card if possible?
Can overwrite my original vodafone sim card?
thank you again

simemu 01-26-2004 16:34

There is no version of SIM-EMU for Funcard yet.

You can only modify the allowed data, p.e. ADN (Phonebook), SMS, FDN (Fixed Dialling Numbers, LDN (Last dialed Numbers), etc, but you can never modify protected data with administrative PIN's or Ki.


simpazza 01-27-2004 17:39

64-128 problem in silver card.
Hi Simemu.
I've a small problem. Can you tell me what i've to do please?

1) I've setting hex files (6.01 for flash and 6.00 for eeprom) using your new full configurator (i've followed instructions in your software and on your web site).
2) I've written using IC-Prog the flash and the eeprom of my silvercard (i selected the hex files configured with your confidurator). In Ic-Prog, as i have a silver card, when i've programmed the eeprom i selected chip 24C64.
The programming worked fine!
3) I put card with sim emu 6.01 in my phone and a message is shown: "Insert sim card" after that "Sim card refused".
4) I put silver card in the programmer, i run your programmer and at the top i read this sentence: "Sim emu 6.01"... so i think that there is sim emu 6 in silver card but after that an info-message is shown: "wrong sim emu version for this card". If i click on eeprom (always in your configurator) i read "eeprom-128".
Why was written eeprom at 128 if i have selected 24C64 to write the eeprom?
Perhaps i've to select someone option in configurator while i create personal hex files?



simemu 01-27-2004 20:17

As you can see in the EEPROM tabsheet, you have a GreenCard (24C128) and not a SilverCard (24C64).

For this reason, you have to configure the SIM-EMU 6.01 files for that type of card, in your case you have to set 6.01g in the Configure tabsheet.

Write this new flash (SIM-EMU 6.01g) with IPCrog and write the EEPROM again, but now use the SIM-EMU Configurator program. NOW IT IS POSSIBLE to write the external EEPROM with the SIM-EMU Configurator instead of use ICProg.

With ICProg, you have written only the first 64Kbit, because you have selected the 24C64 device.
Using the SIM-EMU Configurator, always will be written the correct size.


ViperGSM 01-28-2004 23:58

Can you tell me how to use mot.test card option?
WBR From Zemun

freekuwait 01-29-2004 15:47

Dear Simemu

From the site, the upper link is correct, but the bottom link isnt correct, the extension .zip is capetal letter, when you try to download the file gives you error, so please correct it, and make the .zip small letter

From this
to this

i dont know if this make sence to you, but its a problem

please take care


simemu 01-29-2004 20:38

See this page


Luluk 01-30-2004 07:43

Mr.Simemu help me
Mr.Simemu help me
I had two numbers, 1st nr. is revicer free fee and 2nd nr. is call free fee (need basic monthly fee ) , so i used Sim_Emu 6.01 and think it's very good.

But i used 1st number as standby and 2nd number as call, when i want to call somebody, i seleted 2nd number in Sim_Emu to call, when the call is over, i ofen forgot to change back 1st number.

So i wish Mr.Simemu to add a funtion to sim-emu6.01 ,when a dial out call is over and some time free (can setting), automatic reback to a default number(revicer number).

I think this funtion is very usefully. all my brothers can share my dial out free fee number.

Sorry my poor english. wishing every one can known.

simemu 01-30-2004 17:18

I don't know nothing about Dejan.

That possibility is already in my book of suggestions. Thanks

MauMau 02-01-2004 18:42

SIM phone book problem
Dear master simemu,

I have been around for a while in this forum and could not get through to my problem:
I have a discarded sim card (not valid anymore, because I though I had lost and deactivated via telphone company - then later discovered in a hidden place at home).
I do not remember pin code and even less puk.
I woiuld like to access my previous phone book. There are most valuables numbers for my business.
Is there any way? which hardware do I need? which software? how is it possible to bypass (or crack) pin1 to access phone book?
Many thanks

simemu 02-01-2004 19:00

To access the phonebook is necessary to authenticate the PIN1 and without it, it is impossible to read the phonebook.

There is no crack to access this info.

Contact with your operator to request the PUK code of that card explain them your problem.


-RAT- 02-01-2004 20:20

I have two little questions, if u don't mind:

1. Gotta 3 SIM's as follows: provider AAA -> sim A0, provider BBB -> B1, B2. The B2 doesn't have GPRS subscription, while A0 and B1 do. So when I choose B2 there's a message "no GPRS available", and it STAYS STILL even if I switch to A0, not to mention B1 (so even after registering in OTHER network, it doesn't check for GPRS availability). I have to switch my phone off and back on to get GPRS working.
Where is the problem - in my phone (Ericsson R520m) or just a minor bug in sim_emu itself?

2. The 6.00 version of sim_emu seemed to have the effect of enabling service-menu (net monitor & battery info) in Ericsson phones. But 6.01 doesn't have it... :( Was it removed intentionally, and is there possibility to swith it back on?

thanks in advance!

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