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jarton 07-06-2021 04:35

Best Solution / Cheaper to fix EMEI S20 Ultra 5G G988B
Hi everyone,

I am the owner of a S20 Ultra 5G with wiped efs partition, and IMEI issues (Status NG).
The seller messed with the original IMEIs and unfortunately the network is not working.

At this stage, I'd like to fix it so I think about different softwares/tools.
But I just want to do the procedure to fix it and that's it, I don't own a business to fix phones so I wouldn't need expensive equipment.

This would be basically just for a one time job.

No one where I am can do that. I'm happy to purchase a licence or a box do to it on my own but what do you think will be the cheaper way (still an effective method) to do the IMEI repair and put back the original genuine IMEIs ?

Chim*** ? Z3* / etc... ?

Many Thanks

IMEI_info 07-06-2021 11:18

No solution in any box for this phone model SM-G988B to repair the original IMEI.

Most important question Knox is tripped or not?
If do not know what I ask, do the download mode picture and upload it here to can check myself.

jarton 07-08-2021 02:50


Thanks for the help, yes Knox had been tripped : Warranty Void : 1 (0x0303)

That is very strange that nothing can be done because I'm pretty sure the seller I bought it from messed with the IMEIs. There must be a way to revert that.

Unfortunately, I don;t know which one will be the best solution at this stage. I wouldn't mind to keep the phone longer until a solution is available so I can use it when I'll be back from overseas.

Please, let know if you have any solution/advise.

Thank You

IMEI_info 07-08-2021 14:10

If knox is void no solution at all.
Just back phone to seller can't do anything with it.

senolozen 07-08-2021 15:27

Hello there. Restore the original imei of this device, take an efs backup from this device, restore the backup, and the original imei will be restored.

W_011 07-08-2021 15:42

Try to eft dongle repair original imei maybe supported,maybe not ))

jarton 07-09-2021 21:57


Originally Posted by IMEI_info (Post 14422193)
If knox is void no solution at all.
Just back phone to seller can't do anything with it.

I'm not sure I get it. So you're telling me that all the phones with knox tripped are basically unfixable ? Either by Chim***, z3* etc ???

It's not what is seems to be when I read other posts so honestly I'm getting confused now.
The phone is rooted, so it should be doable, the question was more regarding the fact that I just want a one time fix, and not invest in expensive stuff just for one repair.

But thanks for the replies guys

wgmmmx1 07-15-2021 13:50

Not all but new 2020/2021 Samsung devices can't repair if got knox void.

jarton 07-16-2021 02:09

So, for this specific model G988B, is it confirmed that there is absolutely no chance to fix it ?
If it's a lost cause, fine, but just want to be 100% sure. I don't mind to keep it for longer until a solution becomes available.

Where exactly can I be 100% sure about that ? It looks like Chime** is listing the device as fixable, maybe not on the very latest firmware, but with a bit of time they'll find a solution for bit 7 ?

Anyone can confirm that please ? Thank you team

IMEI_info 07-16-2021 12:30

Something change see here maybe you see something that help you here:

jarton 07-19-2021 21:31

Hi, apparently on the link you provided, IMEI repairs are 100% feasible for the G988B.
That's why I'm lost. I get 50% responses that it's fine, and 50% that it's not possible.

Thanks guys for your help. I'll wait a bit more to see if the situation evolves and I can be sure I can save the phone.
Hopefully Chime** will be able to do that on bit7, even if knox is tripped.

Cheers guys

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