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Kiyan1391 03-11-2020 22:38

Tanq. Good update. Tested on iphone se with t mobile and 7 pluse att lock
But 2 questions

1 update 19.3 or 16.2 ??
Im chk support cant find 19.3. Only 16.1 and 16.2 new

2. I have tracfone lock. On r sim no tracfone and update rsim to 16.2 must select operator and select iccid unlock with 16.2 no tracfone and only iccid mode activation

turox88 03-11-2020 23:39

working iphone 6s X Xs max 8 plus (sprint) 11 pro max (sprint)

ernieglez87 03-12-2020 00:08


Originally Posted by carlos_07 (Post 14042981)
does not work with r-sim 13


Nope, those aren’t working since you must keep the RSIM card in the tray in order to work. I know for sure bc that was the first thing I’ve tried :D

Knowledge 03-12-2020 00:11

Does this new method work with rSim 15? The dual card version in the pink plastic case?

I can verify it works with rSim 14 for the XR series in the green plastic case.

EnggarAgus 03-12-2020 01:07


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Kiyan1391 03-12-2020 02:34

And don't forget that rsim cant relase update for user

With new ios apple like before open iccid active

You can active with any unlocker sim with any version .

Good luck

kinglock 03-12-2020 04:53

V19.1 and v19.2 is working too , the net worker will upload the v19.3 today ,

emiliofv 03-12-2020 05:24

Osea ustedes no tenían preparada la actualización para Dongle de rsim 15 y esto fue un golpe de suerte que les ha traído de vuelta al negocio ? Nos edtaban mintiendo al hacer esperar por algo que no había y ahora con suerte bum regresaron , pero hasta cuándo será esto ?

kinglock 03-12-2020 06:41


Originally Posted by kinglock (Post 14043160)
V19.1 and v19.2 is working too , the net worker will upload the v19.3 today ,

Abubaker AmE 03-12-2020 11:50

Iphone 6 12.4.5
what about iphone 6 ios 12.4.5
not working
any solution ?????????

EL_SaNdUnGuErO 03-12-2020 17:25

yes, jailbreakit and modified some files on the os, and iccid gonna work , google it

iamtj 03-12-2020 17:34


Originally Posted by kader1303 (Post 14042745)
I have RSIM 14 but doesn´t show pop up menu when inserted mabe are old version software, thats why im asking if need to update and what dongle to use for this RSIM

update fw to 14.9

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Tolbas 03-13-2020 14:03


Originally Posted by Abubaker AmE (Post 14043691)
what about iphone 6 ios 12.4.5
not working
any solution ?????????

To make it work, you need to jailbreak your device and follow this method.
For users below the iPhone 6S (i5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6Plus) who want to use the ICCID unlock method, they need to jailbreak their iPhone. From Cydia, install Filza File Manager.
Open Filza, then go to System / Library / Coreservices. There you will find the SystemVersion.plist file. Open this file and you will find ProductBuildVersion. We need to change the value of this ProductBuildVersion to 17D50. Then come back, you will find ProductVersion, and we need to change the value to 13.3.1 and save.
Now hard reset your iPhone. Your device will show software version 13.3.1 (17D50)
Now you can unlock your device using the ICCID unlock method
After activation by ICCID, return the version and number of your firmware via jailbreak.

Pham Hung DN 03-14-2020 16:51

Tolbas 03-14-2020 18:16

Activation by ICCID iPhone 6, 6+ and 5s:
1.We take the phone, put the jail checkrain
2. We go into the side and put Filza File Manager and Apple File Conduit “2”
3. Through Filza we go along the path System / Libraries / Coreservices. Copy the SystemVersion.plist file to the same folder. The file will be called SystemVersion (1) .plist
4. Open SystemVersion.plist, find ProductBuildVersion. Change the value of ProductBuildVersion to 17D50. Then we return and in ProductVersion we change the value to 13.3.1. Click save and done.
5. We reboot the device with the buttons. The download will be long, with a running status bar.
6. After loading the device, insert the sandwich and enter the current ICCID in the drop-down menu.
7. We go through the activation and we have a fully functioning device. (will not work without a gasket)
Now return the firmware version:
1. We take the phone, again we put the jail checkrain
2. Thanks to the Apple File Conduit “2” tweak installed earlier, we connect the phone to any program (iTools, 3Utools, etc.) and go to the “File System” section.
3. In 3Utools, as an example, we go along the path System / Libraries / Coreservices. Delete the SystemVersion.plist file and rename the previously copied source file named SystemVersion (1) .plist to SystemVersion.plist. That is, without "(1)".
4. We reboot the device with the buttons. The download will be long, with a running status bar.

That's all. The phone remains on the old firmware 12.4.x and works as a non-wizard. After all the manipulations, all applications work stably, both old and just installed.

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