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X-SIM SL3 Breaker FAQ

1. Is this a new SL3 Nokia unlock solution?
• Answer: No, this is a solution that improves your speed with SL3 brute-forcing handling (SHA1 brute-force)

• It also reduces the time you need to spend in front of the computer and makes your work so much easier.

2. Are you selling SL3 Bruteforcing?
• Answer: It works like this: Your servers/computers do the bruteforcing. Our software distributes the work evenly to each computer in your network. (Note that the computers do not have to be on the same network, they can be anywhere in the world)

• Our system is designed to work with Atom΄s ocl_Hashcat and it will not work with other sofware like ighashgpu...

• It will work with both Nvidia and ATI systems. Both 32 and 64bit.

3. What am I paying for?
• Answer: You get access to the most sophisticated SL3 sytem in the world. Though we charge a small fee per PC, you will quickly earn that money back in saved electricity bills and you save your highly valued time. You do not need to be at the computer at all times, you simply come from time to time and take a look at the Control panel that we provide you with. There you will see detailed statistics and you can add/remove logs to the queue and change priority. (Check the feature list at the end of this document for more features).

4. Why do you say that your system decreases calculation time ? How does that work?
• Answer: Well, thanks to our skillful programmers and their knowledge of mathematics we found out that splitting a phone‘s hash into many tiny parts can give you a statistical gain and we can prove it! Simply put: Many PCs will find your code faster because each computer now has a chance of finding the code. If you Google the word “Statistics”, you can read all about it! Example: You have 4 computers and total progress is 100%. Computer 1 does 25% of the work, next computer does 25% of the work, and so on... So then you are working simultaniously on many different possibilities at once and increase chance of finding the code faster.

5. Does it ever happen that no code is not found at all ?
• Answer: No, This will not happen. Not even if a computer overheats and turns off or reboots itself. The only scenario this could happen is if you are trying to bruteforce a Broadcom phone with a 20 digit NCK or somehow get bad hash readout.

6. I have my own system that a friend wrote and I am happy with it. Why is your system any better? Why should i change/upgrade?

• Answer: Our system is unique and does not compare to any other system. It is fully automated. It uses a unique algorithm that splits each hash into smaller parts so if a computer turns off or reboots, only 0.1% of the work is lost. This 0.1% is automaticly sent to another computer for processing. Once the computer that rebooted is back up, it will receive a new job immidiately. This means that no work or time is lost even if a pc fails completely!

• No other software has our features.

7. I am an ordinary unlocker. Can this software be of any use to me?
• Answer: You can team up with unlockers that you know. Maybe you have only one GPU card? Well you can use our software for that! You simply send the client program to your fellow unlockers and ask them to run it. Lets say you have 10 friends that all have 1 good card each. When they have all started the client you can add a phone in the control panel and all those 10 cards will start working on that same phone. Your unlocking friends can be anywhere in the world but your computers will work together as if they were all in the same room or as if all the cards were in one computer! Again, only our software provides these features.

• The system keeps detailed statistics and can tell you what computer found the code and how many codes each computer has found and much more!

• The system can automaticly send the result to your client once the calculation is finished!

Your main goal is that your PC's should be working non-stop 24/7.

Example 1
• You do not have many SL3 phones to unlock. Some days you don’t even have a phone to unlock.

• So, you create a unlock community with fellow unlockers. Maybe 10 people or whatever number suits you. Some of you will always have a phone to unlock so your computers are working 24/7. So your computer is working for the others in your community while you dont even have a phone to unlock.

• Lets say you get a customer that needs to open his phone ASAP and your community has 5 phones in queue. You talk to your friends and you move your new clients phone to top of the queue. All computers will instantly start working on this new phone without losing any of the work that was done on the previous phone. Our server will save current status and resume the last phone immediately once the new phone is done.

So your phone will open very quickly (Depending on what GPU cards your community has of course). Once again we say:
Your PC's should work non-stop 24/7 in order to get back your investment ASAP
... And this is what we are offering you! A unique solution so you will not lose one second of your valuable time.

Example 2
You own a high-end graphics card and dont even work with GSM phones. (Or you know someone that does)

• You can then join a community and sell your gpu power. Simple as that. Earn money while you sleep!

8. If you split the hash onto many computers, what will happen if the computer that is working on the part that actually has the code, goes down for some reason ? (power loss etc) – Easy – If our cpanel does not receive any info from a (any client) in 10 minutes it will automatically send that part of the hash to another computer that is up and running. So NO time is lost whatsoever.

Feature list:

• Use as many computers as you wish to calculate code – no matter where in the world they are.
• Have your brute force result sent to your customer or whoever you want by email immediately once the code is found.
• Add new phones to queue from the control panel. (you, friends, clients or whoever you want to have access to the control panel)
• Change priority of phones without losing any work (Even if you change the top phone in queue, no work is lost. Our/Your server save current progress)
• Add notes to any job (so there will be no confusion about what phone belongs to who etc)
• Add new clients so they can add phones as well
• See detailed statistics about each job and each computer on the network
• Every second of your time is used so you are always earning money
• See what drones are connected in control panel. (it will tell you if any computers are overheating etc) It will also show you how long it has been since the computer took its last job)
• Export to results to CSV
• Export to COD file(s)
• Export NCK codes
• Send NCK codes directly to your customer's email (multiply email sending enabled!)
• Sell your GPU power to others
• Random and search HASH by ranges added
• Auto-Restart BruteForce PC if GPU power fails
• All kind of AUTO starts enabled - client application autostart, Cpanel application autostart ect.

...and so so so much more!

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One of the beta testers asked us tons of questions. Clever ones. )
Thanks for this short FAQ goes to him - Bao.
Guess all newbies are interested in same things.

Here is 'transcript' of the questions/answers:

Here are questions/answers:

1-If 1 of these PC found the code,what is the timing the Server will resend new job to the Clients?
A: Immediately. Less than 1second.

2- In the middle of job 50%,can i stop it and start with new IMEI due the other customer willing to pay more
money to have them phone done first,so after that can i resume the phone was stop as 50% again?
A: You can chose priority by moving phones up/down(can put as many phones in the raw as you wish). Yes, phone calculation will be resumed after phone(you moved bellow) will come on the first place in a raw again.

3-Incase 1 of these Clients PC failed,what is the timing for Server to understand and re-giving that chunk from PC failed to the other Clients?
A: You can define this time period yourself(Drones tab, Settings)

4- Can we control (view) the temperature for all Client's PC in Cpanel control?
A:No, can only see status code(-2) which mean PC is overheating. Cannot see temperatures of PC-s which are working normally(we will propably add this in new update)

5-For the Cpanel control can i install on 3 different regular's PC in my shop, my house and in different Country(if i go to Vietnam,but can control the job)?
A: You can install Cpanel on as many PC-s as you wish. Also, can use it from where ever you want(Server PC must have internet)

6-The Server software can i use same PC with Cpanel control software?

7- With the option email send NCK code to buyers,will it send all 7 levels code?
Because i see some phone accept code at level 1 and some with level 7

A: You will send level7 code(all locks disable) - 100% will unlock any phone

8- 1% mean any time Server giving 10 chunks to each PC's Clients? i don't understand this part
Please check this link. Here I explained all regarding chunks ect:

9- Is that 1 IMEI Hash has 1000 chunks right?
A: You can define this your self. Can chose from 1000 to 100 chunks.
Please check again this link:

10- Every time Server giving 1% (10 chunks???) to Clients?
A: Server send to each available PC the chunk as you specified yourself

11- After done each chunk from Clients how many seconds Server will resend new chunk?
A: Immediately. Less than 1second.

12- How many minute for 1% chunk with PC 4GPU 8700Mhash/s and 6GPU 11990mHASH/S?
A: PC 4GPU 8700Mhash/s will do 1% in 1149seconds estimated. 11990mHASH/S will do 1% in 834seckonds. estimated.

13-Can i use Hashcat 0.8 with new version of SL3NET?
Because i tested here Hashcat 0.8 is fast than 0.9 with add command -n 800 --restore-
Hashcat 0.8 is good when the ATI driver stop repond some how, it recontinues to BF,BUT hashcat 0.9 doesn't(my tested)

A: Yes. Can use 0.8 or 0.9, as you wish. You can chose workload on our client. No need to bother with commands any longer.

14-Do we have option to add command line -n 800 --restore-timer=999 on new SL3NET?
That option is good for some Video card (2%) do not perform 99% GPU usage
I have test here with same Videocard,CPU,Motherboard,RAM,PSU,but the GPU usage are different from each other,if i do add command
line -n 800 --restore-timer=999 then all PC will be same GPU usage and speed.
A: Yes, Yes. Can chose from 160-800 workload value (have drop menu n client application)

15- Do we have an option for Cpanel control's app on an Android device like Motorola Xoom...?
A: Can use Cpanel via TeamViever. It works very good so there was no need we do application for Android.

16- Can we add or remove Client's PC on the fly without effect the current job ?
A: Yes. Can add/remove client PC-s without any effect to the current job.

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