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  1. Htc one PN07100 after write dump still dead
  2. Host Need a newest API Version
  3. Samsung j111f emergency solution
  4. one year support?
  5. easy jtag emmc plus force close
  6. How to Update Nokia 6 TA-1021
  7. g532g got some problem
  8. Sm-j120h easy jtag procedure
  9. easy jtag exes problem
  10. J200h/ds dead boot repair problem
  11. Easy jtag plus support eMMC KLUBG4G1BD ????
  12. to all z3x jitag uesr samsung c7000 pinout
  13. plz help me
  14. sm-g318hz after flash dead Can't init EMMC, Reason: CARD Data FIFO Timeout Error
  15. g530h cannot detect
  16. g530h cannot detect
  17. moorc u-socket adapter
  18. a5000 repair boot
  19. G532F/DS emmc riper done but dade
  20. jio f90m
  21. i need help g532F/ds emmc riper problem
  22. g7102 blinking in logo
  23. g532F/ds emmc riper problem
  24. need help easy jtag team
  25. htc D820n (0PFJ400) DEAD BOOT REPAIR solution needed
  26. Huawei g750-u10 emmc pinout (picture inside)
  27. mi note 4 ok
  28. how find k3qf7f70dm pinout emmc
  29. hello dear users and easy j.. team need help
  30. Easy jtag plus need
  31. s7582 firmware upgrade encountered an issue
  32. Samsung J200G Fully Dead Mobile Contact Successfully Recover Via Easy Jtag Plus
  33. contacts2.db Android 7
  34. Vodafone Smart ultra6 emmc pinout
  35. please give me correct pinout emmc g531h
  36. lg d290n emmc repair pb
  37. sony c1904 error every time help please
  38. Failed to mount/cache no Such file,Failed to mount/cecovery no Such file
  39. How To Read Nokia 6 TA-1021
  40. how to use jtag plus emmc socket.
  41. Easy JTAG to Easy JTAG plus
  42. hilp N7100 Dead boot
  43. PB1-770m need Jtag pinout & repair file
  44. easyjtag open after show this eroor
  45. Moto X Play daed after OTA update
  46. J200g dead boot
  47. Emmc compatibility for replacement
  48. xt1643 deadboot
  49. inferno dongle
  50. LG D325 DBI error repair but still no download mode(log attached)
  51. Sm-g530h boot repaired but no download mode log given
  52. How to Unlock SM-G532F With Z3x Box
  53. please please mr blang
  54. Sm-500w unlock problem
  55. Sm-j120f dead recoverd success
  56. g550fy dead
  57. Plz Help Note 2 N7100 Daed Boot
  58. Upgrade kit problem
  59. ems1ascbt1fc008 pinouts required
  60. sm-t231 samsung tab 4 16gb upgrade to 32gb tnx easy jtag team!!!
  61. htc d826x daed after flash
  62. Here is my card details am want full updated kit z3x easy jtag plus
  63. Need EasyJTAG Classic Suite v2.9.0.0 link
  64. g532f boot dead via root-did write rom 1 and 2-still in dead
  65. sm-g6100 dead boot BL+PIT WRITE DONE BUT PHONE NOT POWER ON
  66. Hp Printer Support Phone Number +1-844 860 8895 | Techworldlive
  67. Please add f3113 emmc repair
  68. i want moto xt1540 dump firmware (g3) pls any one share me
  69. lg h791 successfully repaired emmc with easy jtag plus v2
  70. gionee p3 emmc connect but gives error
  71. bga186_c when connect with moorc error
  72. iPhone chip supported or no?
  73. SD plug-in problem
  74. Repair boot by USB
  75. xolo q900t easy jtag plus error
  76. my easy jtag connect ok but card status: not connected
  77. old easyjtag less than 6month cant activated to easyjtagplus
  78. Z3X Team I have a question
  79. NEWBIE g3815 fix
  80. 820u boot dead-dump not in support-can i create from another working set?
  81. I9070P Jtag repai fail
  82. Coolpad Dazen1 8297l-100 11% Error PROBLEM PLEASE HELP ME
  83. j100h boot dead-emmc info posted-help me
  84. Easy Jtag Plus when activation will be done ??
  85. J100H DD EMMC flashing error-help
  86. sk hynix emmc pinout pleas
  87. Easy jtag plus working problem
  88. Repair LG Qualcomm HS-USB 9008 with only USB?
  89. Update capacity change emmc 16 to 32gb
  90. easy jtag not open but easy tool work ok
  91. How to activate samsung tool pro in z3x box
  92. xolo a600 emmc repair done
  93. samsung sm-g7102 Can't init device, Reason: OCR Ready Timeout Err
  94. s7562 restart-no download mode-did easy repair-still restart-help
  95. Need D802 Emmc Pinout
  96. Warning: Health report is very BAD
  97. this EmmC death?
  98. g530h emmc change still dead
  99. [guide me] HTC ONE M8s(0PKV100)
  100. Need panasonic eluga a (EB-90S050EA0) EMMC PINOUT
  101. coolpad 8927-l100 done by easy- jtag
  102. Mi note 4 64gb
  103. HTC 826x
  104. open direct samsung kr qualcom flasher then error
  105. Need Samsung J210F eMMC Pinout...!
  106. Sm-c7000 daed boot after geting this error.
  107. shv-e370s dead. cannot detect
  108. htc 820u boot dead-give me procedure-help
  109. EasyJTAG Classic Suite v2.9.0.0 released for v1 and v2 boxes. Merry Christmas!!!
  110. g530f boot repair is supported?
  111. lg d325 i had repaire done and post detected logs
  112. Can I buy a Plus without Card box
  113. htc d826x
  114. SM-J106b/ds Pit file
  115. mi note 4 64gb
  116. mi note 4 64 gb
  117. LG H811 boot repair done but phone no power
  118. Samsung SM-G925i Unlock Done
  119. moto xt1557 totally dead help needed
  120. HTC 820 A51 UL hang in logo-tried to flash-now boot dead-need procedure-help me
  121. EASY JTAG Plus work with the software of the old easy jtag?
  122. Need Huawei ascend G730-U10 dead Solution
  123. samsung sm-g5500 dead boot repair no suggestion
  124. 8 bit work in emate pro?
  125. Solution Of : Can't init EMMC, Reason: CARD Data FIFO Timeout Error !!
  126. vivo y15s emmc pinout
  127. micromax a311 pinout
  128. micromax d321 emmc pinout
  129. need micromax aq4501 emmc pinout
  130. Upgrade Lite set for (more than 6 month old box boxes). How to?
  131. need help ms330
  132. samsung shv-e370k dead
  133. samsung shv-e370k dead
  134. how to program emmc for asus t00g>
  135. Please fix gpt corrupt/repair gpt
  136. Easy jtag Device Driver install failure
  137. htc 816 emmc name
  138. A new succesful emmc pinouts and connection GENERAL MOBILE ETAB4
  139. J200m with user code and mdm download protection
  140. Moto G2 XT-1068 Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error - Final Solution...!
  141. easyJtag driver problem pls help.
  142. Sm-g532f daed boot done but phone not power on or not going in dwonlod mode
  143. SM-j710GN dump pls
  144. new pro is out
  145. Panasonic Eluga I Emmc Repair Done
  146. htc 828w dump need?
  147. n920v cant root
  148. LG F160L Write Protection FIXED
  149. EasyJTAG DEAD
  150. j200g
  151. plz help me ls991 refair boot fail
  152. old smart card
  153. G531F CMD timeout error
  154. is this jtag solution sm-g920f???? help
  155. SM-G532G/DS Dump File Pls Help
  156. need pinout yureka ao5510
  157. j100h dead boot repair ok but no power
  158. Can repair this problam with esy-jtag SM-G6100 RP SWREV:TEST DEVICE
  159. Easy jtag amazing speed is really unbileivable !!!buy this box and no regrets!
  160. samsung j200f hang on logo
  161. lg g4 stylus h630d secure booting error IN DOWNLOAD MODE-so can not flash-help
  162. need direct pinout new moorc
  163. Activation on EASYJTAG PLUS !!!
  164. easy jtag plus v2 cannot open in emmc plus
  165. easy jtag does not starting hang on first logo
  166. isp adapter problem
  167. s7272 dead boot need help team..
  168. Easy Jtag Release v2.8.0.2 (09.12.2017)
  169. Honor 4c CHM-U01 REPLACE EMMC done
  170. dead emmc repair solution need
  171. samsung emmc cant read,cant write
  172. need 1st tool repair dead boot without opning mobile
  173. SM-G313hz tested emmc pin out pls
  174. where to buy easy jtag
  175. How to fix GPT in eMMC
  176. mi 4i world fast emmc pinout
  177. A question from the easy team and mr blang..!
  178. S7 edge imei repair problem
  179. help htc desire 600 dead boot
  180. after replacing n7100 emmc from i9300 imei null
  181. sm-g906k need isp pinout and dump
  182. xml file for oppo 3006
  183. MR. blang Please Help Me In I Need Motorola XT1562 ( X Play ) eMMC Pinout & Dump File
  184. esay jtag 2.8 beta test me
  185. help me xt1557
  186. EasyJtag_Release_v2.8.beta
  187. how to write user.bin
  188. htc 820u
  189. need help for J100h
  190. SM-G6100 EMMC PINOUT needed
  191. Samsung G530h regions question
  192. Can't init device. Reason: CMD Timeout Error
  193. Need Motorola XT1562 ( X Play ) eMMC Pinout & Dump File
  194. htc 820pi change emmc
  195. Spd Mobile add request
  196. another j100ml problem after revive
  197. LGH790 NEXUS 5X Dead by worng flash
  198. j100ml jtag done but still dead
  199. To easy jtag box developer
  200. Samsung N930v after flash dead