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  1. Nokia 106.1 usb ways
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  11. Team plz help
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  17. samsung j5(2016) SM-510fn 7.1.1 frp
  18. Sm-g530h
  19. xiomi redmi note 2 emmc pinout
  20. About Easy Jtag Actrivation?
  21. want to flash samsung s8 sm995w
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  30. LG-P760 Pls share your dump
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  32. xt1643 deadboot possible?
  33. Inqury to Mr Blang About EASY JTAG PLUS
  34. htc 300 emmc hinyx H4G1d compatibility samsung/sandisk emmc?
  35. Samsung N7000 Failed Writing File GPT.bin Need Solution im New User Of Easy JTAG
  36. Help repair boot SM G3815
  37. I BOUGHT A NEW Z3X EASY JTAG BOX I wana do a G570f Boot repair
  38. All device dead
  39. eMMC Dump For sony D2533 with ISP Pinout
  40. I want Samsung SM-J210F eMMC Pinout, Please Help !
  41. J120az how to repair dead boot?
  42. SM-J510F/DS Boot Repair SOLUTION NEED
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  46. g530f boot repair support
  47. Coolpad 8297l-100 Firmware Info Failed Error
  48. samsung j510 Direct Export Contacts
  49. j710fn dead after emmc dump write
  50. Easy Jtag Win7 64Bit Driver Problem
  51. rom1 ,2,3 files need
  52. Samsung T111 not satart up
  53. Sony M5 emmc pinout here
  54. Can't update firmware card
  55. s7562 no download mode
  56. ls996 mmc repair problem
  57. samsung 530h
  58. When new box
  59. Panasonic eluga A hang logo problem by easy jtag
  60. help g530h repair
  61. Xpreia E5563 Dead Boot repaire
  62. Z3X Easy-JTAG discontinued?
  63. Lg h810
  64. g530f pin out need.............
  65. Help for professional use of easy jtag
  66. BGA254 pinout
  67. z3x easy jtag cant find user data partition on xiomee emmc need help asap
  68. z3x jtag emmc easy jtag plus not work need help
  69. LG H540 no downloading mode problem after chang EMMC
  70. G532G no download mode after repair
  71. s7562 dump nedeed
  72. samsung t211 deadboot how to write rom 123 pls guide me
  73. moto g5 xt 1677 emmc pin finder.
  74. Samsung S7562 Restart & No Download Mode. Step by step easy jtag
  75. Samsung sm -j200h emmc repier step by step whit easy jtag puls
  76. Samsung i9300i emmc repier easy jtag puls
  78. LG K371 emmc pinout, try and post result
  79. Samsung I9060 boot repai done .. with pics details
  80. Coolpad 8097l-100 emmc dead after Universal Factory Format
  81. c9 pro how to boot repair with easyjtag
  83. G532G Dead Boot Repair Problem Help Plz
  84. motorola mb865 help
  85. Sm-G531f GPT: not present
  86. LG H440 Emmc Jtag Pinout
  87. need lenevo a6000 correct emmc pinout
  88. Sm-g532g j2 dead boot reapir some partitions shows write error ( check inside)
  89. Find pin or pattern lock with Easy Jtag?
  90. LG D160 dump file need
  91. Emmc lg v10 need resize
  92. Sm-j200h deadboot done but shows failed to mount on recovery
  93. How Infinity box dongle register another ip?
  94. Can't init device, Reason: CMD Ready Timeout Error [Box Internal Failure]
  95. z3x jtag discontinued
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  104. moto xt1643 frp remove 7.0 done
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  106. Moto XT1643 FRP remove done 1 september 2017
  107. J110H emmc repair done.
  108. where reaxtivation save on the phone?
  109. G532G after boot repair error : E:failed to moun/efs .
  110. Gt-s7582 successfuly jtag but same dead help
  111. Samsung s7562 no download mode problem
  112. Samsung a500g emmc repier step by step wit easy jtag
  113. easy jtag smart card not work
  114. haier g31 anroid phone
  115. SPH-W9300 dead boot
  116. lg d380 still dead
  117. EasyJTAG SPI Flasher Tool Error 0xc000007b
  118. bug in vender intel file loading.
  119. Samsung S7562 Restart & No Download Mode Done by Easyjtag
  120. HTC M8 emmc repair done ( HTC_M8_UL_0P6B100 )
  121. Huawei Y530-U00 JTag pinout help ...
  122. Need Dump File Samsung SM-G750H
  123. Sony c2305 userarea write error
  124. New To Easy Jtag
  125. Samsung J200H flashing with easy jtag need help
  126. Samsung p3100 emmc repair done
  127. invalid main GPT
  128. easy jtag plus update problem
  129. lg g4 h818n
  130. easy jtag pluse lounch
  131. Oppo r827 hynix to samsung emmc replace whit step by step progrrming easy jtag
  132. sm-g532g dead boot eror
  133. Samsung sm g532g dead boot repair z3x easy jtag
  134. lg vs986 emmc dump needed
  135. G532G/DS dead boot repair !!!
  136. cant repair j320h
  137. sm-g532f after repair dead boot power not on.
  138. EMMC S.M.A.R.T report issue
  139. "build.prop" error How to fix?
  140. Easy Jtag Not update
  141. g532g help regarding repiar boot
  142. i9300 jtag error
  143. S7562 jtag help
  144. Samsung pro tool crash on startup
  145. my new z3x easy jtag error says at any time
  146. Need emmc pinout for skhynix emmc...asus z700
  147. [REQ] LG H540 emmc isp pinout badly needed
  148. sm-g532f dead boot repair
  149. Gt-s7582 bootrepair not done
  150. G316hu boot repair
  151. Moto g4+ dump
  152. huawei y300-0151 emmc read only
  153. samsung s7 edge deadboot repair
  154. question and need help
  155. I9060i help with emmc pinouts (thread title changed.)
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  157. Request to Z3X Easy Jtag Team !
  158. Lg g3 d855 blue screen
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  160. How To Repair This LG-E612 !!!!!
  161. Moto G2 XT-1068 (Android v6.0_Latest Firmware) eMMC Read Done !
  162. SM-A500FU Boot Dead During Flash
  163. moto 1080 dead boot repaire help
  164. Pinout Moto x force
  165. Asus zenfone selfi z00ud zd551kl dead boot repair help need pinout need
  166. LG D325 Easy Jtag done but still dead
  167. moto 1080
  168. samsung j110h dump file need
  169. help me how to repair GT-I9152P dead boot
  170. xt1068
  171. redmi 4a emmc pinout
  172. SM-G3815 dead...jtag eror
  173. lg d625 partition problem
  174. pull-ups resistor
  175. need moto g5 plus emmc pinout
  176. cannot download any file from server
  177. LYF LS-5009 eMMC Read Done By Easy Jtag...!
  178. need samsung sm-a7100 emmc pinout
  179. which DAT O in my emmc adapter..
  180. Help with SM-T2105 Cpu Marvell
  181. Sm j500f/dd problem please help me
  182. AnyOne have this ?
  183. moto g4 frp done
  184. Need dump l681h. Meizu M3 note.
  185. i9020t emmc pinout and j105b emmc dump request
  186. oppo a11w pls help error in easy jtag
  187. j700gn dump file
  188. j700gn dump file
  189. EasyJtag SD card imaging tool not working
  190. j210f boot repair
  191. Mr. Blang Please Help !
  192. j110f direct mmc
  193. samsung gt p7500 after replace emmc
  194. I need dump GT-P5210
  195. LG H811 dead after flashing
  196. emmc adapter pinout
  197. Problem restoration boot pm66100 ( htc desire x )
  198. Need EMMC pinout for SAMSUNG ON7 SM-G600FY
  199. usb interface repair mode in easy jtag box
  200. j110h/ds deadboot need file for easy jtag