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  1. Coolpad note 3 emmc repair done
  2. Sm-t285 mdm lock reset
  3. Activation old card to new easy jtag plus?
  4. how to write domp by vendor
  5. can downgrade bit 5 to bit 4 for j730g j710f
  6. EasyJtag Release v3.2. New phone, some fix.
  7. Lg ms323 rom2 dump need plz any help??
  8. i want old setup
  9. kmf820012m-b305 tp point pls help me
  10. E5663 sony m5 how to repair factory firmware
  11. SM-T355Y Dump Backup Success
  12. Vw beta 4
  13. y600-u20 EMMC replacement procedure
  14. CHC-U01 hang on logo
  15. Shall we install easy jtag on windows 7 ultimate 32bit SP1
  16. Easy-Jtag -> wire -> NAND
  17. samsung T113 rest screen lock easy jtag ( USB pins are damge )
  18. i9300i
  19. KMQ7X000SA-B315 pinout need
  20. JTag Pinouts for SM-J320R4
  21. Pinouts are perfectly ok T211
  22. Easy Jtag 3.2
  23. Easy Jtag Plus log
  24. Change emmc problem
  25. KMQ7X000SA-B315 need emmc firmware
  26. Problem use nand function
  27. Samsung Galaxy On7 G600FY Dead Repair Done By Easy Jtag
  28. need help repair boot j727p
  29. 1st in the world, mibox mdz-16-ab emmc pinout
  30. SM-G600FY combination write after dead solved by jtaq
  31. To find correct firmware
  32. z3x server off ?
  33. how to Samsung sm-j106h dead boot repair emmc by EasyJTAG
  34. z3x jtag sm-j250f repair dead boot sulotion
  35. how to format this emmc jtag team
  36. Htc M9 No Download mode Posibal to flash
  37. HTC ONE M9 - How to enter in 9008 mode
  38. j500f emmc change but not boot and show qdloader
  39. Dead boot h872
  40. Asus ZenFone 5 (toof) cant connect with isp fix this problem
  41. World's first latitude e6410 bios programmed successfully
  42. Samsung j110h dead boot repair done
  43. error: -8, DATA SND CRC
  44. EMMC i9500 KMV3W000LM-B310 NOT SUPPORTED
  45. Moto g4plus (XT1643) tested dump file need
  46. imei 0 after emmc programe
  47. easy jtag pro output voltages
  48. Add to Nex update
  49. where are spi pinouts
  50. Need dump file samsung J510FN
  51. samsung z130h rev.0.7 emmc dump needed
  52. G950f pinout
  53. Easy Jtag pinout
  54. Redmi 6A
  55. error why reading data from emmc
  56. How to find out the compatible emmc?
  57. Old eazy jtag repair apple nand?
  58. how to backup cert efs nv data
  59. is vivo v7 supported for boot repair
  60. EasyJtag box software not open
  61. Anyone explain ?
  62. smt t231 hang on logo no download mode
  63. recovery data from dead micro sd cards monolithic
  64. eMMC adaptor with easy jtag
  65. z3x-shop.com cannot buy EASY-JTAG plus activation
  66. j7 prime g610fn/dd pinout needed
  67. samsung c5000 emmc pinout needed
  68. Sm-j500f boot repair done but still dead
  69. redmi note 3 hennessy mt6795 emmc dead
  70. Lenovo yoga yt2-830lc
  71. Read Check Failed, Error: -206 ,Reason: PORT Read Error
  72. hi dear supporter easy jtag plus not open
  73. samsung a500f Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error
  75. J200H dead
  76. Box Firmware 2.30 FAILD
  77. sm-j110f cant connect
  78. I need the help of a team.
  79. Samsung G6100 emmc pinout need
  80. Meizu m3 note read user code and user data done
  81. Help on easyjtag
  82. SM-A510F android 7.0 data recovery DONE
  83. easy Jtag V2 Box Not Support Old Exe
  84. flashing samsung phone with Z3X BOX
  85. htc D826 dump needed
  86. Need Nokia 3 TA-1032 pin out
  87. Samsung tab p1000t hang on logo done
  88. SM-B550H how to repair boot
  89. EasyJtag Classic Tool 3.1. Released. New phones added
  90. Samsung SM-G600FY dead boot repair [done]
  91. Lava a79 hang on logo done
  92. huawei y550-l01 internal storage damaged and is now unavailable repair done
  93. htc 826 dead boot repair done
  94. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro J730F Boot Repair Success
  95. Can help e5553 write dump seeting
  96. Samsung SM-G530h/ds GPT: damaged
  97. Vodafone smart tab 3g emmc pinout help
  98. EMMC pinouts collection: SM-A520F , T805, G570F, A710, J120, J701.
  99. j200g emmc dead how to recover
  100. After update cant detect box!
  101. samsung j500f dead after apply frp patch
  102. honor 4c chm-u01
  103. Z3X Easy-JTAG PLUS Update. eMMC Plus released.
  104. Samsung YP-g70 Not clear EMMC pinout, please explain
  105. need dump j320v verizon
  106. How to boot repair SM-J530F
  107. SM-G530m Emmc Health report is very bad - how to fix
  108. {Idea}How to Decrypt a userdata image on android 6/7 {Working Phone only}
  109. Pinout of cable nokia 520
  110. want Albus blank flash ..... can any body give to me....??
  111. Easy jtag plus emmc_tool administrator rights are required
  112. KMV3W000LM-B310 Update eMMC FW fail
  113. SM-J250f emmc repair done.
  114. Need help on emmc pinout for samsung j701f
  115. EasyJTAG Plus (eMMC Tool Shuite): Log of changes, khown bugs and info about fixing it
  116. Sm-j250f dead boot problem.
  117. Need g925f direct emmc pinout
  118. Recovery data from dead micro sd card
  119. sony write by vendor The addresses in the table are incorrect
  120. Lanix L1120 emmc pinouts
  121. always error on HW partitions plz fix
  122. Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 emmc pinout
  123. please fix easy jtag plus bug
  124. urgently help for moto xt-1686 g5+ dead repair
  125. how read massage from emmc help
  126. redmi note 4 mi logo only after boot repair in JTAG
  127. Port read error on Kingston EMMC
  128. Can someone please help me how to use z3x samsung tool to unlock a sm-j320a im confus
  129. Guides for easy dump downloading with easy jtag
  130. z3x EasyJTAG Tool and Iphone Nand Flash IC
  131. Succes write LG VS425LPP but still Qualcomm HS... etc
  132. factory reset eMMC?
  133. where am i wrong anyone please help me
  134. Error: EMMC Password Locked
  135. Easy-Jtag can add unlock mi BootLoader???? Fastboot Recovery flash other rom!!!!!!!!!
  136. Need Ascend G620s emmc dump
  137. a520f wrong pinout?
  138. Samsung SM-J106F eMMC Repair Successfully But Mobile Still Dead ( Help Me )
  139. Sony e5363 emmc repair done
  140. PLZ urgent j2 prime g532g
  141. how to recover data in vault app using easy jatag plus
  142. SAMSUNG SM-C701F (C7 Pro) Dead Boot Repair Done...
  143. HOT***eMMC ISP pinout J250f
  144. Again SAMSUNG SM-C900F (C9 PRO) Dead Boot Repair Done...
  145. i need new new cert n900 g900h
  146. klmag4feja-a002/16gb (bga169) FFU NEEDED CHECK INSIDE
  147. J250f dead after root
  148. Samsung sgh-t859 dump needed pinout is inside check.
  149. Remove FDE (Full Disk Encryption) Using Easy JTAG
  150. World's 1st "Xiaomi Redmi Y1 (Note 5A) / Model : MDI6S" Dead Boot Repair Done...
  151. SAMSUNG GT-8262 Dead Boot Repair Done...
  152. LG G6 H872 dead after downgrade repair question
  153. Need tutorial for boot repair
  154. huawei y625-u32 isp pinout need
  155. i buy easy jtag pluse hardware
  156. pit from phone error...
  157. c900f dead after flash need dump
  158. need lg usb boot repear
  159. easy jtag plus please add ufs emmc
  160. Contact Backup From Windows Mobile Possible ?
  161. Samsung P3100 Can't init device. Reason: CMD Timeout Error
  162. sony e6533 dump file need
  163. z3x-pro jtag repair
  164. SM-G930V "dead" after writing incorrect Combination file
  165. SMG 530 h how to repair boot
  166. Sm-g532g repair probalme
  167. emmc read firmware (right or wrong? logs inside)
  168. EasyJtag Release version 3.0. Massive Update. New phones. NAND support Added
  169. KMRX1000BM-B614 unable to patch cid (logs inside)
  170. Samsung G615F Emmc pinout need
  171. need g388f pinout emmc
  172. Need LG H440N boot repair file.
  173. help lg us991 stuck on 9008 port
  174. SM-G532G ALL done but no download mode error inside
  175. GT-S7562 Easy Jtag Pinout New Adapter
  176. SM-J210f dead boot repair [done]
  177. J200H Dead Boot Repair successfully completed by eMMC_tool Suite ver.
  178. now can i update my easy jtag hardware
  179. t111 dead boot repair error
  180. Jtag lg k430ds with easy jtag
  181. Ufs memmories extract user data android 7 and 8
  182. C7000 dead boot repair problem
  183. Motorola E3 Power XT1706 Boot Repair Help
  184. LG F600K dead boot repair need
  185. SM-J510FN isp pinout need
  186. I can not write BL in write by vendor (samsung)
  187. i am new with jtag plus
  188. n7100 gpt not present how to solve
  189. Samsung Emmc Locked During emmc format
  190. Lg m153 pinout please
  191. SM-T560 Emmc pinout need
  192. Why can not I log in with my username and password?
  193. Spi easy jtag plus what is it ?
  194. Huawei EVA-L19 EMMC partition
  195. N910 dead boot..
  196. pinout huawei y600-u20
  197. Samsung g530h stuck on logo
  198. About Easy-Jtag EMMC adapter ??
  199. Coolpad dazen1 8297l100 11%error solved easyjtag
  200. i9305 can't right dump