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  1. Realme C2 RMX1945 PIN Lock & FRP Reset Done !! Easy-Jtag
  2. realme 1 cph 1861 need isp pinouts
  3. symphony e10 dump/ cid number
  4. j510f change emmc problem
  5. Any docs on how to use EasyJTAG?
  6. Need Vivo V3 Max Emmc Pinouts
  7. SM-J700H eMMC Change With EasyJtag Plus
  8. Samsung J701f J7 Core How To Fix Dead Boot Repair
  9. j500f boot repair but only 9008 pot solution
  10. ERROR: EasyJTAG not found problem!
  11. G532F deadboot repair prob
  12. Vivo V15 Pro Pattern + Frp remove DONE
  13. how resize emmc userdata in new easy jtag tool?
  14. about: Response: Not Clean report
  15. cph1911 password
  16. easy jtag team. add oppo a7 1903
  17. Oppo f9 baseband unknown after write dump
  18. ERROR Easy jatag not found
  19. need redmi note 5a ugglite dump
  20. Oppo A1k CPH1923 Pin lock remove and frp remove done
  21. Oppo A1k CPH1923 Reset oppo but still pin lock
  22. SM-G316HU jtag repair done but no dwonlod mode
  23. Dump partition really slow 1kb/s ???
  24. writing error
  25. SM-G316HU jtag repair done but no power
  26. J200H Health report is very BAD help to repair
  27. Easy JTAG Plus Nand support for iPhone 6s and up
  28. eMMC Health report is very BAD | Coolpad 8297L-I00 | Recover Done Easy Jtag
  29. first try for dump emmc with ram for N915 need help
  30. Blocks Reading Error (0x1B0000400 , 2 , Reason: DATA RCV Timeout Error )
  31. SM-C101 Can't init device, Reason: OCR Ready Timeout Error
  32. Can't init device, Reason: CMD Index Error
  33. g925f ufs
  34. Need Mi Note 5 emmc isp pinout
  35. what's this problem Unable to detect target device.
  36. Netflix does not work after taking the dump.
  37. What is the deferent between Easy jtag amd Easy jtag Plus?
  38. Oppo a3s password lock &frp done after dead fix
  39. SAMSUNG SM-G532G Dead Boot Repair Done...
  40. recover data partition easy jtag after format
  41. Another samsung j210f dead boot repair done
  42. Oppo r17 and rx17 pinout ?
  43. A11W ERROR CARD Data FIFO Timeout Error HW Parts Config Fail.
  44. vivo v1818 emmc pinout
  45. blang sir help me
  46. oppo cph1853 password problem help
  47. vivo v9
  48. Sanitize !!!!????
  49. can't enter to support area, error report
  50. Toshiba TC58BYS0S3H 128mb nand
  51. KMVTU000LM-B503 bugs in v3.6
  52. Abt oppo reset
  53. oppo cph 1853 dump pleace
  54. Sk Hynix H26M52103FMR repacement
  55. Redmi note prime (*****) dead boot
  56. I want to learn repairing dead boot phones with easy jtag but i dont know where to st
  57. How To Read Dump File From On Devices,How To Create Dump File With Easy jtag Part 3
  58. Need Emmc Pinout For SM-J710FN
  59. How to repair boot G935a UFS???
  60. Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error or Can't init EMMC,Reason: DATA RCV Timr
  61. s7562 emmc repair help
  62. Rm-1030 gpt header not found help
  63. SM-J500F dead boot repair
  64. realme 3 pro rmx 1851 is suported
  65. realme 2 hang logo
  66. need Nokia xl rm-1030 dump file
  67. Easy JTAG Full information,How to Install Easy JTAG,Easy JTAG Plus Box Part 1
  68. Oppo CPH 1853EX Dump File
  69. Motorola XT1602 Emmc pinout Needed
  70. G530H dead, only show HS usb qualcom mode
  71. easy jtag plus activation
  72. how to connect ufs ic without socket ?
  73. oppo A3s dead after ( reset oppo )
  74. Help Eazy jtage ......
  75. Easy jtag box not found
  76. Need Moto G6 XT1925 emmc pinout! Please Help!
  77. ufs chip remove password please tuturial
  78. i need realme rmx1827 pinout
  79. samsung gt-s7582 pinout
  80. OPPO A3S CPH1803 Password & FRP Reset Done by EasyJtag
  81. Moto G6 XT1925 emmc pinout
  82. gpt problem
  83. please dump for huawei p20 lite!!!
  84. Nexus 6p hang on logo repair help
  85. Can't init device. Reason: CARD Ready Timeout Error
  86. yu5510 dead boot repair done......
  87. JTAG For Moto G6 (XT1925-13)
  88. My first Realme Done with Easy Jtag Thanks To All My freinds
  89. J100h dead only after flashing csc file
  90. real me c2 pattren & frp done easy jtag.
  91. samsung SM-J110F/DS
  92. MOTOROLA XT1723 pinouts Jtag
  93. Karbonn a15 not able to connect to jtag, always errors
  94. J100h emmc Replace
  95. Easy jtag team
  96. i9195 s4 mini need guide Failed to load partition
  97. Please, add pcie nand support
  98. oppo r17 ufs remove password help
  99. note 3 9005 safemode only
  100. Samsung Sm -t535 need dump emmc
  101. OPPO A57 dump write error.need help
  102. Hello Team
  103. BLU Studio G HD firmware readout [ pac ]
  104. samsung j210f dead repair help
  105. XT1792 - Write Flashfile.XML not loaded
  106. box firmware problem . please help
  107. gt-a8530 samsung bada after jtag hang logo bada ..
  108. how to flash usb QC EDL mode
  109. how to get logs easy jtag operations
  110. How copy batch from one memory eMMC to another
  111. Oppo a3s dead qualcomm 9008 port
  112. z3x Jtag plus not detect emmc v1 box?
  113. oppo r15 cph1835 isp emmc pinout
  114. Warning: Health report is very BAD
  115. How to work with UFS
  116. Anyone here from ****** support
  117. z3x shell problem
  118. lenovo a2016a40 pls need emmc pinout.....
  119. oppo a3s full dump needed
  120. Samsung Exynos dead
  121. is a70 supported ?
  122. micromax a111 jtag repair problem
  123. G615F dead boot repair done butt mobile not power
  124. realme 3 rmx1825 passcode reset isp connection help
  125. i need pinout of moorc adapter
  126. How to get information from Nand memory from Iphone?
  127. s7562 rebooting on logo, dead after boot repair
  128. samsung t355y after flash dead how to boot repair
  130. IC FRIEND socket please advice
  131. Easy jtag plus tool not open
  132. mrs i need emmc dumpe for lg k350z
  133. Need samsung sm-j510gn emmc pinout
  134. Hand tearing OPPO ID lock
  135. G610F eMMC has a small size
  136. Nokia 5 ta-1053 emmc isp point need
  137. jz050 bga emmc pinout need urgent
  138. asus z00ld__ze550kl__gpt damaged!!!
  139. Skhynix H9TQ17ADFTACURKUM Not connecting
  140. Z3x jtag x64bit win 10 is compatible now?
  141. BGA 254 emmc pinout
  142. oppo a3s after remove password dead final solution step by step
  143. SM-C710F imei and baseband lost after writting BL + Pit
  144. lg ls991 9008 port can i fix via usb mode
  145. g530h Too many errors
  146. samsung j120g dump file need
  147. Need SM-t825 emmc pinout
  148. asus t00j/a500cg card locked unlock error help
  149. Samsung J701F Try All eMMC Pinout But Mobile Still Not Connect Please Help Me
  150. shv - e110s Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error
  151. Dump Moto XT1800
  152. box smart card dead
  153. Samsung SM-G530F eMMC Dump file
  154. i need dump for Huawei Ascend Mate MT1-U06
  155. How To Remove OEM LOCK: ON J701F Easy Jtag
  156. Sony F3216 Boot Repair need Help
  157. Oppo a5 unlock done by easy jtag plus
  158. note 8 boot riper
  159. whats the proper way to backup dump ?
  160. G532G dead boot error
  161. shv-e120s pit file need
  162. Easy Jtag - will help with T211 Samsung?
  163. J110H boot repair?
  164. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL__Z00LD__ Emmc Pinout need
  165. oppo a1k after format only mediatek usb port
  166. j100h dead boot repair error
  167. about pinout if open pattern
  168. j100h ded boot
  169. LG P768 Flashed Done by EMMC Direct QualcommFlasher Tool
  170. LG P768 Reborn by Easy Jtag Box V1
  171. Oppo A3s (Cph1803) Dead
  172. mi a1 mdl2 dead
  173. add root and imei option
  174. g532g boot repair help
  175. help pls..need n7105 dump files
  176. new easy jtags plus box not actived
  177. I lost my Z3X account and password I can get it back
  178. Vivo Y53 phone Lock Done By Easy Jtag
  179. Micromax a102 without dump flasing done with scatter
  180. oppo F9 CPH1823 dump file needed PLS.
  181. Extract User Data Via USB With Z3X Easy Jtag Plus
  182. J7max after combination write boot dead.
  183. oppo a3s alternative pinout
  184. Samsung A9000 Boot Repair Done Easy Jtag
  185. Problem when uploading files .rcp
  186. Need Coolpad Note 5 lite Dump
  187. a3s dead after frp reset
  188. oppo r17 pro cph1877 passcode how can reset
  189. sky im a910s boot repair help
  190. Panasonic p66 hang on logo
  191. samsung j110h dead boot repair done by writing dump
  192. any expert help me please
  193. rmx1807 realme 2 pro
  194. How or What is the PROPER or CORRECT way of RECOVERING of OPPO DEADBOOT? NEED IDEA!!
  195. help with easy jtag
  196. Not Solve - EasyJtag Tool Unable To Detect EMMC
  197. j200h dead boot repair done very easy
  198. i8190 jtag keep disconnect and connect
  199. asy-Jtag Box: "Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error"
  200. need asus ze550ml dump