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  1. i9003 when anybody calls it reject calls
  2. e2230 restart problem after flashing
  3. samsung gt-s5360l how to flash
  4. E2200 unlock failed
  5. direct unlock done i9500
  6. Samsung Anycall W420 unlock done
  7. Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T Help!!!
  8. Gt-i9500
  9. I9300 flash
  10. Problem with service menu i9300
  11. IMEI repair problem I9300/N7100 [Solved]
  12. gt-i9300 became ''null null' while repairing imei by octobus box
  13. s7562 root problem
  14. SGH-T889 Unlock Done By Uart Cable
  15. GT-S3850 Flash Done
  16. my octopusbox show me a bluescreen when plugged in - windows 8 [Solved]
  17. Helppp with note 2 n7100 (repair imei)
  18. octopus win rar zip file
  19. unlock M440S
  20. HELP ME ABOUT-GT-I 9505 ROOT with octobus 1.2.8 octoplus
  21. E2600 unlock not ok
  22. dear sir pls help me [Solved]
  23. Connecting to phone, please wait... i9300 [Solved]
  24. SPH-W8300 eror to unlock
  25. help me about samsung i9500.....
  26. samsung software open problem urgent [Solved]
  27. Can convert SHV-E160s to N7100 or N7000
  28. A157 Unlock Done
  29. SHW-M180S touch sceen not working after flash
  30. SHW-M250S phone lock help me [Solved]
  31. Need PIT file N8000 64 GB i have a tablet from Russia with 64 GB internal memory, ta
  32. Galaxy S4 i337M cannīt repair imei
  33. how to unlock samsung s7710L
  34. s5280 unlock failed
  35. i want the codes that refer to the languages in the firmware
  36. s5220 simlock when sim is inserted [Solved]
  37. i want e2200 turkish and arabic firmware
  38. samsung a157 repaire imei 000000
  39. I9300 4.2.2 repair imei done
  40. C3780 turkey flash need
  41. SAMSUNG I9070 unlock fail with octopus.let logs here fro see.
  42. How to convert Samsung t849 to P1000
  43. Please Help Octopus wont detect A157
  44. T999 imei repair signal dropping.
  45. galaxy i8730 unlock error with octopus
  46. Help Team....
  47. i need firmware samsung sc-01c
  48. shv-e160s imei repair error [Solved]
  49. ayuda no reconoce conexion UART
  50. S6810P imei repair error [Solved]
  51. I9500 unlock problem
  52. how to convert m240s to s5830 help
  53. help m250s convert to i9100 all phone is same ime
  54. i need to new convert file m110s have inside all lanugues
  55. need flash file
  56. e2200 imei problem [Solved]
  57. support for sph-l900
  58. error reading GT-E2121L optoplusbox
  59. Samsung - S5610 - wrong nck
  60. i9500 ..how to change imei
  61. Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.2.8 - I9500, I9300, N7100, M440...
  62. Frimware writing Failed for I9152 [Solved]
  63. sc03e problem [Solved]
  64. galaxy s3 flash error (radio) need help
  65. unlock sc-04E failed
  67. SGH A667 help unlock [Solved]
  68. team look to my download problem .....
  69. Samsung s5230 flash successfully
  70. why u delete my post ????? octopus team
  71. samsung s4 I9505 unlock problem
  72. GT-E1220T need flash file
  73. I9105 root problem!
  74. need help with I317 and I497 tab
  75. Samsung A777 problem
  76. new version 1.2.7?
  77. phone blocked GT-S5220 not accepted any code
  78. Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.2.7 - GT-I8750, SGH-T899, SGH-T899M...
  80. Samsung C3010 dead after flash succesfull [Solved]
  81. sc04d unlock problom
  82. imposible TO REPAIR IMEI I9300
  83. Octoplus/Octopus Update Problems
  84. N7100 octopus Box Write IMEI Failed
  85. repair imei
  86. How to unlock SHV-E120k ?
  87. ALL Samsung NVM_Repair.nvm
  88. Sc-06d unlock problem
  89. how to flash n7100 with pit
  90. i9082 help need
  91. p3100 imei repair ploblem [Solved]
  92. SGH-I917 need help on flashing
  93. how root i8960l please
  94. samsung c3312 usb not recognized
  95. how unlock i9505
  96. how unlock i9550 and s6802 s6802b
  97. samsung s3653w unlocked auto hid main softwer [Solved]
  98. GT-E2350B phone lock
  99. samsung c3322 after flash dead
  100. help in i337 s4
  102. m919 imei repair
  103. b3210 imei
  104. to restore imei i9100
  105. N7100 imei done...
  106. M110s after read codes Usim Personalization
  107. GT-1205T unlock done
  108. can't flashe s3350 wiht flashe
  109. samsung t479 unlock problem...
  110. GT-S5380 Phone Freeze ...
  111. i747m unlock error
  112. i9505 write firmware not working in v 1.9.4 [Solved]
  113. SGH-i677 unlock done
  114. Please Help SGH-M919
  115. Samsung I5500 patterrn lock successfully
  116. i9103 after repair imei efs mount prblem
  117. Video for dummies: How put samsung android in "debug usb mode"
  118. T469v read codes failed help..........
  119. samsung c414m unlock problem
  120. Help!! Flashing B3410W
  121. Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.2.6 - GT-I9152, GT-E1200I, GT-E1202I
  122. I can not flash C3313T
  123. Not able to repair IMEI fo S3 MINI (GT-I8190)
  124. e2230m (simlock) mainloader send successfully
  125. i8530 after flash no imei baseband
  126. help! unlock samsung gt-e1080f
  127. MTP drivers problem
  128. E2330B Problem READING CODES
  129. how to flash m100s need help urgent
  130. Failed Repair IMEI for I8190 (S3 Mini)
  131. SPH-W7100 unsupported firmware
  132. GT-C3222 Firmware Failed
  133. Sch - w750 unlock always failed ,,, ? [Solved]
  134. I9300 flashing Error
  135. E1280 Flash File Need?
  136. n8000 imei repair uart is needed
  137. Hi octopus team help me about i9020...
  138. Reset Pattern not works
  139. I need firmware samsung E2220
  140. IMEI repair fail for I9505 [Solved]
  141. I8160 unlock error [Solved]
  142. GT-S5282 imei repair successufully but still no imei
  143. Sc-06d unlock
  144. Usb drivers problem
  145. Help No Imei Help
  146. need help in samsung c3330
  147. Samsung Galaxy Nexus(i9023),flashing Error..help.
  148. Help with galaxy s4
  149. [report]i9250 unlock done but still asking for network code
  150. samsung s5292 successfuly flash
  151. Try to unlock gt-i8190 failed ??
  152. samsung m250s flashing issue
  153. help n8000 insert sim
  154. phone in emergency mode can’t be done [Solved]
  155. I want to buy octopus! I want a info
  156. S3 imie repair (uart connection problem ...)
  157. Unlock samsung SC01D NTT DOCOMO Problem [Solved]
  158. imei note 2 N7100 null null help
  159. NEED Help SHV E110S
  160. need S3350 flashe file with AZERTY KEYBORD
  161. samsung S4 M919 unlock successfully
  162. Samsung GT-S7560M successfully unlock
  163. Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung v1.2.5 - I8260, I8262, S5280, M919M and more!
  164. samsung s4 metro pcs m919m unlock????
  165. Help with my i9300
  166. problem unlock i747m no *#9090# menu
  167. how to repair imei samsung s3
  168. i need arabic for I8190 i5830 and i5830i
  169. need flash for samsung GT-B3210
  170. Samsung S5380K restart problem solved by octopus samsung
  171. i need arabic flash for samsung I9500
  172. E2600 E2550 unlock problem
  173. Help on S5660
  174. Gt-M2310 is supported?
  175. i have problem to flash samsung i9300
  176. help me i727 unkwon baseband
  177. 1205t
  178. i need arabic flash for I9505
  179. arabic flash for samsung s5570i
  180. Gt-S5610K Unlock Done In Sec
  181. N7100 custom rom
  182. Octoplus not work samsung i667
  183. Sph-W2900 and SPHW500 Show Direck Unlock Only Via Octopus Box
  184. samsung gt i9000m restart problem
  185. I9505 unlock
  186. problems with S4 Solved
  187. sch-i545 Efs backup to octobus team
  188. support samsung S6810L?
  189. N7100
  190. Octopus/octoplus
  191. N7100 flashing Error
  192. Samsung SC-02B Unlocking failed with Octoplus Samsung...
  193. Need i8160P EFS please
  194. other problem with s5670 unlock
  195. Sph-l720 s4 sprint unlock ? Handset in hands ( ready for test )
  196. SGH-I957 unlocked done
  197. Samsung E2222 flashing problem with Octoplus_Samsung
  198. shv-e160l nv repair?
  199. i9305 unlock problem
  200. Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung v1.2.4 - S7710, S7710L and S6310L!