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Originally Posted by er2000

naresh became heavy!
i was offline in hypersleep
but is see the wale from Offenbach is still the same
doesnt he get tired?
cool to read all the personal story,s that no one cares about.
i am glad i left the gsm buisiness i guess putting something aside
and later move on was a smart move! right zuleah?
i specialy like the picture that was made of rasvan i see nothing changed
and now i hear he is beating up poor chinese workers?
dont worry guys every action has its reaction and his time will come.......
Sandor Cruise, the failed Neelix1&2xxxL unlimited support which sold itself , i was really missing you.

I think that picture which post this pidar is my face with your boady, isn't it, so, i am not wonder why Raluca during you wrote your long post, was buisy to work out the huge instrument of your neighbour

Sandor, life is hard, in german we say: Hart, grausam und ungerecht! Take it easy was besseres haettest eh nie gekriegt

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