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Var OPPO-F9 Pro (F9 Pro LTE DS CPH1823) at USB Auto Select [MTK] {Format Flash}
BR USB Com: Vid_0e8d&Pid_0003 (BROM)
DA Agent : DA_OPPO_F7_1.bin
BR ComPort: COM15
BR Asic Id: MT0788 [0000] Alias: MT6771
BR Asic Sw: 8A00 CA00 0000 0000
BR ME_ID : A4D63D9A63E57DD06E23FC195D7D2AD8
BR Secured: E5 [SBC DAA]
DA AgentId: SA48EA4712EAC8E04D
DA Version: [email protected]
Auth File : Oppo_F7_auth_sv5.auth
Auth FiId : SA666586BB7EEF4922
DA ProtVer: 4
PR DlagVer: 1.0
PR BootMod: brom
EMI PreLdr: preloader_oppo6771_18311.bin
EMI TagVer: 36
EMI Config: Ok
DA Asic Id: MT0788 [8A00 CA00 0000 0000 0000]
eMMC BOOT1: 0x0000000000400000 [4.194.304] 4 MB
eMMC BOOT2: 0x0000000000400000 [4.194.304] 4 MB
eMMC RPMB : 0x0000000001000000 [16.777.216] 16 MB
eMMC USER : 0x0000000E8F800000 [62.537.072.640] 58.24 GB
eMMC CID : 15010044483644414202EF0EC43395E1 [DH6DAB]
ERAM Size : 0x00000000C0000000 [] 3 GB
IRAM Size : 0x0000000000040000 [262.144] 256 KB
UNICAL RID: 28F6F290D6794CF184B5375E21D95CEA
DA USBconf: high-speed
PGPT Found: 49 Partition Entries
SGPT Found: 49 Partition Entries
Erasing: LinST: 0x01AE800000 Size: 0x001B000000 cache
Erasing: LinST: 0x01C9800000 Size: 0x0CC24FBE00 userdata
Format Flash Done in: 02:06.970
DA Shutdown Done, Disconnect Cable

no hatgins isp oe emmc remove needed
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