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Originally Posted by makona View Post
i see some ppl say as manole say without any reading or checking ...
box not come with anything new YES .. maybe nothing new for u .. but for others is new ... wanna know why ?
i explain ....
did the ufs3 stop sales now or still sell ?
did the pkey stop sales or still sell ?
did the cruiser still sell or stop ?
SURE answer is YES .. right ?
so who is the buyers of this products ?
sure some ppl ..
so , we r offering out product to this ppl ... sure will ask why not buy the 3 boxs or 4 separated ?
ANSWER IS : cuz we offer 1 usb connector can manage/power pkey+jaf+ufs3 isn't it new good option may help some ppl ?
we offer better price than buy all this products separated ?
isn't it new good option may help some ppl ?
we offer good quality cables and good gifts ?
isn't it new good option may help some ppl ?
we offer good organized and updated Dvd's
isn't it new good option may help some ppl ?

we try to do the best support here but seems to be some ppl dont like it

know why ?
cuz our product is better than thier product ... wanna know why ?
answer is simple ..

this manole sell pkey with jaf so u need 2 usb-port in your pc , also if he sell cables he sell for high high high prices so ppl go buy cheap cables ... we slove this to customer

customer with venus have many choices
he can full orig or part orig and part clone ...
is it a crime ?

hope that read only replies which come with ppl say ony the true .. not the ppl wanna some discount from manole so they say same and same

shame on u plz ....

i strongly suggest you NOT TO USE ANY PKEY in your box. To avoid future misunderstandings please use MT-Box, or F1 box, or UB box MCU if you want to mix another nokia product with Saras product.

Like MT-Box team produces MT box only with i-phone, or UB team only with narry, or F1 team only with xpmobile, also we have our rules for producing our hardware. It is in fact OUR BOX and we decide OURSELF where we produce our hardware. All this ppl just want protect their product and the quality, nothing more or less, and me also.

I am just saying this all, not that later, when pkey will be blocked, you will tell your customers that i am the bad man however. All is written clear here and we really hope to avoid future misunderstandings.
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