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Originally Posted by fbloise View Post

I'm REALLY tired of all your "it's illegal, it's a criminal offence" speak, guys.

In this forum, there are ADS for commercial products that change IMEIs, why don't you go bother them? I don't see anybody pestering Raskal with "hey dude, it's illegal to sell your dongle in my jurisdiction, because I can change my IMEI with it!"

In this forum, there are EXTENSIVE descriptions of how to break SIM locks, do you think that is legal? That violates your service provider's contract - every time you break a SIM lock, you steal the amount they subsidized on your phone purchase, which can be half the cost of your phone.

That makes everybody who breaks a SIM lock a THIEF. Pretty much everything that pertains to unlocking is in a shady area, so stop being a hypocrite.

We haven't stolen anything, our phones have been stolen from us; and we TOOK THEM BACK. Too bad and boo-hoo for everyone who's commercial interests got hurt by that. To all the other naysayers out there: sorry, ***** to be you, ***** to be proven wrong.

I am very proud of any solution that works without...lets see:
an SD card
a pkey dongle
dongle credits
a credit card
a paypal account
a physical item requiring delivery
If you don't like the quesiotn, just WALK AWAY. This thread is for people who have questions and NEED REAL HELP.
In most of the country all is legal exept changing imei.
Imei changing is not legal becuse it can be used for iligal stuff if you lost your phone and get it back there is no need to change imei becuse the imei can be removed from being blacklisted.

breaking the simlock is not iligal in my country maybe the service provider have in there contract that it's not alowed.
but according to the laws in my country and other country it's legal and it does not mather what the service provider have in there contract becuse that contract does not have any backup from country laws.
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