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So basically the whole story arround Raskal's way of making business.

UFS is about to come out time ago, and Prodigy is released before UFS (no bad feelings to the competitors product here). Raskal sees threat in Prodigy in a way that it will overtake the market and UFS will not sell very well then. He decides to clone it and remove it from the market. But he does not know what he deals with. UFS Tornado comes out and Twister after that. What is the difference between both boxes - Twister has 4 way USB hub where the Tornado is attached to one of the outputs. Raskal decides to remove Tornado from the market so Twister can sell better. But he misses the point that both boxes are equal - use one software. So if you clone Tornado, you have cloned Twister as well. Here is the view over the material part of the business.

Same is with the human side. When Raskal has enemies, he removes them from his way. First was Alan - XPmobile (he is banned because he deserved it), but they were having so much fighte here on the forum that at the end Raskal managed to prove that Alan is a bad person. And why an enemy - because Alan showed such letter to Andrey where Raskal says that he is cloning Griffin.

When Raskal cloned Prodigy, we came out as we protected the name of the product and then we started having mental probelms every time we post something. We even became movie directors. Oh my ***, if i am a movie director, i will not be dealing with this at the moment.

Now Legija comes out.
@ Legija,
I am really sorry that Nick had to post this. But if you did not want it posted, it should have stayed on your PC.

Anyway. Now Leljia has becoma a bad person and Raskal wants to kick him out.

Sorry to say it Raskal, but really this is not a dream.
Please stop involving B-Phreaks LTD as this is legal registered company. And you are the last person to write something about this company here. I did ask you for your company details, but you are so scared that, you cannot even know where exatly you are at the moment.

Manole, i bet Raskal is not coming to Cebit.

Best regards
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