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as zfrank said, for enabling the net monitor with a FBUS cable you need the DOS software PCLocals V1.3.

here is a 10 step description for enabling the net monitor (field test display) using PCLocals:

1. make sure to start PCLocals in plain DOS (press F8 during boot up, for win95 press 6 and hit enter)
2. first don't connect the phone, start the program and ignore the error message
3. configure the cable type and com port (hardware com port, not the virtual com port like for the datasuite)
4. save the settings, quit the program
5. connect the phone with the cable and start the program
6. the phone "boots" as you enter the main menu and all options become available (all menus are white colored)
7. choose menu 3 (ME Memory Functions)
8. choose menu 6 (Field Test Display Settings)
9. now you have the following options:

- enter 243 to activate the "big" net monitor (menu 01 to 89 including menus 01 to 19)
- enter 242 to activate the "small" net monitor (menu 01 to 19)
- enter 241 to deactivate the net monitor
- enter 240 to reset timers (?)

don't forget to confirm your selection with hitting enter (you won't see any reaction but it's necessary)

10. quit the program, the phone "boots" and enjoy the net monitor

something interesting: you can disable the net monitor entirely (menu net monitor is vanishing) as with the following procedure without the need of ANY SOFTWARE:

WARNING: to enable the net monitor you will need PCLocals again !!

All following actions are done with the phone

- Go to the menu net monitor and at the test prompt enter 241 to deactivate the net monitor completely.
- further you can change from the big net monitor to the small net monitor by entering 242 at the test prompt (if menu net monitor is still available); note: after that you can't change to the big net monitor again !!
- don't tried but may be possible: 240 at the test prompt for reseting timers (?)

Interesting, the codes are the same like the ones from PCLocals .

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