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Old 07-29-2008, 06:32   #1 (permalink)
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Smile dongtson Electronics Phone maintenance -

dongtson Electronics is a manufacturer in China for mobile software maintenance of the company, its products are MTK-BOX \ super docter \ donnson smart (super docter 2) \ super docter 3, Dong Zhen from the e-MTK-BOX, to the latest products after SUPER DOCTER 3 A wealth of experience and advanced technology, China is a powerful instrument for mobile software maintenance system, Higher,
In addition to dongtson electronic software for mobile phone manufacturers in China, but also create a NOKIA-BUS \ sansung \ lg \ se \ HWK and other brand-Below are the phone maintenance on equipment
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Old 07-29-2008, 06:38   #2 (permalink)
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With the newest intelligent scan technology,high-speed in 2 seconds for most systems.Infinite possibility and overrun is our creation sense.

·Support pop systems now: MTK(MT6225,MT6230,MT6229,MT6228,MT6227,MT6226,MT62 19,MT6218,MT6217,MT6205,). And you can upgrade the system online for new system in future.

·Superb high-speed scan with our second generation scan technology, to overrun the technology limit. For most system IDs, the scan can finish in 2 seconds with our powerful CPU inside. The speed is only limited by the phone CPU, without limit by end-socket pins now (that is to say, 5-pin or 24-pin, it use the same speed).

·Intelligent user-definition for 24-pin drive, and you can easily define the RXD、TXD.

·With short-cut and over-voltage protect-circuit both to avoid phone damage,The buzzer would ring if power supply short-circuited.

·Humanization design, with buzzer indication for flash success.

·Support to unlock MT62XX flash data encryption.
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1.Super Doctor specifications

  Super Doctor is developed from and based on “MTK Mini-Doctor” box and Intelligent Self-definition Box, with all the advantages of both, especially for repairing phones made in China. Based on the mature scan technology of MTK Mini-Doctor, we developed and added auto-scan program to ADI, AGER, TI and SKY chip series, that ahead we combine the Auto-scan and Intelligent-define into one perfect device!

  1)Easy-run mode: we move the simple and easy operations on, adopting three scan modes and three scan arithmetic ways. As you just use this box as one universal “cable”, most jobs finished on automatical modes!

  2)Emulation mode: and in near tomorrow, you can use this box as one emulator and one universal box for repairing phones. Detailed functions and emulation modes we will introduce fast!

  3)Humanly design: it can work with Super Doctor main program, or works separately without the main program for more useful and convenient programming.

  4)24-pin intelligent auto-definition: users can randomly set the RXD, TXD and Startup route at will and it can support more systems!

  5)Scan end-port definition: it can scan all kinds of phones’ end-socket, and upgrade without limit!

  2.Box Specifications

  1).With 3 scan modes and 3 scan arithmetics, it supports MTK, ADI, AGERE, SKY and TI chip series phones.

  2)Scan 5 groups signal: VCC, GND, TXD, RXD and high-voltage startup route (or low-voltage startup route).

  3)Ob-read phone’s definition: scan finished, it can read out the data cable definition.

  4)Intelligent definition: except the 5 chip series mentioned just upper, it can support to hand-define the VCC, GND, TXD, RXD and high-voltage startup route (or low-voltage startup route) with the other TXD, RXD chip series.

  5)Unique automatic pullup/down resistance: it can auto self-detect the system and set the resistance.

  6)Over-voltage protection: it can respond in 0.01 second and restore the voltage in 3 seconds automatically.

  7)Intelligent Button: it works as the “Emulator” button and as “Phone power switch” button both!

  8)3.3V highspeed CPU: it supports 1.8V phones and max addressing 128K, such as ADI CPU phones, (Sam E728 …) and so on.

  9)Auto-detect communication speed: with this intellectual property technique by our team, this box can detect the chip communication speed difference automatically, and then auto-define them. Till now it can support 95% phones made in China in the market.

  Notice: Copyright of the Super Doctor’s software and hardware is reserved by our company!
Old 07-29-2008, 06:43   #4 (permalink)
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DONSSON SAMART Box is one powerful intelligent repairing tool to mobiles,with multiple and unique technologies as polarity auto-switch,end-socket supply auto detection,Spreadtrum system fast scan… As one professional repairing box,DONSSON SAMART Box has the unique and powful function: deteting the mobilephone’s definition. Its scanning speed and definition detection to all eight chip groups in the market is the most advanced. With the best quality and service to our box,we have the same support and service to the software update and compatibility,as decryption to MT622XX flash,Infineon 18BK & 3040 flash … We here introduce this box by its flashing China mobilephones in the following.

 1.MTK chips serial
 1)multiple tools:
 2)Read/Write format: to all original versions FlashTool; MTKit system Unlock FormatFAT,RestLock
  3)IMEI change: original
  4)MT622X decryption MTKit
  Decryption MT622X: that is say,if you have restored the flash files backupped from one working phone (as MT6226BA CPU phone) to another repairing phone,the phone can’t work,so we know now the files are encrypted already. Now we must run the Decryption MTKit Tool to unlock the phone.
  CPU Supporting List
  MT6205,6217 ,6218,6219,6223,6225,6226,6227,6228,6229.
  Flash Supporting List
  M74DW66500B,M29DW640D,M72DW64000B,M30L0T7000T0,M36 L0T7050T0,
  AM29DL322GT,AM41DL3228GT,AM29PDL128G,AM29DL323D,AM 29DL640D/G,AM41DL6408G,S29JL064H,  AM50DL128CG,S71JL128HXX,AM49DL3208GB,AM49DL 3208GT
 MB84VD23280FA,MB84VD23381HJ,IS71V16F64GS08,MB84VD 22280FE,MB84VP24581HK,
  28F128L30_B,28F640W30_B,28F640L18_T,28F128L18_T,28 F256L18_T,28F640W18_T,28F640W18_B,
 28F128W18_T,28F128W18_B,28F640L18_B,28F128W30_T,2 8F128W30_B,28F320W18_T,28F320W18_B,
 28F128L18_B,28F256L18_B28F320W30_B,28F640L30_T,28 F128L30_T,28F256L30_T,28F640L30_B,
 28F256L30_B,28F320W30_T,38F1010C0ZBL0,28F1602C3BD 70,PF48F50xxM0x0xx,PF48F50xxM0x1xx,
 PF48F40xxM0x0xx,PF48F40xxM0x1xx,28F3204C3TD 70
  TH50VPF6782AASB,TH50VPF5782AASB,TV00578002AABD TH50VPF5782BASB,TV00578003AABD,
  TV00569002BABD,TV00569003BABD TV00569002AABD,TV00569003AABD,
  TV00578003DABD TY0068B012APGG,TY0068B013APGG,TV00578002DABD
  AM49PDL127BH,S71PL127JXX,AM49PDL129BH,S71PL129JXX S29PL032J,S71PL032J,
  S71AL016D_T,S71AL016D_B,S71PL127N S71GL032R3_T,S71GL032R4_B,S71GL032R1R2,
  S71PL254JXX S29NS064N,S29NS128N,S29NS256N,S29GL512NH,S29GL256N L S71WS128NB0BFWAN3,
  S71WS256N,S71WS512PD0HF3HR,S29GL256NH S29GL128NH,S29GL128NL,S29GL512NL
  LRS1862,LRS1806A,LRS1828C,LRS1874,LRS18B0,LRS1863, LRS18C8A LH28F16,
  SV7E160XT,SV7E160XB,SV7E320XT,SV7E320XB,SV6C2832UB A SV6C2832UTA,SV6D2832UBA,

  2. Spreadtrum Chip Serial
  1)Read/Write/Format 6600 chip serial
  2)multiple tools
   Read/Write format: to all original FlashTools; self-made system
   Find phone’s code: self-made system

  3.ADI Chip Serial
  1)CPU Support List (full flash):6522,6525,6527,6528,6529.
  2)multiple tools
   Read/Write system: self-made system; original Flash 430 versions; original GN3508 system
  3)Flash Supporing List
  29DL162CB,29DL162CT,29DL162CB,29DL163CT,29DL322DB, 29DL322DT,323DB
  29DL323DT,29DL324DB,29DL324DT,29DL 640G,29LV004B,29LV004T,29LV008B
  29LV008T,29LV160B,29LV160T,29LV200BB,29LV200BT,29L V320DB,29LV320DT
  29DL640,29LV008B,29LV008T,29LV160B,29LV160T,29LV20 0BB,29LV200BT
  29LV800B,29LV800T,84VD21081,84VD21082,84VD21083,84 VD21084,
  84VD21091 84VD21092,84VD21093,84VD21094,84VD22181A,84VD22182 A,
  84VD22183A 84VD22184A,84VD2218FA,84VD22191A,84VD22192A,84VD22 193A,
  84VD22194A 84VD2219FA,,84VP24481
  28F004B,28F004T,28F128K18,28F128K3,28F128L30B,28F1 28L30T,28F160B3B
  28F160B3T,28F160X3B,28F160X3T,28F256L30B,28F256L30 T,28F320J3A,
  28F320X3B 28F320X3T,28F6408J3A,28F640K18,28F640K3,28F640L30B ,
  28F640L30T,28F640W30B 28F640W30T,28F640X3B,28F640X3T
  MC-222243A-X PD29F064115-Y
  K5A3240YB,K5A3240YT,K5A3340YB,K5A6317CBM,K5A6317CT M,K8D1616UB K8D1616UT,
  LH28F320BFB,LH28F320BFT,LRS1325A,LRS1331,LRS1336A, LRS1338A,LRS1361A
  S71PL064JA01,S71PL063JA02,S71PL064JA7E,S71PL129JB0 BAW9Z0
  34HF16X1A,39VF160,39VF1601,39VF1602,39VF3201,39VF3 202,39VF6401,39VF6402
  TC58FVM6T2AFT65 TH50VPF5783AASB,TV00570002AABB,TV0 0570002EABA

  4.Sky Works Chip Serial
  1)Read/Write/Unlock/Change IMEI all serial CPU
  2)multiple tools
   Read/Write system: self-made system,original MultiPort Downlaod,SkyWorks Lab Test Studio,universal system
   Unlock/Change IMEI: self-made system,original MultiPort Downlaod,SkyWorks Lab Test Studio,universal system

  5.TI Chip Serial
  1)Support all serial CPU flash
  2)multiple tools
   Read/Write system: self-made system,original system

  6.AGERE Chip Serial
  1)Support all serials flash
  2)multiple tools
   Read/Write system: original Optiflash system,Amoi Optiflash system

  7.Infineon Chip Serial
  1)Flash/Decrytipion system
  2)multiple tools
Flash system: DWD Fastload Tool,Decrytion system: MTK login system 7870 Decrytion system: MTK login system 7870

  8.OM Chip Serial
  1)Read/Write system
  2)multiple tools
  3)Read/Write system: Download,Dumper,Amoi Flash system
  We here have provided to our users all the flash tools in the market now,and we promise that we shall update our box time-to-time. And for more information,please press F1 to the HELP files.
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the bus for mtk-box\super docter\donnson smart\super docter 3
Old 07-29-2008, 07:24   #6 (permalink)
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Old 07-29-2008, 08:46   #7 (permalink)
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why don't you post in your section all this?
thread moved.
sorry but we can not allow you to do advertisement of your tool out side of sales section or your own section.
Old 08-29-2008, 11:51   #8 (permalink)
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pls wat different is there in super doctor 3 and super doctor
Old 08-30-2008, 03:24   #9 (permalink)
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super docter 3 fine spd 6600M\6600H\6800\6600i.....PIN OUT
super docter 3 fine mtk first pinout and second pinout
super docter 3 software can help you fine the phone matter
super docter 3 flash china phone software
and super docter can flash samsung\lg and other usb and com flash phone.super docter can fine china phone Charging pin,super docter can find the phone usb- and usb+,so if you no find phone usb cable,you can use the box,
Old 11-11-2009, 18:33   #10 (permalink)
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very very best donsson smart for chaina phone repair
Old 07-05-2010, 06:29   #11 (permalink)
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nice discussion, very informative... thanks for the info.

Power Plant Development
Old 08-19-2010, 03:54   #12 (permalink)
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Established in 2000 and located in the east district of Dongguan city, Guangdong Province of China, DYS has over 1000 sq. m. of factory area and 500 staffs. DYS has always been developing fast and enjoying prominent sales rowth, particularly in US, Europe and Austrlia markets..

Technical Consulting Services
Old 01-09-2011, 11:46   #13 (permalink)
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donsson smart box
conjunction box error
pls help me


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